How the “Hot Boyz” of Dallas are actually rooted through the Source

First of all I admit I was wrong. Taco was not the founder of the Hot Boyz. Upon development of the source on Instagram I now have the facts. Taco was however one of the first to pick up merchandise from the source. That’s why it’s always smart to go to the source here at OAT. Demarcus Lawrence is the undisputed leader, and founder of the Hot Boyz on America*s Team. That is not the whole story however.

For those other Hot Boys Down in New Orleans that is a different story. As we head into week 4 I wanted to connect the links for our fan base between music and football again. Particularly between the Cowboys and Saints organizations with our fan bases. Blame it on week 3 with the Miami Hip Hop Cowboys fan edition. Keeping in line with my SiriusXM Brand Ambaassdor campaign this fall.

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Other than the obvious connections between Dallas and New Orleans most fans see on the surface, we will go deeper than rap. Especially for #3 types of Cowboys fans I always highlight here at OAT. The Voltron Holocracy defenders of the fan base. The Hot Boyz off spring, the independent artists/ creators who do it for the culture. Not #shitforclicksandlikes

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Dallas C0wboys history

Let’s talk about Number 9 first off

By the time Parcells promoted Sean Payton to assistant head coach/ passing game coordiator in 2005 the student was becoming the teacher. A primary reason why UDFA Tony Romo became a Cowboy. Finding a diamond in the rough takes vision. Beyond that there was speculation that he could be named the next Cowboys head coach last year. Turning up the heat on Garrett.

There is a presumption that once coaches like Payton have won a Super Bowl they possess some magic touch for returning to the big game and winning more. Any Given Sunday.

During the same time last year Dez Bryant was ousted at The Star in Frisco behind the Dez Rules. Rules actually created and supported by the Cowboys. More on this next week. Be sure to subscribe. Giving Dez inclusion betwen the two as he is still now a free agent. Could he reunite for the Illuminati driven Victory Lap in Miami? He is still the all time Cowboys leader in touchdown receiptions. Primarily behind his pure athleticisim, and the beautiful mind of Tony Romo.

β€œ[A]s long as your production is high, they give you more wiggle room. When the production starts getting lower, the wiggle room gets less for some of the things that people perceive to be antics.” ~ Tony Romo

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Everytime I come around your city Bling-Bling

Chances are many of you are here to see if our Boyz are connected to the real living legends of the music game Hot Boys. I did happen to find one small detail however. Many of the dynasty era Cowboys fans know exactly which group I’m referring to. I admit BG of their group inspired me through some tough times while in the Navy. A big reason around branding my initials BG.

Who is the real Hot Boyz plug for the Dallas Cowboys?

Thanks to West Coast (Original Hot Boy of the Fan Base) he put me up on game about Art over at Avodroc. I found Art on Facebook initially, and then Instagram about a month ago while attempting to build rapport. Free game. Strike when the iron is hot they say. I shot him a DM, and we chatted about a few things around the Hot Boyz . On Instagram where all Cowboys players actually hang out.

I thanked Art for clarifying who was the founder of the Hot Boyz. Over the last year there is alot of confusion among fans. See my opening statement for case study. He shared a personal video with me of when he created the logo himself. His printing shop is the offical merchandise provider of the Hot Boyz. The source and root of everything Cowboys fans need. Similar to that magazine The Source and how it was to Hip-Hop fans.


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If you want to shop the official Hot Boyz merchandize site here you go. They are located in Richardson, TX.Β  A swiping force behind the Hot Boyz is actually Jaylon Smith. Watch him in the lab with Art’s team below. In addition, Smooth’s brand actually teamed up with OAT almost one year ago. See link below.


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Does the Hot Boys of New Orleans have anything to do with the Dallas Cowboys?

Like I said I did find one small detail. Due to the fact social media was not yet a thing during the original Hot Boys era it was tough finding any related imagery. I did happen to find a classic though. Remember in the 1990’s when this type af CD artwork was trending? Man we have come so far over the years. Haven’t we?

DJ Mannie Fresh was actually the producer of the Hot Boyz and cranked out many hits from the Big Easy. Especially that monster hit Bling-Bling. I did happen to put a little OAT twist on things.Β  All in the name of freindly competition. Who would have ever knew that home grown New Orleans world renowned DJ might actually be a “Closet” Dallas Cowboys fan?

Haters will say it’s potoshopped below. How does that make you feel Who Dak fans? I know it’s a reach, but none the less you’re opponent this week. Let the hype begin for primetime telvision. Like “King Oskie” Deion Sanders would say best. “If you ball you get the call.” How you love Dak? I admit though that Star makes you look Fresh Mannie.

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Another strange connection was we learned in our Miami edition last week that Teddy Bridgewater grew up and played high school football with Amari Cooper. Teddy Is actually filling in for Drew Brees while he is out on injury. Word on the street was he did’nt want to see them real Hot Boyz again like he seen our leader Tank last year in Arlington. Either way after the Siants knocked off the Seahawks up here in Seattle last Sunday, the noise is getting real loud on social media.

In conclusion

Despite the announcemnet I heard while drafting this on TNF about SB54 with J-Lo andΒ  Shakira I believe they want to tap the latin culture in Miami next February. My suggestion would have been of course Dorrough opening up with Oskie, and then Rick Ross with Big Tyme to support my conspiracy theory. Back to the old chalkboard. Now the record is straight on how and who actually created this Hot Boyz movement in Dallas.

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