How James Wright actually became known as “Suit Man”

Life for James Wright is about to get brighter. His Cowboys super fan persona “Suit Man” is an absolute story within the Cowboys fan base itself. It’s time we featured James here at OAT. The timing couldn’t be better for everyone. Thanks to the NFL striking a deal with FOX for exclusive Thursday Night Football rights back in January this year reported by Sports Illustrated. Lets get to know more about James however.

Once upon a time when Fans Zone announced the Las Vegas Takeover #2, James was busy figuring out a game plan on how to win the “Cowboys Fashion Show.” The grand prize was going to be an autographed helmet! James had yet to add this to his growing collection.

Wearing a jersey wouldn’t cut it here. He absolutely had to come up with something different. Later that week his brother invited him to a football, and a baseball game. Both games James said his brother wore a suit. The reaction he recieved from fans as a result were astounding!

That is when the light bulb went off for James! In addition how the birth of “Suit Man” became known. Here is an actual video of Nmisol  performing at that event showcasing fans participating in the fashion show contest!

Because everyone wants the baby, not the actual labor from “Suit Man”

It wasnt easy finding the right tailor for James Wright and his “Suit Man” conception. He shared that after about 10 different tailors he found the one. James and I first linked up back in April right before the draft in Dallas. Thanks to West Coast for the assist.

 “I went to over 10 tailor’s to see about making me an outfit for the Las Vegas Takeover 2 and was repeatedly turned down. I finally was able to convince, Mrs. Stacey, to make me an outfit, she actually ending up making me a total of 6 outfits, 2 short sets, 2 sweat suits, 1 cover-up and 1 suits. I took all of my outfits with me to Vegas and unveiled them at the Vegas Takeover.”

The outfits were a showstopper according James. So much so he took them to training camp in Oxnard, and to a preseason game in San Diego. After deciding the “1 time” wear outfit would be during this preseason game, it was an absolute hit!

From that day forward James decided he would make this his game day uniform for all Cowboys games. Many of you reading this have likely met James. Here are a couple of things you may not have discovered during your initial meet and greet.

Let’s take a further look into who he really is behind the suit.

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Who James Wright actually is behind the “Suit Man” persona

For the record when James shared he was retired military also, I knew we would keep in touch. After serving 29 years in the Army as a Cannon Crewman, and the rank of First Sergeant he and I have much in common.  As a result he has allowed us to share with you about who he really is. I couldn’t be more happier to see him pursue his fan passion and watch it blossom.

Rosita, his wife also gets in on the play. She too has appeared in custom-made Cowboys suits. A big beautiful family with 7 kids, 4 grandkids, and 1 on the way he said. Earlier this month his son Travis enlisted into the Army. Carrying on the tradition of service.

An alternative type of service now however now like “Suit Man” takes on new meaning. Meeting fans is the best part about it all according to James. He absolutely loves to take pictures with fans, as much as they do him! Lastly, I asked what advice he has for fans this season after our 1-3 start to the 2018 season.

“The only advice I would give anyone, is if you are a fan, be a fan! Don’t love the team when they win, and curse them when they lose. It’s like a marriage, we have to endure through the good times and the bad times. Every day is not going to be sunny, so buckle in and get ready for some rough times. Anything worth having is going take some fighting to keep.”

Straight out of the mouth of a seasoned veteran. Here is his sons swearing-in ceremony earlier this month.

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In conclusion

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Oh, and special thanks to our friend, and OAT Patreon Stacheman for capturing the video below. After further review on both Vimeo and YouTube, this appears to be an exclusive for the time being. Possibly until released for a Cowboys TNF game. Look for “Suit Man” at the 14 second mark.

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James Wright AKA “Suit Man” sneak peek commercial cameo on FOX from Barry Gipson on Vimeo.


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