Meet Ms. Price: The number one Dallas Cowboys fan

The Stars shine bright deep in the heart of Texas

Some sports fans are the most passionate in the country. Non-sports fans see them screaming on TV, wearing body paint and funky hats and think, “These people are crazy!” Crazy, enthusiastic, passionate – call it what you will. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that sports fans are an interesting group of people. In fact, some fans are so passionate/enthusiastic/crazy that they become almost as famous as the teams they root for.

Well the Dallas Cowboys sure have one of the most passionate fans in the NFL. Her name is Carolyn Price. But most fans know are just as “Ms. Price, the #1 Dallas COwboys fan.”

You’ve probably seen her at the tunnel at Cowboys Stadium yelling “Dak”, Ezekiel” or even Tony Romo! You wonder how does she get to take pictures with some of your favourite Dallas Cowboy Players. “How does she do that?”

Ms. Price grew up the fourth of nine children. She always looked up to her brothers. She started attending games in the 1960’s with her brothers who she looked up to. Naturally, she began rooting for the young team as well. By the mid-70’s she was attending nearly every home game. Ms. Price said she’s probably been to about 250 games since then.


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A fan fixture among the Dallas Cowboys fan base

This enthusiastic fan has been front and center for some of the most historic moments in franchise history. She was in attendance at the famous ‘Hail Mary’ game in 1975, when Rodger Staubach found Drew Pearson in the end zone on the last play of the game in the Wild card game vs the Vikings.

Ms. Price started attending every Cowboys training camp, open practice and every Cowboys event there was and a lot of games as well. After that Cowboys fans just named her the #1 Dallas Cowboys fan.

With her notoriety, there are some perks that come with it that some fans can only dream of. She became very close to some of the players, almost like a mother figure. One of the closest players she mentored and nurtured was Demarcus Ware.

“I met Ware when he was a rookie in Oxnard, California.” Ms. Price said. “We were eating at BJ’s with his family and I told him then that he would be a Pro Bowler. We all laughed, but look what he turned into.”

A fountain of wisdom for Cowboys Nation

With so many incredible stories I asked her which is her favorite Cowboys player of all time. She just had a big sigh.

“That’s a tough question Ms. Price said. I love them all so much and there are so many great memories and great players. Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Leon Lett, Jay Novacek, Michael Irvin, Mark Stepnoski, Roger Staubach, Bob Lilly. They were all so nice.”

To show how close she is to all the Cowboys she shared with me a very interesting story.

“My birthday is on November 27th, which is the same as Larry Allen. It always falls during the Thanksgiving game week. About three years ago, they found out about my birthday so they came out of the locker room and gave me a signed ball after the game. Now it’s up on my shelf in a glass case.”

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Passing on a legacy of fan wisdom through stories

These are a few of the many amazing stories Ms. Price shared with me in our half hour conversation. many of which are in her newly released book on Amazon “Priceless Dream.”

She talked about everything from her childhood, to how many jerseys she owns (about 300 or 400). She says that if a player has a rough game she’ll wear his jersey the next week. But the two jerseys she wears the most are Dez Bryant’s and Tony Romo’s.

Once the topic of Romo came up. I asked her how she felt about him retiring.

“I am not thrilled what happened but that is life and football.”

She went on to talk about the Romo haters. Something Ms. Price doesn’t take too fondly among those fans that do that.

You tell them this,

“If you were a true-blue fan, you’d hang in there and support our players.He’s still my quarterback. I’m a true-blue Cowboy fan. You’re wearing all the jerseys, having all this fun, and all of a sudden you’re saying he’s a horrible player. It takes the fun out of being a fan. We need to stand tall and support our players.”

That is Ms. Price, always standing behind her boys through thick and thin

I asked her about this young group of Cowboys with Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott. She said ” They are awesome”. And she is very pleased with the draft of Taco Charlton and the entire 2016 draft class.

She also said

“These young guys need to behave on the field, and off. Because its the Dallas Cowboys. We are always scrutinized and everything is magnified.”

This article was originally published by former OAT contributor Yusuf Nahkooda.

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