Why you will actually love to meet this Cowboys superfan

First of all the Dallas Cowboys fan base runs deep with superfans. From the original superfan himself “Crazy Ray,” to the #1 Cowboys Fan Ms Price, and even Raymond Ortiz who named his children after the team. As the term “Fake News” continues to circulate on social media, this story couldn’t be more real to Cowboys Fans. Especially as a fake look alike Zeke excites fans across the country.

His story is a unique one. One that kind of took on a momentum of its own. Marvin Thompson of Los Angeles shared with me his story. As the rise of Ezekiel began with him in college on the national football stage his family,  friends, and even strangers took notice.

Even Jason Garrett acknowledges superfan at training camp, invites on field to lead stretching

Earlier this year on the last day of training camp he shows up in full Zeke garb. Interacting with fans and taking in the excitement of it all. Taking notice even Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett invited him on the field to lead stretching drills. Even ESPN writer Todd Archer took notice and covered the event elevating Marvin’s superfan status. Despite missing a few drills Zeke himself gets up to assist and gave Marvin a chest bump!

After family, friends, and even random strangers began calling him Zeke he played along with them. Initially just wearing Zeke’s jersey brought on more noticeability. To the point where began dressing up like a fully suited Zeke at several games over the 2016 season. In particular the Green Bay playoff game in Dallas.

This past weekend when the Dallas Cowboys visited the Oakland Raiders there was another sighting of @notrealzeke. Pictured here with Tyson AKA the “WestCoastCowboy” I knew at that point OAT had to connect with him to share his story.

 How to connect with super fan “Not Real Zeke”

With the return of the real Zeke this Christmas Eve, Not Real Zeke has been busy representing at games this season. As random fans notice him they celebrate his look alike efforts by taking photos and tagging him on Instagram. The best place to connect with him on social media he says. In addition he reposts their photos to connect a memory that will last a lifetime with them. He shares that this character is simply all built from feedback from his fans. In addition he never planned to birth this character himself, however those around him did instead.

Marvin states he normally likes to attend at least 3 Cowboys games a season and is really just having fun with his “Not Real Zeke” alter ego. One thing is for sure however he adds a fun and exciting character to the long list of superfans within our fan base. Be on the lookout for him at your next Cowboys game!

Updated as of December 23rd. We found the video!

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