Why Cowboys are not most followed NFL team on social media

First of all, the NFL really knows how to leverage social media. On Instagram however, over the span of one year change is taking place. After researching every NFL team on social media I discovered this shocking! Unlike Facebook where the Cowboys dominate. These 2 platforms we sit right behind 1 team on both!

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In my last article I gave you a prelude to my NFL research. In addition to why I was focusing strictly on Instagram moving forward. It’s deeper in fact. Disturbing to me to say the least. On how 1 team has us beat 2 out of 3 social media platforms. That’s why this summer we must show our strength in numbers.

Want to know how you can impact, and help achieve this? Keep reading.

Just over 1 year ago I begin paying attention to the Cowboy’s Instagram following. We have only added over 200K followers in that span. Totally unacceptable Cowboys Nation!

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Why the Cowboys are losing 2 of the top 3 NFL social media platforms

I have 2 different takes on this. The first is a result of the team currently dominating us on social media. Who has won multiple championships in the last decade to boot? As a result, a younger generation of fans is more marketable to and likely to follow their favorite team social media platforms currently giving them the edge on America*s Team.

I mentioned in my earlier post this week on where our fans derive from. Our early run to the dynasty of the ’90s before the hype of social media was even a thought. As Facebook has dominated as the go-to platform over the last 10 years all of our fans have flocked to these platforms. Resulting in such a massive Facebook following we currently have over the rest of the league.

It doesn’t excuse the fact we are in 2nd place currently on 2 platforms. It doesn’t excuse the fact we have done anything significant postseason in the last 2 decades either.  It’s most likely guaranteed once we win a Super Bowl in the next couple of years our numbers will double due to popularity. That’s not how WE roll through Cowboys Nation!

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The Dallas Cowboys NFL football team’s five Super Bowl trophies sit on display at the Star, the team’s training facility and headquarters, Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016, in Frisco, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

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How to catapult the Cowboys past the Patriots this season

You’ve likely known all along which NFL team I have been referring to has been the Patriots right? Awesome. Glad we are on the same page. Now here is where must take action this summer. Let’s encourage all the older fans stuck on Facebook, and not Instagram to go follow their account!

This is another reason why I have shifted from Facebook to Instagram. Not only to lead the cause and inform our fan base, but to get away from a declining platform that’s pretty stale nowadays. Wouldn’t you agree? As I have stated before. I’m not abandoning Facebook. Just not scrolling as much over there as of recent.

Well if you leave it up to me, the Commissioner may want to arrange a Cowboys Vs Patriots Super Bowl down in Atlanta to set the stage for the ultimate showdowns of all time this season. Battle of the Owners, battle of the history of these teams legacies. Finally the battle of the ultimate fan bases on social media!

Encourage everyone you know to sign up with Instagram. Then follow the Dallas Cowboys profile to get our numbers up before kickoff this season! Including your fathers as we approach this Fathers Day Cowboys Nation!

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Are you on Facebook? Here are the TOP 10 Cowboys fan pages to follow for 2019. Click image to see now!

In conclusion

As for Twitter yes the Patriots are beating us there also. Between both platforms, they lead by about 500K or so on each. Not surmountable numbers we cannot achieve together this summer. Not if we start today!

So what it boils down to is this. All these old heads on Facebook need to gravitate over to Instagram and Twitter.  I’m guilty I admit. I have primarily been on Facebook over the last 2 years.  In the last year however, I have seen the trends. After all, we will need some die-hard fans leading the way for the droves of new age (bandwagon) fans that become followers after we win the Lombardi Trophy again!

So let’s lead the charge together. As Facebook continues to dry up let’s encourage those to jump over to Instagram. Not only for a better user experience, but a more better way to do social media with America*s Team. Think about it. As the younger these players get, us fans will have to go where they are most active for the best user experience. Rob Phillips’s tweet today above further supports this trend.

There you have it. Let’s all go get after it together. Be sure to subscribe to my blog today. All of my content will land in your inbox first! Are you Instagram? What are your thoughts on this strategy? Leave me a comment below please with your thoughts?

PS: let’s all go bug Scooter Magruder to get in on it, and help us spread the word with his audience! So DM the hell out of him so he can make a video addressing this on his platform!

If you’re on the gram let’s connect today. I mean, even the #1 Fan Ms. Price is on Instagram! She is clearly setting the example also!

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Here are the top 12 NFL teams and their Instagram follower count as of June 10, 2018
  1. Patriots 3M
  2. Cowboys 2.5M
  3. Seahawks 2.1M
  4. Steelers 1.7M
  5. Giants 1.6M
  6.  Packers 1.5M
  7. Panthers 1.4M (tied)  49ers 1.4M (tied) Eagles 1.4M (tied)
  8. Raiders 1.2M
  9. Broncos 1.1M
  10. Texans 1M

All remaining 19 NFL teams are less than 1 million followers at current time of publsihing this post.

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Here are the top 10 NFL teams and their Instagram follower count as of July 17, 2019
  1. Patriots 3.8M

2.  Cowboys 3M

3. Seahawks 2.2M

4. Steelers 2.1M

5. Giants 1.8M

6. Eagles 1.8M

7.  Packers 1.7M

8. Raiders 1.4M

9.  Broncos 1.1M

10. Texans 1.1M 

Ezekiel Elliott has 2.5M followers alone! Equal to our team, and more than 30 other NFL teams!!!!

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