Why you need to follow the “Comcast Cowboy” on Instagram

Who is the “Comcast Cowboy” and why should you consider Instagram over Facebook this season?

After a few frequent visit’s into “Facebook Jail” over the last 2 years it’s time for a change. It’s clear Facebook has had it’s fair share of bad press from presidential elections, to misuse of members information, and senate hearings etc. After all our Cowboys group Official America*s Team houses all our members there. Definitely not totally abandoning the platform however.

The numbers are convincing based on research. Facebook is slowly becoming a retirement home. Especially for most members of OAT. According to Recode, “Overall, eMarketer found Facebook lost about 2.8 million U.S. users under 25 last year.” Instagram is owned by Facebook, but provides a much different user experience. Besides Twitter, many younger Cowboys players use Instagram over Facebook.

Who is the most followed NFL team on Instagram?

Now understanding the age gap with Cowboys fans on Facebook makes sense. We clearly dominate all other 31 teams here. Largely in part many of our fans come from the 90’s dynasty era. Facebook introduced itself in 2004. Naturally our fans joined the platform and built a massive following on the official Cowboys account. The Cowboys official Instagram account currently boast’s 2.5 million followers behind the Patriots 3 million followers who lead the NFL.

Wait how in the hell are the Patriots the leading NFL Instagram page?

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Introducing the “Comcast Cowboy” on Instagram

After prefacing the motive behind this strategical move let’s get to know who the “Comcast Cowboy” actually is. Chances are you know him pretty well already. Just not by this new name.  After 2 years of running this blog, and site it’s now his time to promote OAT and take it to new levels in 2018 via Instagram. In addition leading the charge to eclipse the most followed NFL team currently.

If you actually want to help beat the Patriots keep reading!

Single handedly he managed the OAT Instagram page during that period, and grew it to over 7,000 followers. Always making it about the fans first he is now on mission to grow the “OAT” brand personally. Primarily on Instagram. Where the cool kids hang out. I recently recommended 5 pages for our members to follow in addition.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane when OAT was founded almost 2 years ago on Facebook by yours truly.  Not even 30 days after retiring from the Navy I signed up with Instagram. A strategy to find other Cowboys fans not on Facebook.

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I was such a rookie at this whole social media game

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Just before the NFL draft this year I decided to create the “Comcast Cowboy” persona. Adding yet another character to our long list of OAT personalities. To follow on social media and promote our vision of building the ultimate fan network globally. Here you can find my passion for America*s Team sprinkled in with my day to day work life as a Comcast Direct Sales Professional.

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In conclusion

Just like back in 2016 when we first started this OAT vision together on Facebook. We will now catch our second wind together for this upcoming 2018 season. On a different platform however. We begin this month with the “Miami Takeover 6.” You don’t want to miss the live videos, stories, and images captured during my trip. Giving you the ability to vicariously live these experiences through my Instagram.

Finally I will be attending many Cowboys games this year and bringing you live action. Especially our week 3 game against the Seahawks. Where yours truly is heading up a Cowboys only catered tailgate. Catered with Texas BBQ right here in the Pacific Northwest!

Now here is where you can help knock off the Patriots from the Instagram throne!

I am calling you to take action and join Instagram today. For 2 reasons.  One, the Patriots have about a 500k follower lead on us. As the #1 Facebook NFL team, we must also beat them on this platform. Secondly, so you can find the real value in a platform where fans are migrating to everyday. Lastly you can also follow yours truly, “Comcast Cowboy.” I will also follow you back! #F4F

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