The Bird Gauntlet DFW “Bird Gang Killa” Dirty Dozen Challenge

First of all you’ve likely heard about the Bird Gauntlet on Facebook already. Question old head Cowboys fans. Did you ever play Duck Hunt on Nintendo during the 80’s? More on this shortly. On a different note however, I wonder how many Cowboys fans have actually seen their team win a Lombardi? Let’s first learn more about the Bird Gang Killa Dirty Dozen challenge.

The Bird Gauntlet was almost born thanks to the Cowboys in 92 under Jimmy Johnson. Prior to the Ravens inception during the 95 NFL expansion season. Dallas defeated all 4 bird gang teams consecutively after losing to Philly in WK5 initially.

With the NFL table and schedule set for 2020 season now, a very small group of OAT supporters will have a major impact on each weeks bird gang games. A focus group creating the best Cowboys content 4 our virtual holacracy.

Holacracy, Holacratic, OAT Admin of The Year, Bird Gauntelt
In a nutshell we are a bunch of organized Cowboys fans connected virtually year round and we function during each season at events while communicating through social media.

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A Jerry Jones duck hunt shower moment?

Prior to Jerry Jones dreaming about constructing AT&T Stadium while in his Irving, TX shower 17 years earlier, Jimmy Johnson had his Smith and Irving scope sighted perfectly. Sniping every NFL team after WK5 with a bird as it’s mascot down. All while driving west to the Rose Bowl in CA to fully unload a 52 round clip driveby against a bunch of Bills from Buffalo. Sord of like the game Duck Hunt.

The Bird Gauntlet is a schedule quirk where a team plays all five teams that has a bird mascot (Arizona, Seattle, Philadelphia, Atlanta and now Baltimore) in a single season. Successfully completing it would mean you go 5-0 while beating every team that has a bird for a mascot, something that has never been done before in the NFL.

Can Bird Gang Killa history be made this season for the Cowboys? In addition, will you witness it all, and the possibility to witness America’s Team in Tampa for Super Bowl 55 as a result? Now is the time to take action Cowboys fans. I hope to see you there personally during the ATL, and SEA games to kick of the Dirty Dozen Bird Gang Killa Challenge in DFW!


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The Bird Gauntlet “Dirty Dozen” Facebook supporter challenge

The Bird Gauntlet Facebook supporter challenge could actually become very useful for Cowboys fans this season. A chance to bond, connect, and work together in the name of achieving this historical fact this season. I came up with a concept that I know for fact that 12 other smart Cowboys fans can help me perfect.

Kicking off the home opener WK2 we face the Falcons in DFW. The next week you might travel to visit me in the PNW to face the Seahawks WK3. Then during WK6 the Cardinals visit DFW, and next we head up to the city of bortherly love for Philly WK8. Then that mega-blockbuster game in Baltimore WK12, and lastly the Eagles again during WK15 at home. Will the Boys run the table?

The first 12 Cowboys fans that reside in Official America*s Team who become our Facebook supporter this season will become part of the ‘Dirty Dozen” crew that helps shape up history together through the Bird Gauntlet.

How to unify OAT creators to build the ultimate “Dirty Dozen” focus group

If you follow The Legacy Group on Facebook this is 4 you. Thanks to this virus pandemic strategies for this NFL season have changed for OAT creators. The virus ultimately drove creators to load up their content arsenal with hollow point tips. To essentially pierce the main stream media Dak Prescott bullshit. Defenders of the fan base.

Facebook has opened up the supporter program for OAT to earn monetarily recently. Just like you see West Coast heavy with his supporters in the game now over at Dallas Cowboys Scouting. Are you a creator looking to build your audience and followers? Have a blog, vlog, podcast, our YouTube channel you just started?

Weather you’re a creator or not the Bird Gauntlet Bird Gang Killa Dirty Dozen challenge is for any die hard Cowboys fan with an idea to engage our fan base 4 these games. Our eyes are always open for new Admin talent to add to the team in addition. This pool of 12 supporters may likley yeild the next OAT Admin as a result.

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In conclusion

Many of you are aware of my Sirius dislike 4 one particular bird gang team. During the last 2 seasons OAT creators have also showed their dislike through their content. See videos below. Your monthly monetary support will help creators secure resources needed to create highly engaging content like below.

As we continue to grow our OAT network of fan clubs, Hard Hittahz, and Super Fans alike we want to have one Facebook page become your primary source of fan base news and events for this upcoming season. In addition recruit the OAT “Dirty Dozen” crew to take action for this potentially historical upcoming season.

A community of creators sharing their content, and fans together working to create the first ever Bird Gauntlet challenge. Lastly, providing our members each week with a unique content twist to highlight more virtual creators in OAT. Please be sure to subscribe to my blog with your email today to stay up to date over the next couple of months. This is the only site in the world where you will find this type of Dallas Cowboys content.

Finally, if you would like to help keep the lights on at OAT starting today, learn more about my Patreon project created in 2016. Simply click the orange button below to learn more now. Subscribe!

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