Fans Zone announces absolutely amazing 2019 takeover location

Fans Zone absolutely elevated it’s annual takeover in Miami, and announces 2019 location

When Fans Zone titled their 2nd takeover in Miami in 2018 “Elevation” they nailed it. Now you can learn how to attend the one in 2019! It was about this time last year that I interviewed Cynthia Bowen initially with OAT and shared her, and her sister Lisa Bowen’s back story. Since that time over 300 Cowboys fans made reservations for this event in South Beach Miami. Although this was not strictly a fan club event, it was for Cowboys fans from around the world.

In fact, that’s exactly the vibe and exchanges from everyone I felt. One big family. All united by, and under the Star.

But now that it’s in the books, could their 2019 location become even bigger?

Many of those who have attended multiple Fans Zone events shared this one was clearly an “Elevation” from previous experiences. Even the Cowboys players themselves appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Even Lucky Whitehead made an appearance. Cynthia officially dubbed him the takeover “Turn Up” King. When you watch my Vlog embedded below you’ll see why.

Last summers takeover favorite Keith “Beef” Smith returned even as a Raider this year. His commitment to both ladies, and the fans was evident as a result in showing up. In addition, brothers Rod and Jaylon Smith made their initial appearance along with Rico Gathers.

Also rising star, and talented defensive back Kavon Frazier, and LB Damien Wilson. A very well-organized event with tons of logistics that went off without a hitch. Impressive in fact. Players were announced by name and number at each event upon their arrival.

As you can see the players were just as excited as the fans which further solidifies that family unity.

“Once a Cowboy, always a Cowboy” ~Thee YL.

What I took from this quote was that even Kenny “The Shark” Gant came out to Miami for this. Late in his career he signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs. If not one of our best special teams players in franchise history! Kiss the ring!

Not one fan out of 300 said nothing about he, Lucky, or Beef in attendance negative. This is where real realtionships beat social media. Family. I too felt this way. Will you join us in 2019?

Lastly the “Official Cowboys Nation MC’ Thee YL. Beef’s cousin. Now YL has appeared at several fan club events. I strongly urge clubs to book him this upcoming season for your events. Im planning to bring he, and West Coast Cowboy to Seattle WK3 agains the Seahawks at our tailgate outside of CenturyStink stadium. Yeah my competition in 2 ways. @ComcastCowboy

Finally DJ HI-C from Houston originally, but a Dallas native now and Cowboys fan. He was on the 1’s and 2’s and together with YL they had it lit! Many fans said DJ HI-C was off the hook, and reccomended to both Cynthia and Lisa to book him for Vegas!

For a full look at the itinerary to better visualize this packed weekend click here. Anytime attendees are inquiring about where next years will be, and who to reccomend you’ve got another Fans Zone hit in the making. Will there be a Miami 7 in 2019, or a change of venue altogether?

Diverse Fans Zone loyalist’s show signs of more growth in years to come

Last November against Philly I invited members from OAT to come out and network on their game day package. Which included a tour of Jerry’s World, and prime seating in the Miller Lite Club. This exclusive area is where America’s Team runs out of the tunnel.

I was able to build more relationships within OAT as a result. This year OAT will descend upon Houston to join DCFH for their tailgate, and takeover experience.

This time around I was a rookie with that “New Car Smell” along with many others. I was happy to finally meet many Club Presidents like Tony Thomas from DC Block Party ATL, including Fred Waters from Star Status Cowboys Connection IE, and the always entertaining Crystal Collins from Dallas Cowboys Fans Houston, and her sidekick Becky Franzen of DCFDFW. Other clubs in attendance were; Star Status, SCDCFC, CSOTC, Blue Star Dynasty, North Star, and Cowboys Nation Albany, GA.

Getting the chance to finally meet friends from online going on almost 2 years allowed me to feel right at home amongst family.

The  fan clubs however were a major force in attendees. Cynthia is also the President of Cowboys Stars of Memphis. Her club boasted the largest number of fans. However, as each day went by I spoke with others who came were rookies like myself.

It was like coming to a family reunion in Miami for the ultimate “Summer Vacation.” In my Ice Cube Voice.

I do know 1 of the fastest fast growing clubs in Los Angeles in Cowboy Kev’s Star Status Cowboys Connection  can give Cynthia’s club, CSOM a run for largest club in attendance in Vegas!

Hey Tony Thomas you here me down in the dirty dity bruh? I said make it a bet!

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Can we expect to see your club at the next Takeover?

Word of mouth marketing will encourage next year’s event to be tremendously bigger. So much so Im also willing to bet Elevation is doubled in size. I know my west coast Hard Hittahz will represent there for sure. Boom!

Continuing to draw in new fans, and build that extended family across the nation. My tug of war between being a fan at this event and scouting it was rough. My bad West Coast we know you’ll be live in effect in Sin City!

I also know my girl in DFW JoJo from Facebook takes trips to Vegas in the Summer. Where you gone be at girl? Also, this want to be look alike Zeke guy named “Not Real Zeke.” The Fans would love him in uniform there.

Lastly there is this one guy named StacheMan in Little Elm who stalks Cole Beasely everday for autographs. He would be a good addition as well for Vegas in my opinion.

I had hoped to link with a couple players for interviews. Definitely in Vegas for sure. I clearly see Fans Zone potential to become a premier national provider for all sports fans in the future. Yours truly will be right there to document it as a Cowboys fan until I die! DC4L

But how can Fans Zone top themselves in 2019?

Our fan base is huge. Meeting leaders from the east coast like President of DC Nation Kelli Collins really provided a vivid picture. Thanks to her many of the clubs listed on our Cowboys Club Directory. Many women who were there are connected through “She Loves the Cowboys” Facebook group with over 20,000 women Cowboys fans only.

Thanks to Kelli, I interviewed founder Colleen Case and wrote a story on this massive group of over 25,000 women. In addition she has helped OAT continue to grow our Cowboys Club Directory. Her Instagram is sooooo “Cowboys lit!” So go give her a follow here. Or below.

Many fans skipped down from Atlanta that are not in a club, but who also network in their local Cowboys Facebook groups like Dallas Cowboys Block Party ATL. Their first intiail takeover last year there could likely be dress rehearsal for Super Bowl 53 this year.

When our Cowboys arrive there in February, and hoist the Lombardi you can expect our fan base to literally double overnight. You know I’m placing my bet while in “Las Vegas!” too baby!

After the Yacht party during the bus ride back to the hotel I sat next to Lisa Bowen. She shared with me that in 2019 Fans Zone is taking their talents out of South Beach. Swapping coast’s altogether!

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I will be the first to tell you that this will likely double their numbers relocating to Vegas. California has many clubs and diehard fans that will make the short trip up to partake. In addition diversifying the crowd.

The sisters are currently working on locking the actual venue site, and constructing the itinerary for future release. So please be sure to subscribe to OAT, Comcast Cowboy’s Blog today below, and get notified when details emerge by email immediately.

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Number 6 was dubbed the “Elevation.” It lived up to the hype. Fans Zone will definitely be sure to bring another over the top experience in Vegas. My struggling unprofessional Vlog video of my trip below should give you an insider view of it all (please dont clown me lol).

To clarify though, I met Raekwon only in Puerto Sagua on 7th and Collins. In addition “Tony Starks” is actually an AKA for GhostFaceKilla. My Vlog will give you a peek inside #6 from my eyes at least best I could. Also expect way more professional media than mine to emerge from L3 Media located in TN. They to was on hand for the second year in a row. Family.

                          *Warning*  some footage contains NSFW language.

In conclusion

This time of year is perfect for these types of experiences. The kids are out of school, the weather is supplementary, the NBA season has concluded. And who is watching baseball anyway right?

Thanks to my girl CowboysElite, and ADMIN in my Facebook group “Official America’s Team” she posts the daily countdown until kicoff there.  As we close out June and head into Training Camp in July events in our fan base will pick up steam.

The season kickoff in Carolina has been dubbed the “Fan Club Takeover” with host club Cowboys Stars of the Carolinas, and other surrounding clubs adding value to this experience.

Week 2 against the Giants has been dubbed the “Round Up” where each season during the first home game clubs, Hard Hittahz, and other networks of fans attend. Week 3 in Seattle yours truly is putting together an awesome tailgate for everyone coming like the Barrachos down in Texas. Then Week 5 we head to Houston for the DCFH event.

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This is not these 2 sisters first rodeo by any measure. They have crafted their vision into a masterpiece for Cowboys fans currently. I’m certain Vegas will be the ultimate experience yet. Even elevating above #6! Stay tuned to their Fans Zone site for more details.

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Really really the real conclusion lol

OAT is the only site documenting this type of Cowboys fans content. Our mission is to make this the premier destination to get the scoop on our fan base, and all of it’s sub-culture. Like a The Source Magazine eventually was to Hip Hop. Highlighting our fan base talent, and informing them of everything happening within them. Get it, the source?

Do you plan on joining the Fans Zone family and extending your network in Vegas next year?

“Once you do business as a customer with us you are now apart of our Fans Zone family. No longer a customer anymore.” `Lisa Bowen

Leave me a comment below if you do after subscribing, and or if you attended #6 along with me and share your best memory.

So next year in Vegas we can share those on that article I publish about the 2019 takeover! I would very much appreciate that family! Thank you, and Stars Up to my extended Cowboys family!

Official Release of Fans ZOne 2019 takevoer dates and location


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