Meet Tyson ” The West Coast Cowboy” of DC Scouting

Two years ago I actually discovered Tyson on Facebook doing “Live” videos from Cowboy training camp in Oxnard, CA in 2016. I immediately added him to the OAT Facebook group because the value of his content it would give our members. At the time he was “Going Live” from his profile, but then eventually from his Dallas Cowboys Scouting fan page. Two years later he is now ascending to new heights. Taking his fans along for the ride.

Live inside the draft making Dallas Cowboys history!

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Over the course of the last 2 years, Tyson and I have talked and inspired each other to give fans on social media the most access to all things Cowboy. The weekend during the 2018 NFL Draft was no different. Prior to the draft he, along with JoJo’s Replay coordinated the 1st NFL Draft Fan takeover near the stadium for fans on social media to meet up during their trip to Dallas.

Besides his passion for our team and bringing you factual news Tyson really loves collaborating with other like minded Cowboy fans. During the draft weekend I met him for the first time in person. Within minutes I could hear his knowledge for our Cowboys team ooze out of this young man’s brilliant mind.

Tyson “West Coast” leading the way for social media Cowboy fans

One thing for sure Tyson is not new to this. He already has experienced some bumps in the road along the way. For those that may not know he has had many different Facebook profiles. His DC Scouting page is actually a second version. Navigating the Facebook terms of service can be challenging. This I know personally as well.

Persistence will overcome setbacks however. Despite his minor setbacks he continues to build his show’s presence. With a renewed spirit and understanding of how to build and retain his fan page subscribers. Both on Facebook, and his newly maintained YouTube channel with all of his recent shows.

In addition he has added some up and coming new talent to feature on his show. In essence showing love to those who go hard for the Star just like him. Most of you are likely familiar with them as we recently did a piece on the hot up and coming YouTube Channel creator Akoye Media. One of my favorites however is a super passionate fan who goes by the name of Solar. Here is a photo of all the “Star Power” that arrived for Tyson and JoJo’s fan takeover! We even had the #1 Fan Ms Price join us for a book signing!

Super stars

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Tyson finds himself part of elite 50 fans on field in AT&T Stadium during draft

The power of Cowboys fans networking is truly something special. During draft weekend many of us watched it take shape. As we descended upon Arlington to bring you the action, we too are also fans like you. Finding ourselves torn between mission, and entertainment. On Day 2 of the draft I received a call from Stacheman who was a key contributor to the whole OAT NFL draft experience. Solely responsible for bringing “Super Fans” together at the Concrete Cowboy. Literally across the street from the Star headquarters in Frisco. He had procured 2 tickets to the floor venue of the draft!

As I sat in my hotel room preparing to drive and interview Cheef of the Hard Hittahz I told Stacheman I had a flat, and couldn’t make it there in time unfortunately. I know crazy right? Stacheman worked hard to get those 2 tickets, but I knew he wouldn’t understand at the time why I couldn’t make it.

Here is the fan in me being torn away as I set out on my mission while in Dallas to capture more stories for our readers here. I immediately told Stacheman to call Tyson as a backup. We had just talked and I knew he was out there reporting live at the NFL experience. It was simply divine timing.

I’m sure you’ve heard everything happens for a reason right? Well I couldn’t have been more proud as the day went on, and as Tyson was going “Live” WE were able to hare his video, and experience it all vicariously through his DC Scouting page. It was at that moment When he posted this caption today that if I were ever faced with this decision again, I would do exactly the same thing. No questions asked!

In conclusion

It’s funny how overtime things can begin to shape up. Here at OAT our mission is to connect fans through social media and provide the absolute best content for our Facebook group, and our subscribers. Tyson is absolutely leading the way for us along with many other Cowboy fans around the world. We are thankful for those die hard fans like Tyson who strive to give our fans more of what they want! America*s Team in every sense!

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