Jaylon Smith “Clear Eye View” brand teams up with OAT

Jaylon Smith is absolutely changing the game defensively. Off the field however, his “Clear Eye View” eye wear brand also made a game changing play with OAT.

A little over a month ago OAT reached out to his CEV brand and began talks of teaming up.

In the last year OAT has discovered a need to help die-hard fans learn about, and become more informed about our players off the field endeavors.

The best news I received via email ever was after the Seattle loss WK3. As I headed south on Interstate 5 leaving Seattle I receive an email notification. Jaylon’s team was interested in working with OAT. What a beautiful silver lining.

In addition, what a win for our Facebook group members along with all our followers on Facebook, and Instagram. Lastly our growing community of email subscribers. They know how to stay in tune with OAT. You should too. #strengthinnumbers

In the mean time, head over to his official Facebook and let’s help get his numbers up.

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Are the shades Jaylon Smith always wear this “Clear Eye View” Brand?


Let’s first understand what his brand is about. Then we can all support the young defensive stalwart running rampant on opposing offenses. Leading this Dallas Cowboys defensive back to the glory days with this budding young “Hot Boyz”  defense.

Clear Eye View is the signature eye wear collection by Dallas Cowboy, Jaylon Smith.

Clear Eye View is about the FOCUSED vision of accomplishing anything life has planned for you.
We BELIEVE you can do anything you want to do and be anyone you want to be.

Wearing the CEV signature eye wear collection is not a fashion statement, but a visible belief in the world you believe, where anything is possible.


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It’s not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. #CEV

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Learn what the Jaylon Smith “Swipe” is all about

Jaylon made up Swipe as his signature move his sophomore year of high school. With the slogan “Strike it down and pick it up,” he uses it after he makes a very big play as an energy booster.

In addition a way to eradicate everything negative that may have happened in the past. This assists in helping the team focus on the now and the future.

The movement also looks similar to a bowling motion, which is one of Jaylon’s favorite things to do. Learn the back story in this quick video.

How we can support Jaylon Smith, and the Clear Eye View brand

As a result of our affiliation we have been given a limited time discount code. This is where you can save simply by staying in tune with OAT. At the same time learn about what matters most to our players off the field.

This announcement is HUGE for OAT. This is the beginning of something truly special. We will feature more Jaylon Smith content here, and on our social platforms in addition to this. Visit his store and support his brand today.

Remember when checking out to use code “OAT” for a 10% discount. Only until October 31st!

Click here to browse, and purchase your pair today.

If this is a first for you to hear about CEV, please leave us a comment below. Directly after be sure to subscribe to our growing email subscriber community. Keeping you in the know about all things Jaylon moving forward with OAT.

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In conclusion

Our mission at OAT is to connect Cowboys fans around the world globally through social media. Especially at actual events through our growing club directory, and recently launched Meetup directory.

In addition, our vision is to partner with more Cowboys players like Jaylon Smith. Because when you “TEAM UP” with the #1 Cowboys fan base networking site “Built By Fans, For Fans” it’s just too much like right.


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