How to go from Facebook Ghost to Admin inside OAT

Have you ever heard of the term “Facebook Ghost?” Me either until just recently. Most might think it’s actually somone on your friendlist who died. Others just a dormant, or deleted profile. The Urban Dictionary sums up a nice definition as well. An acquaintance or friend from a previous phase of your life with whom you are “friends” on Facebook. In the case of Porscha however there is a different story to tell.

Four years ago we had thousands of members added into our Facebook group. In a relatively short period also. Porscha actually searched us up on Facebook looking for a home to represent her team and network with other fans. Especially in Philadelphia where other fans like AKOYE reside.

Growing up in Georgia she watched games with her grandfather. Emmitt Smith was here favorite Cowboy then. Years later in high school her desire for football grew. After relocating to Philly due to work and family she has resided there since representing America*s Team.

Facebook Ghost, Official America's team Facebook Group


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What is a Facebook Ghost, and why do you need to know?

Chances are, many of you reading this may already be one. Porscha shared with me that she lurked in our group alomost 2 years before commenting. Let alone post anything herself. In fear of ridicule of other members attacking her. From either lack of knowledge, or just because most men think women don’t know anything about football.

“I think being a Ghost follower allowed me to form my own opinions on the group, and the direction it was going in. Once I felt like I enjoyed the topics I would really start commenting, and I found people to bounce things off of which is where my official game day post started from.” ~Porscha

But what she shared with me beforehand was the real eye opener. Many members in OAT could likely be on that same path. This is the current culture of social media. It’s very challenging to manage in groups. Allowing people to speak their mind without fear of attacking anothers point of view.

Beyond that, it’s safe to say when there is no “Tone” to listen too during a conversation it gets even more confusing. Especially on Facebook. Something our Admin team and knows all about firsthand. We too have had our hickups.

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How can we motivate another Facebook Ghost to participate in OAT?

What’s unique about Porscha’s story was she never quit. She eventually found her way. Despite the challenges even among our own fan base she managed to start, and continue to build her fan base network for this upcoming season.

Her message to other members in OAT who may fall into this category; make your move when feel it’s right. Just like she did. Once she believed in engaging with our group she built her confidence by jumpin on post’s with those she felt most comfortable with.

Our Admin team communicates every day. We strive to make this group better each season. As a result we have made OAT now a private group. We will work to educate and inform our members this upcoming season. We hope to get a few of you out of your Facebook Ghost status in the process.

In addition there is an all female Dallas Cowboys fan group I wrote a story just about over 2 years ago. Previously affiliated with the NFL. Which houses over 20k women who absolutley know their stuff! Men, don’t knock either. This door is absolutely closed for us men. Women only!

Facebook Ghost
During a trip to Dallas Porscha took time to tour the Stadium on Rally Day on Saturday home games where fans can actually tour the stadium, and locker room.

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In conclusion

Now that the NFL schedule has been made public we can find hope again. Hope we all don’t remain a ghost virtually watching this season on our mobile screens. I would like to take this time to thank Porscha, publicly for all her contributions to OAT. This story alone was worth it’s weight in gold for our Admin team.

I’m not afraid to say that there are a group of women out there who may know more about men when it comes to football. I know it for a fact. Having a balanced Admin team has always been my mission. Equal representation accross the board. There is strength among diversified teams.

Are you a Dallas Cowboys fan residing in PA too? Connect with Porscha today if that’s you. It’s time to go ghost busters in OAT. Our greatest asset is our members. Connect with a fan club near you today. We hope that Porscha’s story can provide a map for others on how to become nore active this season inside OAT.

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