What is an “Oskie” and why Cowboys fans absolutely need to know

I have spent many hours on Instagram in the last month. IGTV to be specific. This week heading into New Orleans I learned what an “Oskie” actually is. Many fans in the stadium at the Dolphins game are likely aware already. Now maybe I’m a bit slow on this one, but last year Dallas home grown rapper Dorrough released this banger ahead of it’s time. Remember “Ice Cream paint Job” 10 years ago? By you reading this today however you too can learn what an Oskie is, and why you absolutely need to know as a Dallas Cowboys fan.


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Just a preview of the #Oskie Video dropping today after the Game! Big Screen, BIG plays! #CowboysNation 🏈🏈🏈

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Over the last few weeks I have noticed that Dorrough was viewing our stories on Instagram. As a result I was checking on his timeline and stories. This week he released his video for “Oskie” on his Instagram TV channel. IGTV.  At first I was like what the fuck is an Oskie? I knew it had meaning, I was just uneducated. Time to get on the Googler as my daughter Adrienne would say. Upon 1 search query It all clicked.

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Back in May I was campaigning for “Clock In D, It’s Time To Go To Work.” I still am, but to give credit where it’s due we must recognize Dorrough and his body of work with Oskie of last summer. Not to mention how he pays homage to the “Oskie King” Deion Sanders below. Because of him, this whole vision of creativity came to fruition. Now it’s the official Dallas Cowboys 2019 anthem played at the Mothership. Watch his release on his IGTV channel recently below. Where I spend most of my time. IGTV. OAT Admin Sam AKA “CastinCowboy” called the “Oskie” for OAT 2 days ago. Now let’s get in front and block for Dorrough! Oskie!


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Video out Now!! #CowboysNation 🎥: @jeffadairfilms Animations: @tyrellgreenlee prod. By @diginorm

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How Dorrough Music created the Deion Sanders inspired “Oskie”

Growing up he shared in a local news station interview he has been a Cowboys fan. The video is on his Instagram here. His favorite player was Deon Sanders. His defensive prowess has not only inspired an anthem, but also and education in some aspects. The concept of tying in sports with music is brilliant right? Hey Jay-Z you reading this right? Halftime show Miami ya heard! In addtion this single is what Dorrough and his team are pushing for his latest project.

After writing “It’s Our Time,” the anthem for the Dallas Cowboys’ 2012-13 season, Dorrough became a regular guest of the team at home games.

Sports and music are a beutiful thing when beautifully woven together. A big reason why I promote SiriusXM as a Brand Ambassador like the promo link you seen above. Once I learned the definition of Oskie, and how Dorrough wove the two together, I was inspired even more. I reached out to to him on Instagram through DM. As a Free Safety myself I’m about to;

“Catch a play then run with it.” ~SIx3


Even Demarcus Lawrence AKA “Tank” has had “HotBoyz” work done by The Ice Champ

Pictured above with Deion Sanders and Dorrough Music AKA Six3. The Oskie King is gifted an official chain from the man himself. The Ice Champ is located in Grapevine Mills Mall. My next trip to Dallas I will be sure to swing by for a visit.

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In conclusion

Lastly, please help spread the word with other Cowboys fans by sharing this. With that in mind, always keep that Clear Eye View for 2020. With a Cowboys 2019 anthem inspiring greatness from our secondary, defense, and team overall like this it should set the tone completely. Let’s get behind Dorrough like Deon has and buy into this Cowboys 2019 anthem, and inspire our team to take the next step as The Purge!

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Oskie” is the traditional defensive call that a player uses to inform his teammates that he will intercept the ball. The oskie call alerts the other defenders so that know they need to start blocking for the return.


Dorrough Music Day declared in the city of Dallas

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