The Dallas Cowboys can never win unless it’s fan base actually does this

I finally learned why we as the Cowboys fan base are hated so much. Thank’s Akoye Media. Over the last few weeks of really engaging members through posting about Dak Prescott in the Official America*s Team (OAT) Facebook group

Why we are called delusional by the media, and often seen as an obnoxious fan base. Shit, me included. In the process I’ve become inspired to know more about why we as fans have been married to the Cowboys for so long, yet legally seperated since birth it seems.  Two loyal fans that are married that bicker, and argue all day about little bitty dumb shit on social media. Thank’s Akoye Media.

I grew up within a big family spread across the Lone Star State. About 40 minutes northeast of Austin off HWY 79 in Thrall, TX. After enlisting into the Navy in 1993, and retiring in 2016 I’ve lost all my immediate family. Digging roots south of Seattle now. Since then I have established a bigger family within the Cowboys fan base around the globe. Over the last 3 years this group essentially taught me how to go from a basic military Cowboys fan, to a fully invested “For The Culture” influencer for our fan base thorugh #OAT

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OAT has built itself into a community of over 14,000 passionate Cowboys fans where you can find all 3 sides of every Cowboys story. Most days. Some post’s in there honestly may not look pretty. Others for the faint of heart. It’s suprisingly an enviornment however where fans can vent about our players and team.

We also learn, educate, get inspired, and network any given day there. A very uinique value proposition that other Facebook groups currently cannot provide.

After watching thousands of Cowboys fans post’s in our group I have noticed some very emotional trends among our fans. I wonder what it would be like if we could all  acually unite under the Star?

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How a borken ankle will change the Dallas Cowboys history in 2019

How does this relate to fans needing to do what to win?

Late last night I was catching up on all the talented Cowboys fan base media I personally support financially through their Patreon. An uber talented Cowboys fan base. Especially the always passionate West Coast, Cowboy Jobu with Mark Holmes, and lastly Akoye Media. Thanks to the OAT network of fans I was fortunate to link up with, and vibe with Darius AKA “AKOYE Media” while at the NFL Draft in Dallas last year. I found AKOYE’s personal story interesting last year this time and documented it here.

Who was this die hard Cowboys fan base media YouTuber from Philly? A very intelligent Cowboys fan with a brialliant mind that I highly respect personally, and support through his Cowboys content monetarily.

While on YouTube scrolling one day I noticed Darius had recently published content asking the question; Does Dak Prescott Have Elite Level Talent?

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That caught my attention immediately. As I mentioned earlier Prescott’s contract, and payday is the talk of the fan base currently on social media. Especially within OAT. Also a divisive conversation among our fans. Either you love, or hate Dak Prescott currently it seems. Fans are busying supporting their arguements both ways. But there is always 3 sides to every story.

So I thought what better way than to use what appears to be the Dallas Cowboys most polarizing player. On how we should all take a leap of “FAITH” to attempt to unify our fan base.  I felt big time inspired to publish,  and include this “Call To Action” message that AKOYE is challenging our fan base to do this season.

Without stealing all of his thunder he brings up some very valid fan base points on why we are hated as a fan base, how we can build synergy for our players moving forward this season, and become a more unified fan front like never before seen in Cowboys history!

So what do we as Cowboys fans need to do to help our team win this season?

Just Unify 

We get enough hate from other NFL fan bases on social media right? As the largest, most loyal NFL fan base in the world think about that. Once we could unify it could mean the difference in building synergy for our team to WIN it all again! Think about what it would be like if we were collectively unified. Othe fan bases would take notice. Then we could focus all that energy and passion sqaurely on them.

What could the media say about us then?

Ultimately boiling down to one thing we need to do. Just rally our passion under “The Star” collectively to win another Super Bowl in Miami next February. Don’t take it from me however. Here it from the Cowboys fan that inspired me thorugh his content to write about it below.

“To root against your own player is to root againast yourself.”  AKOYE

Just Unify




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