This is what happens when Cowboys fans take over Miami Beach

Cowboys fans takeover Miami beach each summer

How many of us Dallas Cowboys fans actually grew up watching Miami Vice?

Crockett and Tubbs were an unstoppable force during the 1980’s hit series “Miami Vice” directed by Michael Mann. Growing up in Texas watching these two take on the bad guys each week was something to look forward to on Friday nights. As a young child I dreamed of visiting the sunshine state. Now as a Cowboy fan we both can each summer.

Currently there is unstoppable duo of women in Memphis Tennessee. Cynthia, a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, and her sister Lisa a New Orleans Saints fan. They’re making Cowboys fans dreams come true each Cowboys season, and summer now going on the last 8 years.

Social media can be such a great tool to help build a great network of friends you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Thankfully I was able to connect with Cynthia Bowen via Facebook, then via phone and we spent a little less than an hour talking about her vision for Cowboys fans in the coming seasons.

Cynthia and her sister Lisa both run and operate Fans-Zone. A site built for the entire Cowboys fan base offering package deals to attend games each season. In addition offering a unique experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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Cynthia & Lisa Bowen
Cynthia and her sister Lisa are the unstoppable force behind Fans-Zone.

How Fans-Zone accommodates Cowboys fans each summer in Miami and their story

Cynthia is currently the President ofCowboys Stars of Memphisand pulls double duty managing her travel site and fan club year round.

Currently residing in Memphis, TN she shared during our conversation this vision all started about 10 years ago.

She and a group of friends all went to a game in Dallas. After that experience she and her sister Lisa knew they could build something special with fans.

All the positive feedback and experience from that trip lead them to build upon that single event. Now they’re both a force in Miami after years of invading Las Vegas. Taking their fans to new levels and experiences like never before.

Making it all about the fans and their experience is her true mission. She even revealed that bigger and better things are on the horizon in terms of her fan game day packages. Cynthia stated she finds great joy in bringing fans from across the nation to games, and a truly unique experience.

Getting fans in touch with current and former players during these experiences provide for a more memorable event. Be sure to check out her site for all packages for this upcoming season at Fans-Zone. Check out this video on an event she did last year with Ed “Too Tall” Jones.

Cowboys fans taking over Miami summer 2017

This June 23-26 Cowboys fans will posse up to invade South Beach and Ocean Drive. For those of you who have attended these events know what kind of experience it is. The trip alone is like a vacation. The chance to meet players like the following while doing so is a treat within itself. Rumor is she is working on Dak and Zeke for next summer and the future is bright!  Players in attendance this month are Jaylon Smith, David Irving, Lucky Whitehead, Demarcus Lawrence, Kenneth ‘THE SHARK’ Gant, and Greg Briggs with a ton of others. Check the site for details on Fans-Zone.

Which of the other 31 teams in the NFL have dedicated fans working around the clock to bring you an experience like no other? That’s right, none of them. Here is the updated prom edit for the 2018 takeover!

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In conclusion

Thanking social media again for putting Cynthia and I in contact, and the ability to share her and her sisters story is what our mission at OAT is all about. Bringing you the stories that other sites can’t on the true die hard fan experience. From fan clubs, to takeovers, and the stories other blogs and site’s can’t bring you.

Here is the recap video from the 2017 Takeover #5

“Built by fans, for fans!”

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