Pro Image Sports 40% Off Memorial Day Discount For Veterans

Pro Image Sports All About The Veterans

Pro Image Sports will honor veterans across the nation this Memorial Day with a 40% discount. I have teamed up with my local store to sweeten the deal even more for 2 lucky NFL fan base creators on my Instagram. Keep reading to learn how to participate in the “Cowboys Creator Challenge.”

Since the pandemic hit in 2020 I tweaked my strategy on how to build this WOMM network among NFL fans. By starting in my own community first. Which lead me to South Hill Mall where I buy merchandise to share with my supporters and fans on Facebook and Patreon.

Scott knows when I come into his store what I am looking for. Unique “America’s Team” merchandise.  During my last trip, he shared that Memorial Day weekend Pro Image Sports will honor veterans all weekend with a 40% discount on all merchandise. One of the main reasons I shop there, to begin with. The military discount, duh.

The community in which I reside is heavily populated with veterans. That’s why it was important to get this out locally beforehand. To help share the good news, and invite you to join me locally. Friday, May 28th in the South Hill Mall at Pro Image Sports. I will be LIVE on Instagram exclusively to announce the all NEW “Cowboy Creators Challenge.” My recent IGTV below will frame this up better for you.

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Much More Memorial Day Value

Creator tools are things creators need to create. This “Cowboys Creator Challenge” will present two lucky Cowboys fans some much-needed tools to get started. As you can see in the post below kicking off our announcement for all veterans in the JBLM area. I’m inviting you to come to hang out with my Friday, May 28th. More details will be shared on the OAT Instagram. Be sure to follow us to participate and learn more.

Most importantly to inform and educate the general public what this holiday is actually all about, and for whom. In 2016 when I first started blogging on LinkedIn I shared my thoughts 5 years ago to the month. WTF is an off-season you ask? There ain’t one for some Cowboys fans. Knowing the difference between Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day is crucial. Especially in the veteran community.

Pro Image Sports Memorial Day
How to absolutely not thank a veteran this Memorial Day

Calling all veterans to come & hang out with me either in person, or virtually LIVE on Instagram. This is not a paid promotion either. I am simply sharing the good news for veterans to come in and capitalize on their favorite pro teams’ merchandise. In addition, meet other NFL fans and build more relationships in the process of creating this WOMM Network.


Last September I shared how a “Built Different” type of NFL fan will manifest themselves in 2021 thanks to the pandemic. Veterans are very resilient and talented.  Many are isolated and need purpose. I want to personally thank Pro Image Sports for this opportunity to create on the fly in my community.

Enjoy this Memorial Day with your family and friends as we remember the fallen. In addition, attempt to unify those isolated veterans who are NFL fans locally in our community here. In the process, sports fans come together and network and talk about their favorite teams!

Are you a first-time reader here today? Please be sure to subscribe to my blog to stay informed about NFL fan base events. Follow the Built Different Group on Facebook where our “Events” is constantly featuring opportunities like this with Pro Image Sports. The 40% off just makes it Dak much sweeter. Be there or be square sports fans!

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