Bryan Lockhart connects Dallas Cowboys fans to the ultimate Winners Circle

Bryan Lockhart, the son of Eugene “The Hitting Machine” Lockhart was recently featured on Dallas Cowboys Scouting in May. Thanks to the West Coast Cowboy. That’s when I realized the Cowboys fan base is not that big. Fact of the matter is, Bryan and I have been friends on Facebook over a couple of months and I never knew it.

That alone should tell you how much he moves behind the scenes quietly. Especially with his company iConnect Sports in Dallas. Where they connect actual Cowboys players to public events, and even our very own Cowboys Fan Clubs. Staying in line with our mission here at OAT we want to share with you his story, and how to connect with him on social media. Step your fan club game up and have an active Cowboys player attend your next function this year!

Crystal Collins, the DCFH President posted this recently to her Instagram. She has been a long time supporter of Bryan, and utilized him to bring top name players to her club events both recently, and in the past.

I have done business with other resources, but Bryan always delivers consistently for members of our club in Houston. We look forward to utilizing him more in the future. ~ Crystal Collins, DCFH Presdient

Here she is pictured with Anthony Brown at her most recent club event, and her VP Taylor Powell at their membership drive this past April.

Thank you @asb_ix for an amazing event !! You are so awesome!!!!

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Finally in case you didn’t realize how big David Irving actually is. Crystal also has brought in David for a DCFH event.

Bryan Lockhart featured on Dallas Cowboys Scouting, plugs into Nation

With video being the preferred way to consume content on social media check out this full show below. Bryan was featured on DCS along with his back story on how he has the ears of Cowboys players in Dallas. Jump to the 1.09:19 time frame for the interview.

In addition Bryan and his company iConnect Sports will also “fetch” autographs and other special requests on behalf of fans and organizations. At a cost however. Please visit his site and contact them today with all your club questions, and experience the Winners Circle!

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Have you attended any of Bryan’s events? Leave us a comment below and share your experience please and thank you!


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