4 things you need to know about Ezekiel Elliott’s personal barber Cutzdamato

The organic way of sharing information, or WOMM (Word Of Mouth Marketing) is very much alive for barbers like Cutzdamato in 2019 according to Marketing 360.

What’s in a name? Many readers might be familiar with the Peek-A-Boo style of boxing that “Iron” Mike Tyson” mastered famously as a result of trainer Cus D’Amato specialized knowledge. Here are 4 things that Ezekiel Elliott’s personal barber “Cutzdamato” The  God actually shared with OAT. Which delivers an aggressive punch of how to change the game for actual Celebrity Cowboys Fans with crystal clear 2020 vision.

In addition, unpack all 4 things with infinite knowledge from the God Himself. Be first to land your counterpunch while building your book of business. Let’s go the distance as the governing body here together with Cutzdamato OAT. Applied knowledge is power.

“To see a man beaten not by a better opponent, but by himself is a tragedy.” ~Cus D’amato


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#repost @iamjamiefoxx • “Thank u for the trust… one step closer. #legend @miketyson #thejourneybegins “

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Cutzdamato a pound 4-pound wrist work combination stylist

Let’s be clear with one another. The #3 types of Cowboys fans I write about here are content creators similar to Cutzdamato. Anton Bova is actually a Pittsburgh Steelers fan though. He made it very clear to me that no matter what team you’re on, he want’s all of his clients to succeed. Except when the Dallas Cowboys visited Heinz Field in 2016 that one time.

Prior to our call we previously scheduled this previous weekend, I conducted my due diligence on Cutzdamato. In addition, prepared 4 questions to ask him that would help strengthen the power of this game-changing punch he will provide for a generation of barbers, and #3 types of fans for all 32 NFL teams can feel.

Did you know that when Cutzdamato actually flies to Dallas to cut his #1 client that he has his own room at his residence there? This was during the home opener this season. Prior to the Cowboys beating the midgets of New York yet again.

4 Things you need to know about Cutzdamato

  1. What’s the connection between Ezekiel and yourself that positions himself as your #1 client, especially as a Steelers fan?

“The main thing to me is “loyalty” and the trust that goes into our business together. I have known Ezekiel and his father for many years. The Steelers thing takes a back seat. At the end of the day I want to see everyone succeed. Especially my clients.”

He started gaining recognition in Columbus for his work on Buckeye players like Braxton Miller currently with the Carolina Panthers. The recognition eventually led to him being the go-to barber for Ohio State Buckeye football players. You do the math after that. It appears he has reached the top of the Ohio State totem pole in terms of clientele. Would you like to know how you can help him further?

  1. Understanding the importance of a brand logo and its messaging is vital.  Can you share how your logo manifested during your creation of it and when?

“Back around 99-00 I was on an old cpu, and started to play with an exisitng logo. After some time I narrowed it down to my vision. I had no idea that it would take on the life it has, but I am happy with it as it represents my likeness.”

Effective content creators will take a meme off the internet to replicate it, and survive the evolution of human culture. According to The Social Organism, a Meme is a unit of cultural transmission. Passing from brain to brain in the form of imitation. Much like Cutzdamto took that image, and replicated it to his standard which in turn birthed his brand logo. Essentially giving birth on how to crack the memetic code talked about in chapter 4 of this book.


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My brand will always come first

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Marketing 360 shared 7 barber marketing ideas for 2019. Having your brand logo presence on social media primarily, and a website should come a chief second. Once you invest the canvas time on your logo it will likely represent the strength you and your brand stand 4. Through design, colors, and type of file like a PNG. There is much psychology that goes into a logo. I was impressed to hear Cutzdamato share his. Following him over the last year I have witnessed firsthand his brand ascension to the Stars on Instagram.

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to social media

It wasn’t until Cutzdamato realized the power of Instagram that he began to step his game up. I shared with him how he has inspired me over the last year. I was actually glad we did not connect last year in a weird way. This article would be of lesser value had it been. He shared that after cutting Braxton Miller’s hair he shared the pic on his Instagram. He garnered about 3000 new followers. from that single post.

     3.  I noticed you have been infighting with those who refuse to acknowledge your body of work on social. How has it been actually stepping up as a leader of industry you felt lacked the creativity to begin with?  

“Im trying to put on for this city. You can’t even tell me how many barbers are doing what I’m doing.  I’m a true to life “Celebrity Barber.” I cut an NFL players hair in Dallas weekly.  Everybody can’t utlimately operate like this, but I’m open to help others by sharing game along my journey. It’s needed”

Anton shared with me how inspired and influenced he was not only by Mike Tyson but his trainer too that he ultimately mutated his name as a result to project his current powerful brand message. Marketing 360 also shared that 2 of the 7 barber tips for 2019 was to master social media, and your customer reviews, comments, and reputation to build that“Lineal Champion” mentality.

4.  Your growth over the last year has been inspiring to watch. How does having this unique value proposition as a “Celebrity Barber” help your business?

“When I grew up God gave me a skill, and when I found it, I ran away with it.”

Most professional athletes will identify with this. This is the reason why I chose to give Cutzdamato this story on the house like I have offered Jamie Foxx recently. I finally found my own skill and will run away with it too. A social media agency, Game Changers. Moving forward with the help of others like Anton we (you and I) can break bread together here, and cement a digital online legacy for “Celebrity Cowboys Fans” worldwide. Now remember we know Anton is a Steelers fan, but he happens to be the barber of a generational player for the Dallas Cowboys. Enough said.


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I have mastered being behind the chair !!! I have so much more to do so many goals running thru my head #cutzdamato

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“The average man reaches the period of his greatest capacity to create between the ages of 40-60.” Napolean Hill

How you can become a part of history, and cement your Cowboys fan legacy with our “Voltron Holacracy”

In case this is your first time here, OAT is actually a 3-year case study since 2016. Our mission is to connect Dallas Cowboys fans from social media to live games and events. In the process, we have established an invisible network of creators assembled into a Facebook group similar to that of a “Voltron.” Our unique value proposition here is the ability to become affiliated with a legitimate Cowboys “Holacracy” with over 35k organic Cowboys fans ready to share your story on social media through WOMM.

This brings me to the ask of you this. Anyone reading this can simply “Help OAT” like Cutzdamato did today through WOMM. In exchange for his story, he will provide a Celebrity Cowboys Fan referral of his choice. One that will not only further cement his legacy with OAT, but his referrals as well. We want all the Celebrity Cowboys Fans indexed here to rank on Google in the future. After Stacheman shared he was hired after a simple Google search by his job interviewer which his article ranked #2, the cat is now officially out of the bag. While you’re at it Google West Coast Cowboy and Thee YL. Get connected with the Cowboys fan network making shit happen in 2019!

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Don’t be like Anton, and how he told Ezekiel Elliott before the Steelers game in 2016 after cutting his hair in Pittsburgh. That’s definitely not an effective WOMM strategy. All week prior to the game he talked smack to Ezekiel about how his team would stop his run game. “Aight Cutz” Zeke told him. Needless to say, Zeke scored the winning TD through a hole wide enough that Moses himself could have driven a yellow bus through it. This was particularly funny because Ezekiel gave tickets to Cutzdamato to that game in the nosebleeds of Heinz Field.

How’s that for taking care of your barber? Zeke Who?

10 celebrity Cowboys fans you need to know about for 2019

Guess which other global dominant brand leverages social media to their advantage worth over 5 Billion? Get your receipts with OAT Jamie Foxx. After all, fans want to know when that Mike Tyson biopic you’re starring in comes out. Once we lock the kid in from Terrell, TX we will have firmly accessed another level of becoming a True Blue Unified Star. Break your black books out today, and let’s break some bread together. Thanks to this Cutzdamato story, and your help with WOMM.

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