Seattle tailgate attracts over 300 Cowboys fans from Facebook

For Cowboys fans who traveled into the Emerald City word travels fast. After we published how to connect with the Seattle Tailgate event hosted DCFS (Dallas Cowboys Fans Seattle) it traveled even faster. That’s the beauty in social media. When a platform is used to bring together fans from around the world, it’s a beautiful thing.

In our early planning stages of the spring Dave and his team anticipated around 200 fans tops. Once the word starting getting around on Facebook and how to connect that number nearly doubled. It was truly a beautiful site to see so many fans from different walks of life coming together for America*s Team.

Upon arrival I could feel the excitement. One big crowd that encompassed other smaller crowds of Cowboys fans. Fans who brought in items for the potluck dropped their items at the tent, and got into the thick of things! Music was blasting in the background while the “Cowboys Country” flag flapped in the wind above the tent.

Square in the middle of a parking lot with Seattle fans tailgating as well. Believe it or not locals were suprised to see as many Cowboys fans show up for the Seattle tailgate event. Here is some feedback from the fans caught on “Live” this past Sunday.

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Cowboys Fans can now meet in north and south sound

There was only one thing I always looked for when I was in the Navy stationed around the world. A place where Cowboys fans could meet up for games. As a result the Dallas Cowboys Fans Seattle meetup is extending its resources and group to the south.

This is what’s our mission here at OAT. Connecting Cowboys fans from around the world through social media. Sharing stories of events like these to inform our fans how to connect.

In the mean time for new fans that have discovered us through the tailgate you can still meet at Goofy’s this Sunday with Dave and the gang up there.

Hooters in Tacoma right off Interstate 5 will be where we begin. This Sunday against the Detroit Lions. Be sure to get connected to our Facebook group for more details as they emerge. Our goal is to connect more Cowboys fans near military bases in the south sound to help grow the meetup.

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In conclusion

Despite the outcome of the game most Cowboys fans who came out really enjoyed themselves. Special shot out to the Seahawks fans who allowed me to use their power supply to recharge my phone. All in all Seahawks fans and Cowboys fans coexisted outstandingly well.

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