Fan Base Creator opportunity knocks for NFL fans with BDG

What is a fan base creator?

In 2016 when I first began my journey as a fan base creator I had no idea of what could potentially come to fruition as a result.

I wanted to create this blog post for two main reasons.  Getting back in gym writing shape. I have been pushing BDG Network video content since becoming built differently during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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In addition, I wanted to construct a blueprint for creators on the rebirth of WOMM (Word Of Mouth Marketing). Since Facebook saturated the game with advertisements from creators, and misinformation from perpetrators.

The overall goal is to create a VOLTRON HOLACRACY of fan base creators. Fans who are in this lifestyle ten toes down 365 days a year. Creating content and building brands together. All while connecting real fans at live events annually.

How did the term fan base creator come about anyway?

Bloggers need to understand the keyword game when it comes to Google. It’s important when you get something out of the mud that you build the entire infrastructure. Thanks to Boss Cowboy for the Voltron mental assist in 2018.


The “Aikman 8 Playbook” to champion fan base creator content

1. The Key Word SEO game with OAT

Wordplay with BG

When you Google SEO you will see around 611,000,000 results appear.

Fan Base Creator

Once I began to understand Search Engine Optimization while building a WordPress site that is when it started to click. Have you ever noticed when you search something up in Google all-of-a-sudden YouTube videos appear in addition?

That is because Google owns YouTube. Do the math. I am not even up to speed on sonic branding and voice recognition yet either. Stay tuned for that in the future here.

Key Words are the infrastructure to getting discovered through search engines for bloggers. Particularly Google. Look at this long-term like being a Cowboys fan. Do it right the first time whilst not in a hurry to get clicks or die trying.

While informing and educating fans here I want you to see how it works. When you Google ‘West Coast Cowboy” pay close attention to the third overall ranking. Slap yourself if you have no keyword game about your blog hustle.

Fan Base Creator

The moral of the story is that there is power in words. Especially keywords that you want to create your blog foundation around to maximize your SEO to ensure first-page ranking like above.


2. Why sports fans are not paying attention

An NFL Memes Case study

For many years Hollywood prior to the streaming revolution published high-quality video content. Then the pandemic hit, and the last movie trailer I remember seeing was with Tom Hanks called “Greyhound” inspired by actual naval events.

It’s most likely every NFL fan in America knows who NFL MEMES is on Facebook.  Before we jump overboard here let us examine what a MEME is defined as first.

Fan Base Creator


NFL Memes essentially built a MEME culture on Facebook. One where the “Other 31” NFL fan bases have found both refuge and ammunition. Supplying all 31 of them with Cowboy’s memes.


Fan Base Creator


Randy Oliver who contributes to The Daily Snark and NFL Memes as a blogger is the definition of a “Digital Dealer” getting money. Do the math. Get clicks or die trying.



Just like NFL Memes lacks strong unique video content their focus is obvious. This page has cranked out memes and things for years now. As video content from Hollywood has also come to a crawl it’s exponentially streamed upon our BLACK MIRRORS.

Video can distract us for long periods of time. When was the last time you drifted off on YouTube then realized it’s time for bed? A creator can look at this as a BIG opportunity.

You likely knew that NFL Memes was cashing in on its followers of all 32 fan bases. If you did not, however, this is the point I would like to share with you today. If Randy Oliver can do this, what’s stopping YOU? How many meme dealers you know getting money?


Fan Base Creator
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3. How fan base creators can get started

The BG Creator Blueprint 

If you’re reading this today and coming to the realization, you’re likely a creator already, but not aware of it that’s perfectly fine. The difference between a goal and a dream is a written plan.

Today when I went to sit under my Costco gazebo and light another blunt, I brought my green book. The one where I am currently writing down my rough draft plan that led me here.

Over the next few days, I will compose this e-book and place it on Amazon Kindle. Where it would have been FREE 4 creators. Creator Problems 101. The plan can change. Instead, I chose the keyword game with FAN BASE CREATOR here.

What is in a name? I have gone from Old Navy to Comcast Cowboy, and finally BG. As a creator, your name and brand logo or both combined will be the key to creating your best brand. What are you good at? What are others always calling you, and asking you for advice or technical input on a thing?

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Fishing, modeling, blogging, vlogging, and even chips and salsa can be examples of creators who create content. West Coast Cowboy for example started out as Dallas Cowboys Scouting.

Prior to his transition, he shared with me if he could go back, he would have built his brand around his name, to begin with. You must be careful when it comes to the Cowboys.

Do you need help creating a name and a logo? No problem fam say no more. This is how I want to connect with the “Other 31” fan base creators. Sharen creator Game 4 good. Contact me on any BDG platform with a DM and we can go from there.


Fan Base Creator

4. How you can secure “A BAG” in the process

Get Affiliated like BDG

Major Bag Alert! Major Bag Alert! If you have watched any of my shows on BDG, you will see neatly placed behind Rowdy a brown bag with “THE BAG” written in a permanent black marker.

Why is this there? It’s right above the box where I keep my OAT Patreon stickers and envelopes to mail supporters once they join my network. Hand-written cards in a digital age 2 show love.

As a creator, your supporters either on Patreon, Facebook, YouTube, Medium, or LinkedIn are your primary source of power. Not just monetarily. Engaging them in the creation process with exclusive BTS (behind the scenes) content is key.

Fan Base Creator

Watch On YouTube Here

You must create for your supporters first, and their monetary support provides you with the new tools. To assist in the creation of high-quality unique video content as a fan base creator. Keep growing and evolving is the key. Gym reps.

Once I created the OAT brand logo with the help of Edgar my digital Picasso on speed-dial I was off to the races. The first example of 2 NFL fan base creators working in unison since 2016. Freelance your skills and get in the game with a name and a logo then get affiliated with BDG.


5. WOMM Defined (word of mouth marketing)

A Celebrity Barber Case Study with BG

The success of word-of-mouth marketing depends largely on the nature of the rewards that are used. As I shared recently, the BDG page is limited to monetization due to the engagement solicitation. Social equity however as a SHAREN is where the money really resides in 2021.

As a result, I created the digital fictional character “Sharen” through a hidden call to action to share for dedicated BDG followers and supporters. Remember the ‘Aikman 8 Playbook.”

Fan Base Creator
Photo Credit – Richie Whitt’s

Giving away FREE sports merchandise in return for shares openly and verbally is not likely going to meet Facebook creator standards. It’s because they (Facebook) want you to “Pay to play” for your content to be seen by fans through advertisements and boosted posts.

It is like a double edge razor. Every day in the gym affords us the opportunity to get gains. For example, let’s look at Ezekiel Elliott’s celebrity barber Cutzdamato. In October 2019 I interviewed him via phone. An OAT exclusive created especially for my supporters.

I anchored his entire story around WOMM essentially due to its significance within the barber industry. He flies each week to Zeke’s house in Dallas during the NFL season. They have a separate room established for him to cut Zeke’s hair.

Fan Base Creator

Watch On YouTube Here


6. The power of The Social Organism 4 creators

All Hands Required Reading

Knowledge is not power. Despite what you have heard about hiding secrets between the pages of a paperback, or in this case an e-book initially. Then I decided to make it available FREE here instead. Applied knowledge is power if you ask me. Become a practitioner.

All the knowledge in the world can still appear as ignorance without its application. When I discovered the book The Social Organism my BLACK MIRROR lit up for me.

Fan Base Creator


If you really want to understand the big picture of social media, I HIGHLY recommend this book first. It is what helped educate, inform, and inspire me to take massive action on my WOMM goals. Next, WATCH THIS.

Understanding social media and how it mirrors a living organism through emotional content to create engagement is the trick creators will learn through experience on the grind. Gym reps.


Fan Base Creator

Next to “THE BAG” behind Rowdy is where The Social Organism book I bought on Amazon resides. I have read it several times and even created a YouTube video explaining to my supporters the importance of making money while you sleep on The Social Organism.


7. Why the ALL 32 creator expansion now

Expansion Is Always On The Agenda

Chances are you have heard me say this before. The expansion agenda, right? Ok great. Why is this important? The more the merrier. When I initially discovered who was who in the Cowboys Zoo, I now want to identify those “Other 31” super fans in the name of expansion.

Cowboys fans are a hard bunch to keep happy. Matter of fact we have many “KARENS” residing there. Therefore, it’s important for SHAREN to begin to trend with all 32 fan bases. Create content for your teams for good.

As a retired military veteran each year I noticed the NFL runs it is “Salute to Service” campaign. I understand there are veterans in all 32 fan bases. In addition, connecting veterans help us connect those “Other fans” that are not. Leadership by example. Keep it football.

Fan Base Creator


8. The ALL 32 Voltron Creator Holacracy

A Tool 4 Good

Did you know Facebook owns Instagram? When I created OAT I was a beginner on Instagram. Zero followers. The entire OAT story is documented essentially on this timeline. Check it out!

When we made the brand shift to Built Different along with our colors after the pandemic on Facebook, Instagram was fast behind. In addition, I wanted to change up our content approach to creator-friendly and sharing tips and tricks with other potential creators.

Younger creators reside on Instagram. Where many, if not all “90s Cowboys fans reside on Facebook. Finding that balance will be key. Most of all to find and create while young. NFL fan base leadership will be key once we win our 6th Lombardi. Bandwagoners will need direction.

If you are part of Dak younger generation of creators on Instagram come, follow, and engage with our content there as we scour the Gram for new talent within ALL 32 NFL fan base creators.

Fan Base Creator

Why these women on Facebook absolutely love the Cowboys

BDG call 2 action

Now that you have the “AIKMAN 8 Playbook” on your screen as an NFL fan base creator at the ready you can now begin to APPLY this knowledge I SHAREN’ed with you here. In addition, I will be creating an ALL 32 Creator Group on Facebook to improve communications moving forward.

If you’re built like an NFL fan base creator and would like to connect with us and grow this is the first step for the “Other 31” NFL fan bases. Remember that applied knowledge is power.

Become a practitioner each day by hitting the gym to get them reps 4 gains. Without the daily reps, you cannot expect to get any gains. Are you ready to get started today? Are you more clear now on WTF is a fan base creator anyway?

NFL off-season, Boots On Ground, Fan Base Creator

Finally, WTF is an off-season anyway?

Stay tuned as I release more blog posts for NFL fan base creators this season with OAT here.

Would you like to support from behind the scenes this season? Become one of our first 100 Facebook supporters and each supporter will get a prize at the door. Together we will make history as a result. Creating and constructing the largest NFL WOMM Network in the world!

Would you like to learn how you can help elevate BDG content this season? Click the orange button below and learn more about the BDG Patreon. Thank you Gang Gang for keeping our lights on here!

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