How to stream Amazon Prime NFL Thursday Night Football exclusively

Amazon Prime will be exclusively streaming all NFL Thursday Night Football games.  Have you been streaming under a rock since the pandemic kicked off? Things have changed and will continue to change when it comes to NFL exclusive content in the future. Prior to the league’s schedule release, it was published the Super Bowl Champion LA Rams would actually host the Buffalo Bills. Introducing the Game of Streams ’22 NFL season.

Amazon Prime NFL Thursday Night Football
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The Game of Streams

During my tour with Comcast “Boots On Ground” doing door sales for Xfinity services, I began to pay attention to the big media content landscape. Doing a little research I followed the money. Which lead back to several NFL owners not surprisingly. Direct TV was my only competition at the doors since 1994. Now they are in jeopardy of losing the NFL’s exclusive content altogether.

There is currently a chess game over who will get the exclusive rights to stream NFL content when the Direct TV contract expires after this season. Names like Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Disney are all on the attack. Oh yeah, let us not forget NFL Network gotta stream too. Why does this matter? Well, the future of how you will view your NFL content will be on our phones.  Why?

What are you reading this on right now? The secret is out. Our mobile phones are an extension of us all collectively. The Social Organism. The race is on to capture your eyeballs on their platform of choice for NFL exclusive content.  Remember the term “Media Kicker” also. Ever notice how we get a total number of fans in attendance at Cowboys games in reports? So will the Game of Streams on our “Black Mirrors” to determine these media kickers.

DirecTV, Amazon Prime Video, Game of Streams
One of the most famous international direct broadcast satellite services in the world, DirecTV became a subsidiary of AT&T in July of 2015.


How to stream Amazon Prime TNF

Earlier this year I shared with you here what Micro-Influencers are and why our roles are important. Especially in the Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) arena. Prior to my departure from Comcast in 2019, I became an affiliate marketer of both ESPN +, and also Amazon Associates. Primarily because I saw ESPN + come online. I was fortunate to get an invite while conducting research at the time.

The First-Ever ESPN+ exclusive game now is set for London on Monday Night Football with the Broncos Vs Jaguars. It’s apparent on many platforms the NFL has spread the love with its exclusive content. This marks the first time that the games will only be available on a streaming platform rather than airing on a network and streaming.

Years previous in my Facebook group Official America’s Team we have been fortunate to provide our members with FREE in-game streams from various pages and platforms there like the Dofu Sports App. Thanks to BDG Supporter Mike Rock. Not this season moving forward. I have explicitly shared this over the last two years. The writing is on the chessboard. Make your first move to Amazon Prime today by clicking below, and watch yourself. The new exclusive home of Thursday Night Football.

In Amazon Prime Conclusion

About 85% of NFL fans are in deep sleep now that the official schedule is out. Many of those asleep are not aware of this streaming shift in NFL content. I ask that you share this with them today if you know of one sleeping. Wake them up! NFL fans must understand you cannot just hop on Facebook and watch NFL games any longer.

Well, let’s just say for Thursday Night Football starters this season. That is until that chess game between networks is won soon, and a victor is crowned the “King of Streams” among NFL content for years ahead. Just imagine if Amazon Prime Video wins that game. Now, essentially most NFL fans will need the platform to watch live games.

We do more than just connect NFL fans at live events. We share with you how to stay awake of the NFL’s very own chess game with all 32 teams when it comes to the Game of Streams. In addition, learn about Channel 88 NFL Radio on SiriusXM. Be sure to subscribe to my blog here below today when you submit your email. And when you click links here today and make a purchase just know that you’re helping a starving blogger eat today. Thank you.

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