How to support these 3 Cowboys content creators Patreon

When I discovered Patreon for OAT last summer I wanted to test their concept for Cowboys content creators. Can you really create a monetary support platform that allows your most passionate fans to participate in? I seen others succeeding at it so is it true?

This was a major factor in developing our OAT tagline, “Built By Fans For Fans.”

Are you a #3 type of Cowboys fan making things happen in our fan base?

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It does work however. You get out of it what you put into it for others in addition.

Many of us have seen how bloggers life their lives on their platforms. Working from home, or on the road. Worry free-living their best life!

Many fans of those bloggers like you and I have often supported them directly. Purchasing their products or services.

But what about the feeling you get from a Cowboys content creator?

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For these 3 Cowboys content creators it’s no different. Their passion drives them to create. Entertaining and educating fans through their content. It’s not really a job if you’re having fun right?

I want to share with you the 3 creators we here at OAT support through their Patreon’s!

I am asking you  to support them in addition. Even if you’re a #1 or #2 type of Cowboys fan. Today you can officially become a #3 type of fan by taking action.

Here is a snapshot of who they are and how you can connect with them. Each of them have been featured here on OAT. To many of you they may be a familiar face, or considered like famliy.

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What is Patreon for Cowboys content creators?

Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service as well as ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or “patrons.”

Wait. These Cowboys fans are actually getting paid to share their passion with us? Yes.

There is currently a shift of Cowboys fans who are showcasing their talents, and reaping the reward. Both on social media, and in terms of monetary support for their passion.

All in the name of giving back as these 3 Cowboys content creators do so effectively.

Why you should consider supporting this Cowboys content creator named Akoye

Darius Coit was featured back in April on OAT after we linked up at the draft in Dallas. After his YouTube splash on the scene however he has devoted his creative video craft to educate Cowboys fans on YouTube. A couple of months later after I discovered his Patreon.

Of course you know I had to support along with the OAT brand.

As a diehard fan of his video content it was a no brainer to support another Cowboys fan. Especially one who devotes his personal time, and effort for other Cowboys fans enjoyment.

He even takes those who support him through his Patreon,  and adds their intro to his select videos!

Connect with Akoye and learn how to help support his passion and drive to continue to produce quality film breakdowns!

Click here to help support him to “Prove It With The Film.”

Why you should consider supporting this Cowboys content creator named Cowboy Jobu

Meeting Mark Holmes at the Star in Frisco last November during the Eagles game in Dallas was unexpected.

You know that awkward moment you see someone you follow on social media in person. It happened.

After we met and shared stories we are now connected for life through this “Cowboys Glue.” During his feature he actually lost his YouTube channel, then was granted it back.

Needless to say nothing stopped Mark from sharing his passion about the Boys with his Subscribers. Posting multiple videos each day. He and Cowboy Jobu constantly tell you to not sleep on the Dallas Cowboys!

Connect with Mark Holmes and his Cowboys Jobu Sports Report on YouTube today and thank me later.

In the mean time click here to learn more about his Patreon. I proudly support Mark as a Patron, and his passion because of the value it brings our members in the OAT Facebook group.

Why you should consider supporting this Cowboys content creator named West Coast

When it comes to a Cowboys content creator like West Coast, he literally sets the bar the highest for us all. The hardest working, most traveled, and likely globally known Cowboys fan throughout our fan base currently.

Well, maybe getting close to a level of our #1 Fan Ms Price!

His ability to educate, inform, and engage with his “SCOUTS” is truly something special. Serious Cowboys Out to Uncover The Truth! Hours ago he just published his DC Scouting Patreon page. OAT truly had to be one of the first to support. Simply for 2 reasons.

The first is, I truly believe if you help enough people get what they want, you will get yours in return. Secondly, I have known West Coast for over 2 years now. What he is single handedly doing is insane for our fan base right now.

Let’s join forces and help lift him up!

Now, you to can help him pursue his passion to the highest levels from around the globe. Visit his Patreon today, and if you’re really about the culture of this Cowboys lifestyle I highly encourage you to become a HOF Tier Patron like OAT just did!

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In conclusion

Patreon is allowing Cowboys content creators to actually be compensated for their time and efforts through their passion. All with the assistance of diehard fans like you! Please take a moment to decide which one, or all of them for the matter to support. Become a #3 type of Cowboys fan today fam!

In addition we hope if you’re a Cowboys content creator, and just learning of this you too will see the value of Patreon. If you’re actually thinking of starting one leave me a comment below. I will share all the wrong things not to do before starting.

At the same time we want to help support other creators who are apart of OAT Facebook group. Like Mark, Darius, and Tyson. I’m sure there are others out there we may have missed. Again, please mention, and link your Patreon with a comment below for us to check out.

Finally, please be sure to subscribe to my blog to stay up to date with all things happening in our fan base. In addition, actual live events we will be promoting for others to help connect fans like you and I from social media! Like the Cowboys Takeover Vegas!



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