How this NFL fan base creator helped inspire BDG Network’s brand

Before the term, NFL fan base creator became a thing in my mind during 2016 I was busy blogging about the fantasy sports industry in Seattle. While on this journey it led me to Edgar. A digital creator located in California. Five years later I want to share our story to help provide an example of how to unify creators throughout professional sports online. He essentially helped create the OAT brand after all.

Over the course of our 5-year digital relationship, we have never met physically. Yet. What’s more important however he is the very definition of an NFL fan base creator. Why share this story with you? Since the pandemic, this “Built Different” mentality is beginning to manifest the power of the mastermind right before our eyes.

Edgar and I met through a mutual fantasy football industry social media influencer, Fantasy Football Counselor on Instagram. He actually referred me to Edgar and shared the importance of having your own brand art, and logo. To ensure not to infringe upon others’ copywritten content like a fraud. In addition to creating your own brand as a digital dealer online.

Many NFL fans at home have taken their creativity to new levels during the pandemic. Many have taken to social media to share their passion for their favorite NFL teams. Just like Edgar continues to passionately do for the Niner Empire. Neither of us would have dreamed of the impact our digital connection would have years later until now.

NFL fan base creator defined

An NFL fan base creator is someone who creates content for their favorite pro sports team. An example would be bloggers or vloggers on social media. Most Americans have a cell phone. After out-running your meme dealers’ content to share you have now begun to represent your NFL team a little more lately as a result.

Most NFL fans are currently in a deep off-season sleep. Edgar took classes to hone his skills at age 19 with computer graphics. At the age of 4 however, he was always into creating something with whatever he could get his hands on. He shared a bit of advice for potential digital dealers. Take art classes such as color design. In addition, learn about typography because he prefers to create with Adobe Illustrator.


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This is why I’ve paid him via PayPal since 2016 to create specific campaign content for my blog. I prefer Canva which is what I like to call the “Poor Man’s Adobe.” The cover photo and other art included here are products of Canva. Creator tools matter. NFL fan base creators are now what I like to call “Digital Dealers” pushing their dopamine content online.

He shared his favorite all-time Niner was Joe Montana. “There was something magical about watching him play” he texted me. His favorite play of all time was Montana to Taylor in a comeback win vs Bengals in the 1988 Superbowl.


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A post shared by Edgar Hernandez Designs (@eh.209.gfx)

The power of NFL fan base creator WOMM

Thanks to the Counselor, Edgar’s and I relationship is all about content creation. Although we root for 2 different NFL teams rooted in history our passion is rooted in the creation of digital content as a result. If you thought Word Of Mouth Marketing was dead, you’re wrong.

He shared that 7 other creators and brands in the Cowboys fan base have, or still work with him thanks to our 2016 connection. Two examples were with FansZone, and Cowboys Experience. Big brands within the Cowboys fan base. So what is the definition of a mastermind?

Napoleon Hill wrote the book Think And Grow Rich. A perfect mastermind example would be the relationship Edgar and I have created to put it in laymens terms. In chapter 10 page 169 Hill shares his.

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

Thanks to the pandemic the OAT brand Edgar initially designed began its first re-brand. He helped inspire our new and improved BDG Network “Brand Different” messaging and coloring to mirror the NFL’s salute to service campaign. Dating back to the rivalry between the Niners and America’s Team it’s quite fitting that he and I become the fan WOMM foundation story.


NFL fan base creator, Edgar Hernandez
Treat your passion like a business with a plan by taking massive action. Get started on your brand logo today with the first known BDG “Digital Dealer” of Niner Empire.

Call To Action 4 Creators

More and more NFL fans are turning that spare bedroom in their house into an office or a studio and now is the time. Time to take advantage of the opportunity this off-season brings us. While many are in a deep sleep, other fans are on social media corners creating behind their passion for their favorite teams. Just like some “Digital Dealers.”

In addition to our re-brand strategy, our Instagram and Facebook communities have been opened up to the “Other 31” NFL teams this upcoming season. Our mission is to unify all 32 NFL creators on one platform where all other fans can come to consume your digital product. In addition, we will share NFL fan base event information just like the Niner Empire does for its fan base subscribers.

NFL fan base creator
WTF is an NFL off-season anyway?

Thanks to this story Edgar shares who to connect with to expand this NFL fan base creator concept. Ultimately unifying those fans who are now sleeping at live events next season. For Cowboys fans who recently discovered this network learn more about how your impact can be felt. Thanks to a very small group of Patrons I call “Gang Gang” they have helped keep the lights on here at OAT since 2016.

Finally, please learn more about how you can become apart of this first-ever global WOMM creator network today when you click the orange button below.  For all others please watch my video below to learn what the BDG Network is all about. Lastly, be sure to join our email community to stay informed this NFL off-season when you submit your info below.

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