The Boots On Ground definition for NFL fans

When you Google Boots On Ground initially it refers to uniformed officials participating in an operation. When it comes to NFL fans however it’s very similar. There are very small groups of NFL fans coming out of quarantine connecting off social media. Leading the way by example for the “Other 31” to take notice this off-season. How to become Built Different.

NFL off-season, Boots On Ground
WTF is an NFL off-season anyway?

Last weekend I took a road trip back to California. For a couple of reasons. The weather report was great and I wanted to stretch my quarantine legs myself in my new Gremlin. Most importantly to lead by example. Following the paper map other Dallas Cowboys fans built already while creating our new normal.

A round trip of 34 hours total driven is what I sacrificed of my own time in support of my favorite NFL team. From Seattle to Bakersfield, CA. Which will soon become the de facto nucleus for West Coast Cowboy fans by next summer. Based on the information I am receiving from built different NFL fans with their Cowboys boots on ground.

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Boots On Ground values and benefits

I get it now. Not all NFL fans want to be die-hards. Understanding the commitment that it takes to live by daily is not for the average NFL fan. Just 5 years ago in ’16, I was just getting a taste of this lifestyle and culture.

Why would I invest this much boots-on-ground time into a team that hasn’t won shit? It’s death until we part for me. Like marriage. No matter the HIGHS or the lows we stick together. It’s because of this loyalty we can identify the frauds and set the example others may follow in the future. Taking care of our own, and building smartly into our digital futures.

One Star One Family. OAT
Learn all about One Star One Family in Bakersfield, CA.

What’s the benefit for Boots on Ground NFL fans? Have you ever heard of WOMM? We are doing things differently here. NFL fans becoming self-sufficient and connecting off of social media at live events. Like the Pro Football HOF Game in Canton this August. Smart Cowboys fans are building brands and creating services and products all NFL fans can benefit from.

The ultimate benefit is when the Dallas Cowboys win their 6th Lombardi Trophy. A few million new bandwagon fans will suddenly emerge. Needing guidance from those who have previously walked an enlightened mile in their own boots. Will the real boots on ground LEADERS in all 32 NFL fan bases please stand up?

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