Thee YL shows love to Cowboys Nation as it’s “Official MC”

Introducing Thee YL; Official Cowboys Nation MC

In case you missed the Miami Takeover where Thee YL absolutely got it turnt as the Official MC of Cowboys Nation, check this out. After meeting up with him in Miami I wanted to share his introductory story with OAT. Also, how you can book him for your upcoming events this 2018 season. He kicks off game 1 in Carolina. Joining the “Cowboys Stars of the Carolinas”  CSOTC fan club at their event.

Thee YL back story with West Coast Cowboy

Inside story for those who follow us here at OAT. A few months ago Tyson AKA “West Coast Cowboy” shared how he was actually inspired by Thee YL during training camp in Oxnard early on. I first learned of Thee YL last year during the ATL fan club takeover with President Tony Thomas last season. Here is what Tyson had to say about their interaction intially.

“I seen Thee YL at camp walking around like he owned the place. Immediately I became inquisitive and inspired at the same time. After approaching him, next thing you know he had me on the field (via a pass), with him getting access to players. Contributing to the beginning of Dallas Cowboys Scouting.”

Tyson shared that is a prime example of our mission here at OAT, and DCS.

OAT Mission: OAT is committed to creating a family of loyal, informed, and true blue Dallas Cowboys fans globally through social media.

Who is La’Ronce Fields (Thee YL), and how did he become the Cowboys Nation Official MC?

He’s origianlly from Rancho Cucomonga and cousin of former Cowboy Keith Smith AKA Beef. Thee YL was hosting parties in Los Angeles as an MC pirior to being exposed to Cowboys Nation. Rocking parties with celebrities, and basking under the Hollywood sun. Shining like a true Star. It was in the early 90’s when YL became a fan of America’s Team. Inspired by Emmitt Smith, as his family has that “Smith” name in addtion.

Once his cousin was drafted by the Cowboys, and adopted by the Cowboys Nation fan base the Official MC bug bit him! During a Barrocho Tailgaters event in in Texas where those who know him close taunted him to get on the mic at the event.

“Just sitting there, and the mic was looking at me like…. I just kept staring at it and telling myself no, not here. “

It was then the peer pressure finally overcame him, and the rest was history as the event turned up, and the birth of the “Official MC of Cowboys Nation.” That’s not all Thee YL has in the works this season however. Stay tuned as we expose the Borracho Tailgaters story later this fall for OAT!

All day! #borrachotailgaters #BT4L

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Thee YL also pursuing acting career officially in Hollywood

Despite Keith Smith signing with the Raiders this off season, Thee YL has pledged his allegiance to Cowboys Nation. One thing is for sure. He has remained true to the game. All the while supporting Beef on his transition back to the bay area. Their collective actions speak louder than words by coming back to spend time with Cowboys Nation at the Miami 2018 Takeover.

Man I don’t know where to start witchu @beef31 , I owe you so much cuhh for being there with me during my shows🎙 when I was performing, taking me under ya wing and showing me SJ & the Bay🌉 when I came up for ya games🏈, then starting your professional journey in Dallas. Without you I wouldn’t of had the platform to be introduced to #CowboysNation ⭐🌎so I’m forever appreciative of that always cuhh. Now your back in the Bay Area where you started so everything gone feel like home🏠 yafeelme, I’m proud of you to the maximum on getting this new contract cuz you well over deserved it, It’s corny to call it #GodsPlan🙌🏾 but for him to put you back where you excelled is really him🙏🏾. I just wonder what Papa 👴🏽 would say now that you a @raiders ☠ now lol haha😂. But happy birthday 🎉 dude I can’t wait for the @3dfoundation camp!!! #smithaffect ✊🏾💯🎥 #BeefNYLChronicles🥩🎤🎬 #TheeYL 🎤🎤🎤

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Thee YL says loyalty is the answer

After building his network of celebrities in the Hollywood MC circuit, Thee YL is officialy an actor. Be sure to follow his stories on Instagram as he gives us all a prelude of projects he is currently working on while on set. Appearing on shows such as West World, and also in the works with Eddie Murphy on a new Netflix Original “Dolemite” movie with many known actors like Wesley Snipes!

A man with many talents. He shared his love for Cowboys Nation was authentic. Stating that without us, he wouldnt have a platform like he does now to hype fan club events, and crowds accross the nation!

 “Im loyal to Cowboys Nation. Without them I absolutely would’nt be here!” ~Thee YL

Thee YL, Fans Zone, L3 Media, Dallas Cowboys
Thee YL (sitting) pictured with L3 Media along with Cynthia and Lisa Bowen of Fans Zone on the Yacht in Port of Miami pausing for the cause with Cowboys players in attendance.

In conclusion

As we begin to enter training camp this season and you are a president of a fan club, you must book Thee YL this season! I guarantee he will get the crowd hype, and turned up Cowboys Nation style! I plan to actually book him for WK3 game agaisnt Seahawks here in Seattle. Stay tuned for details!

Lastly you absolutely dont want to miss the “Round Up” WK2 against the Giants. Hosted by Star Status Cowboys Connection. More details to follow in August. Also the Hard Hittahz movement will be there. An exclusive fan takeover as we open the season at home against a division rival! Thee YL will be on hand to rock the crowd! Let’s go show him some love Cowboys Nation!

In addition I know Northern NJ Dallas Cowboys Fan Club President Eric Boyer is having an exclusive event at the roundup with his newly launched club in Dallas with President Cowboys Nikki, and VP Kandi Cowboys who I had the pleasure of linking up with at the draft this year.

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