The Fanatics social media Impact among NFL micro-influencers

When is the last time you saw a Fanatics advertisement scroll by your timeline on Facebook? For many social media influencers like us, affiliate marketing is a necessary way of life to survive. Chances are if you follow the Built Different Group you have seen a Fanatics advertisement or two scrolling by your timeline recently. Creators are able to earn commissions through Impact. An affiliate marketing platform for micro-influencers as a result.

How micro-influencers can make their Impact through Fanatics

You’re likely asking yourself what are micro-influencers anyway right? Two years ago when I initially applied for the Fanatics affiliate program as one, I was denied. Prior to this decade-long deal. According to Wade Tonkin OAT resembled the Dallas Cowboys too much. Go figure. Then last fall Jerry Jones inked a 10 year deal with Fanatics.

A micro-influencer is an individual who has between 10,000 and 50,000 followers on social media. Since the new deal with the Cowboys last fall I believe this was the difference of getting in their door. Are you a micro-influencer who also utilizes affiliate marketing? Visit their site linked below, and submit your application. The worse that could happen is they “Just Say No.”

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Impact.com’s marketplace was built to make monetizing your content seamless. Connect directly with top brands that match your reader’s and viewer’s preferences. Own your partnerships with a suite of automation tools.

Over the last 2 years, I have begun purchasing all my Dallas Cowboys merchandise from Fanatics.  As seen in my Facebook live videos on Built Different Group. I wanted to share this opportunity with other creators. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity as an affiliate marketer. To partner with the official merchandise name of the Dallas Cowboys.

Check out my latest promotional video for my Facebook Supporters. A majority of the merchandise I wear there was purchased online through Fanatics. Please be sure to follow me on Facebook today if you’re new here. Here are 4 REASONS why you need to in ’22.

Cowboys Cousins experiences

Ain’t no NFL off-season for Cowboys Fanatics

Now that you’re aware of the 15% Bracket among Dallas Cowboys fans be sure to subscribe to my blog today. Connecting NFL fans at live events is what we do here. For the other 85% let’em sleep. Less is more. Besides, leadership is what’s needed among our global fan base that sets trends.

For all social media creators or (Fan Base Creators) who may stumble upon this content here is your opportunity to apply to partner with the Dallas Cowboys official merchandise provider. In addition, many of my supporter prizes given away on Facebook were bought on Fanatics. Therefore, between now and the NFL Draft in Las Vegas, NV, APR 28-30th be sure to connect and follow us. Fresh new organic content is posted daily for our audience.

Are you an NFL fan of the ‘Other 31″ teams reading this today? You can get put on too. Take a few minutes to learn the “Aikman 8” Playbook I created for you to turn your passion for your favorite NFL team into coins. We want to encourage and inspire you to begin creating today! Watch this video to learn more, and please subscribe to my channel!

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My thing is this. If we invest this much time and money into our NFL teams we too should get a return on our investment (ROI). Much like Jerry Jones is currently with Fanatics. Since creating the Built Different Group Facebook page in 2016 our mission is to also connect NFL Fan Base Creators across all 32 teams.

The ultimate goal will be to have fan-driven functions where each season our opponents can create join events to collaborate and create content. Finally, as we head into the ’22 season I have identified 2 Cowboys Cousins experiences you’re don’t want to miss this year. Subscribe to my blog today and stay in the know.

Lastly, for those NFL fans who like this idea and would like your IMPACT felt further, please click the orange link below and learn about my Patreon. Because of those Patrons, we keep the lights on here at OAT each year since’16.  Especially for our 15% Bracket. Both NFL fanatics and social media micro-influencers are one and the same. I’m just a product of my environment.

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