10 celebrity Cowboys fans you need to know about for 2019

Not your typical celebrity Cowboys fans listicle

I recently reached out to OAT 2 our members 2 help 2 identify celebrity Cowboys fans in the world. Many of the response’s were for the more well known usual suspects. What stood out  were some lesser well known celebrity Cowboys fans.  Now I’m certain we may have missed a few here so please leave a comment below if you know of others. Thanks.

After putting this all together I realize how small the world is. Our first celebrity Cowboys fan is within all of our reach here. Thanks to President of the Dallas Star Status Cowboys Connection Chapter President Eileen Enfiajian of Dallas we introduce Montell Jordan.

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You likely know him from his hit single back in the 90’s “This is How We Do It.” Since then he has traveled along to becoming an author and now Pastor. In addition, he is also a member of Star Status and is confirmed to be at the “Round Up” by Eileen against the Eagles at home on October 20, 2018.

In this photo we see him along with then rookie Byron Jones. This was taken at the Valley Ranch back in 2015. This is where the Cowboys practiced before moving into the The Star in Frisco.

celebrity Cowbys fans, OAT, Byron Jones, Montell Jordan
From “This Is How We Do It” to “This Is How He Do It” Montell Jordan is a Cowboys fan and member of Star Status Cowboys Connection. Photo; Credit EIieen Enfiajian

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This next celebrity Cowboys fan shocked me the most initially

This list is very east-coast heavy. Which is not suprising especially when you have roots from South Carolina like Charlamagne The God of “The Breakfast Club.” He credits his father being a die hard Cowboys fan and it influencing the whole family to also as a result. Thanks to our #1 Hater having him on his show First Take to help promote his book “Shook One.” 

Thank’s to Lisa Morton of our group for hipping us to Charlamagne.

celebrity Cowboys fan, OAT
C Tha God of The Breakfast Club appears on VLAD TV to share his love for the Cowboys via VLAD TV YouTube Channel.

You always need a comedian celebrity Cowboys fan at every game

This one was out of my league. I grew up watching Saturday Night Live. Since then however I watch Netflix late at night. Thanks to our die hard Cowboys member John Woytko he was the only fan to share that Jon Lovitz was a fan. Here he is in action at a game in Arlington in January this year. Courtesy of Blogging The Boys Twitter feed.

Ever wonder why so many boxing events take place at AT&T Stadium?

This next fan was a bonus find as a result of our group discussion. We know there are many boxers out there who are Cowboys fans. Many were brought up on our thread. Instead of short changing the whole thing let’s start at the top of boxing shall we?

This Cowboys fan is at the top of the boxing world totem pole. The size of your network can determine the size of your net worth. Especially like having good friends Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the World Boxing Commission. Jerry Jones will always get the main event in Arlington when he wants it!


Who is actually the tallest celebrity Cowboys fan?

Many of our members in OAT reside in the DFW metro area. It was’nt suprising to see many comments come in on the thread with Dirk Nowitzki’s name on it. Even the Cowboys back in 2016 after we first got started here were recognixzing him. Is it safe to say Dirk may be the tallest Cowboys fan around?

Now let’s connect the NBA and politics celebrity Cowboys fans

The next 2 celebrity Cowboys fans were supplied boy one member of our group named Tony Summers. I shared with him he was fortunate to message me while working on this article at the time to get them included as they were not mentioned on our initial thread. In addition he get’s partial credit for supplying the Dallas Cowboys #1 Fan in the world!

This is what you call a “Double Whammy” when it comes to life watching the game behind the teams bench in the Miller Lite Club with The Dallas Cowboys #1 Fan Ms Carolyn Price.

Thanks Tony for sending these pics in to share with our readers. Here she is pictured with Chris Christie. An American politician, former federal prosecutor, and political commentator who served as the 55th Governor of New Jersey from 2010 to 2018.

celebrity Cowbys fans, OAT

In addition she was also seen with NBA Champion and current Assistant Coach of the Los Angeles Clippers. Sam Cassell is originally from Baltimore, MD. He was drefted by the Houston Rockets #24 overall in the first round of the NBA draft in 1993.

celebrity Cowbys fans, OAT

Terrell, TX native celebrity Cowboys fan Jamie Foxx had this to say

Now this name came up quite often. But it’s because of where he is orginally from that makes this most interesting. Not far from the Mothership is where this celebrity Cowboys fan grew up watching America’s Team. I wonder what he has in store for us this year on social media.

celebrity Cowbys fans, OAT

This celebrity Cowboys fan is also home grown

This next celebrity Cowboys fan was actually born in Dallas and raised into the lifestyle. He went to Seagoville HS within the Dallas ISD. He was a McDonald’s All American where he attended the University of Texas and went on to the NBA with the Portland Trailblazers. Now as a San Antonio Spur he works not too far from where he grew up rooting for America*s Team.

None other than LaMarcus Aldridge. Thanks to Christine Zeigler in our group for pointing this out to our group.

This celebrity Cowboys fan has roots within the Star, Pop Culture

Chances are you have heard this artist’s content on the radio. It’s hard not to with as many hits as he has cranked out due to the support of his father. On the contrary, this celebrity Cowboys fan has relations inside the Stadium. Especially being born on July 4th! Kind of ironic being born into the family of America*s Team, and being born on Independence Day. Weird right?

Austin Richard Post was born in Syracuse July 4th 1995, and grew up in Grapevine, TX.

His Father Rich Post at the moment works as Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at AT&T Stadium. Rich lives with his wife Jodie in Grapevine, Texas.

You know when Post Malone is all in the feels with his song “WOW” right? Ever notice that one bar he drops about Dak Prescott touchdown? Take a listen to that clip below. Thanks to our very own Admin Sam Harris AKA “Starboi” for pointing this out and sharing with our members.

celebrity Cowbys fans, OAT

In conclusion

Again, we understand there are many other celebrities out there who ride with the Star. I wanted to make this specific to our group however. Let’s just consider this is a group project in class. You the reader are the teacher. Give us our grade.

Please review it and give us a final grade in your comment below. Or, take it one step further and join our OAT Facebook group and learn about the 3 differnet types of Cowboys fans of the world.

In the meantime are you ready for the Cowboys biggest off-season event of the summer? In Las Vegas?

Only Cowboys fans who attend these type of events are the ones who “Make Things Happen” within our fan base. Is that you?

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