5 things you absolutely need to know about Tony Pollard

First of all Tony Pollard stocks are skyrocketing among Cowboys fans portfolios mid August 2019! Especially all the die hards representing from Memphis, TN. The Dallas Cowboys selected Tony Pollard in the fourth round of the NFL Draft this year. Is there a trend here among 4th rounders and the Cowboys? Could this be Will McClay buying low, and cashing in immediately? Before checking your Cowboys stock this morning, take a few moments to learn more, and cash in too.

“When I was on the visit with Dallas, I could just tell the way they were talking they wanted me to come in right away and make an impact on the team,” Tony Pollard said.

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Want to take a guess who his NFL team was growing up? Well, before we get into all that, let’s sit down and break bread, shall we? Word on the street his family BBQ game is well known. Oh and in addition, he already has a day named after him.

1. May 3, 2019; Tony Pollard Day

2. Jerry Jones calls Tony Pollard on draft day

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3. Tony Pollard creates NCAA records

Pollard was raised in Memphis, TN, and decided to stay local when he made his college choice. Not by mistake.

In 40 college games at, Pollard recorded 941 rushing yards and 1,292 receiving yards. On special teams, he totaled 2,616 kick return yards and seven touchdowns.

As a result, many believe that the Cowboys just found their next kick returner. That’s because Pollard was an exceptional return man for Memphis.

Pollard tied an NCAA record with seven kickoff returns for touchdowns. He averaged 30.1 yards per return. He left Memphis as one of the most accomplished kick returners in NCAA history.


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Thank You Memphis🐯‼️

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4. Playmaker gets active with OAT member on social media

OAT recently drafted a rookie creator of our own. A #3 type of Cowboys fan I like to refer to. Back in early July Brandon Lambert created this highlight video on Tony Pollard below. As a result, it lead them both into direct messaging on Twitter where TP actually retweeted his video! Check it out, he is always clocked in, and going to work! #builtbyfansforfans

A few weeks later luck would have it Brandon actually win’s this rookie card giveaway in our Facebook group thanks to the Fantasy Football Counselor.

5. Who was the Pollard’s family NFL team growing up? 

According to Commercial Appeal, Tony Pollard’s family may have grown up Pittsburgh Steelers fans, but the Memphis native was all too eager to convert them to Dallas Cowboys fans after the team drafted him.

All that’s left is to persuade his family to give up their team loyalty now. Pollard’s mother, Torria, grew up a Steelers fan. Another relative also showed up wearing a Steelers shirt at his draft.

Although his grandmother came prepared, Pollard promised to make sure the rest of his family got on board.

“The whole family’s got to be Cowboy’d out,” Pollard said. “We got to change that.”

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In conclsuion

After watching the rookie score his 1st touchdown, you could really see his explosiveness. Now I understand this is only pre-season but, yadadadada. Numbers don’t lie, and if that skyrocket in stock makes you want to pinch yourself right now, let’s thank Will McClay later this season. There has been plenty of hype surrounding this explosive talent, and we wanted to take a deeper dive for our readers here to get to know more about Tony, the “Playmaker.” Kind of has a RING to it you think?

Thanks to very few articles out there on the Googler, this was a combination of things from those I found to share. The unique connection here was the fact one of our very own group members, and Cowboys fan base media creators recently connected with him. Right in line with our OAT mission. Connecting fans around the world through social media. Want to learn more about our mission, and how you can help impact more content like this?

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If you our reader here only learned one new thing about Pollard today, our job is complete! If you knew all this, you’re definitely a #3 type of Cowboys fan in my book! Please share this with those who may not otherwise please! Thanks in advance! #builtbyfansforfans

How many of these things were you already aware of about Pollard? Do you have any we should add to this list? Please leave me a comment below.



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