How a “Built Different” NFL fan base will become the new normal

For the first time this season NFL fans will witness their fan base become “Built Different” right before their own eyes. The year 2020 will forever be stained inside each of everyone’s minds. A  year full of misinformation, and uncertainty to date.  One that pro-football can hopefully galvinize fans into a “New Normal.”

A global pandemic which features political strife accross the spectrum while America is just trying to survive on a stimulus check. Mind you during an election season. Good news is the NFL season is now underway today. Some stadiums will feature fans while others will not. What does this mean?

The Dallas Cowboys fan base is currently facing it’s own challenges. One filled with racial tensions, deeply embedded passions and beliefs. A change that will absolutely require a “Clear Eye View” to watch it manifest.

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NFL fans who are about change, action, and building something new and different this was written especially for you. This season WE can make history as Cowboys fans together through OAT. Building an online community with clear vision from the start.

For a group of 150 Dallas Cowboys fans this will become the prototype for the other 31 teams to model. A WOMM (Word Of Mouth Marketing) network of NFL fans “Built Different” moving forward post pandemic. Connected on and off the grid. Pooling their resources, information, and specialized knowledge for the greater good of all NFL fans.

A network of NFL fans built by fans for fans

As NFL owners have their minions tinkering with their team streaming apps in the back rooms where it happens their mission is to replace asses in seats to pay atheltes. This to my knowledge will create the “Game Of Streams” between 32 NFL owners after the 2020 season you hear me discussing on my shows.

The NFL recently struck a deal with YouTube. Which is actually owned by Google. Along with their Verizon deal the NFL is pow poised to dominate the game of streams. Straight to your “Black Mirror.” Your mobile phones. This will be how they replace their profit margins to pay athletes moving forward.

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The last time that I checked, the NFL was an expanding global operation. Similar to the NBA. Instead of bringing fans to the game now the game will brought to you. Via content streaming. The NFL clearly knows what it’s doing. The Dallas Cowboys have already tested this concept, and days later the news of the NFL deal with YouTube actually broke.

“We are excited to bring NFL Network and NFL RedZone to YouTube TV subscribers, just in time for Kickoff of the NFL’s 2020 season,” said Hans Schroeder, EVP and Chief Operating Officer of NFL Media.

How you can take the first step now with OAT and make change

I must warn you this will not be easy. Only 150 fortunate fans who become early adopters will take advantage, and mark their names in the fan base history book as a result. Thirty seven have already taken advantage of this opportunity. The remaining positions of this network are first come, first served.

The OAT blog was built with the primary purpose and intention of connecting Dallas Cowboys both on and off social media. At games, tailgates, and player events outside the game itself. As we approach our “New Normal” those with vision like you and I should create this “Built Different” network together.

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Finally within the OAT network now WE have some of the top social media creators and super fans online sharing their content with over 17,000 die hard REAL connected online fans. Number 3 type of fans are banding together to create something new and “Built Different” for America*s Team moving forward.

Are you the type of Dallas Cowboys fan who wants change? Real change where a community of fans can take care of it’s own? Then becoming an OAT Patron today through Patreon will be taking the first step. Simply click the “Orange” button below to learn more. Let’s create our own “New Normal” together here digitally.

Lastly, Jaylon Smith showed OAT love in 2018 so what’s stopping you? (See Video below) Click button below to learn more about our collective “Clear Eye View” here with OAT today!

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