Thee YL debuts in Rudy Ray Moore tribute movie “Dolemite Is My Name”

Pretty Ronnie is pimping his way onto the Hollywood scene with his Netflix Original debut in this Rudy Ray Moore tribute “Dolemite Is My Name.” Also known on the scene to Dallas Cowboys fans as Thee YL, LaRonce Fields set a goal for himself two years ago. Much like Moore was faced with many challenges as an entertainer and MC that moved the crowd YL too has been crafting his passion to translate it on the big screen along his journey.

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My initial meeting with Pretty Ronnie

Two years ago I was in the Miller Lite Club for the Eagles game in November 2017. I noticed Thee YL there from social media. I loved what he was doing in the fan base. Rocking the crowds with Dallas Cowboys fans at fan club and unique events across the country.  We both eventually worked together on several fan club events, and most recently at the home opener he shared with me “Dolemite Is My Name” would be coming out soon. With him in it!

I asked him how it all came together. He said he was fortunate to be working with a casting company who was able to get a majority of the african american actors on this project. In addition he shared that while on set he would take shots at Eddie Murphy when he messed his lines up which resulted in the whole set laughing. Building his brand one joke at a time like Rudy Ray Moore. What’s also unique about this Netflix original is that it will only show in select theatres. On October 24 it will be released on Netflix for all to watch.

Did you grow up listening to Rudy Ray Moore? NSFW


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Pretty Ronnie is a Pimp who is seen attending one of Dolemite’s performances. Although he shared the role was small, he soaked up plenty game from stars like comedian Tracy Morgan at the premier in Los Angeles. Tracy told him to get hungry like Zeke now that he is finally in the game. YL also said to look at all the greats out right now. Kevin Hart films multiple projects at a time. I could tell he was being very humble as he also said to mention Cowboys Nation in OAT. Thanking them for their continued support as our fan base Official MC!

Be sure to follow him on Instagram below. This is the wardrobe he will have on in the film. Make sure and hold him accountable that once he makes it even bigger he don’t forget his Cowboys family! Have you met Lola his dog on his Instagram Stories? Repost his Neflix fliers and I gaurantee he will share it in a story!

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In conclusion

Having known Pretty Ronnie now over 2 years I can tell you this. He is a shining example of what I call a Netflix Original #3 type of Cowboys fan. For those of you that try and stunt his growth like Rudy’s bar owner in the movie, please rest assured. He will find a way to make things happen no matter what! I was aboslutely tickled to share this with our readers here as one of our very own is chasing his dreams right before our eyes. Support him!

Be sure to check on specific loaction and times. It has been advertised in select theatres only. But, if you have Neflix it will be availabs to stream on October 24 right before Halloween. I know I plan to support his work this weekend. He asked me to share with all of you to come out and support him as well. Even if it is just to share his fliers on social media. GO show Thee YL some love on pimping his way into Hollywood on such an epic project! Play yo part and help him get this money baby!

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