Introducing “Star Boy” of the Hard Hittahz and his new single

During my trip to Dallas for the NFL draft I met a Star. Allow me to introduce to you Chris Payne. AKA Star Boy of the DFW Hard Hittahz.  During their draft day tailgate he shared his new single “America’s Team” would be dropping. No stranger to music, or the Dallas Cowboys his roots run very deep between them both.

Could this be the Cowboys Anthem for the 2018 season?

Born and raised in the DFW area, Star Boy shared he used to watch VHS tapes of 70’s and 80’s games with his uncle. As he so eloquently stated:

“I was potty trained on the GOAT’s of the Dallas Cowboys.”

Music and the Cowboys have been his passion his entire life. His families background over the years in music, and passion for the Cowboys have led him to release his newly anticipated single. A full album project is in the works. In addition it will include 6 Cowboys related hits, along with 2 Texas Rangers, and various other local sports teams.

Watch new single “America”s Team” on YouTube by Star Boy featuring Vdoue Kash

Star Boy says he has been connected with the Hittahz almost 3 years now.

He also shared how the name Star Boy actually came about. You’ve likely heard the hit by The Weekend called Starboy. With over 1.5 billion views, many of those came from Chris himself. He was always singing that song everywhere.  A close friend and fellow Hittah Leigh Ann Sandoval AKA “Chopz” dubbed him “Star Boy” as a result.


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Star Boy among Stars who admits he was never Star struck

With a long history in the music industry Star Boy shared he once danced in a duo at many concert venues. Opening up for acts such as Big Moe, LL Cool J, and Three 6 Mafia who he says is his all time favorite rap group.

He was actually apart of a concert series that was raising money, and creating awareness for a local movie to be produced called “Ghetto Gold.”  It actually fell through due to some integral issues with money funded for the project. Therefore never manifesting. Since then he has been working his craft and representing America*s Team.

Through it all however he says he was never star struck by meeting music industry artist’s. A Star in his own mind on a mission to share his love and passion for the Dallas Cowboys through his music. Show him some love and go purchase his single here Cowboys Nation.

In addition the other artist in the video featured with Star Boy is Vdoue Kash. One thing that really stuck out to me was a shot out to the Veterans in their video. As a retired veteran myself I was glad to see this. This national Guard Soldier actually had the last name of Prescott. Which was totally organic and came together during the shoot.


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In Conclusion

The Hard Hittahz run deep with talent. Star Boy is a shining example of that. Also while at their tailgate Ticket Master had stopped by to shoot some video to include how hard they’re representing. This may be a bold move by them in lieu of Jerry Jones parting ways with them recently to deal with Seat Geek. Either way the DFW Hard Hittahz will get more visibility as a result.

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Updated as of May 21, 2019. StarBoy sends in his new banger for the Hot Boyz Defense, “Clock in D.”





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