How to join the One Star One Family concept in central California

Chances are you have seen me wearing a One Star One Family mask in my recent Live videos on Facebook. A couple of weeks ago I text my boy DJ Kai in Central California. I met both him and his die-hard Cowboys fan wife Sherri in South Beach in 2018 at a Fans Zone event with over 300 fans in attendance.

Fast forward to 2020, and as we inch closer daily to see if we actually have an NFL season, fans are in the background planning how to unify their brands, clubs, concepts, and movement. Exactly why our mission here at OAT is to connect Dallas Cowboys fans globally through social media. To help our readers know who is who in the zoo.


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Reposted from @onestaronefamily – Day 3 here in Las Vegas putting “One Star, One Family” on the map! Getting autographs from @kay_blacksimba , @antwaunwoods , @successfulj7_ , @god_blessed93 , @kyles.style @ricogatherssr . ⏰ ⏰ ⏰ It’s cool being recognized by fans from across the country at these events! @scdcfc , Star Status IE, ATL Blockparty, Houston, Stars of Memphis, #officialamericasteam, and more are all here together and gettin turnt up!! @onestaronefamily ✭✭✭✭COWBOYS ✭✭✭✭ #onestaronefamily #1star1family #dallascowboys #COWBOYS #one✭onefamily. Cowboy Fans United . #DC4L #OAT #fanszonecowboys #scdcfc #OAT #builtbyfansforfans #cowboysnation #americasteam #wedemboyz

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When the student becomes the teacher

Last June hundreds of Cowboys fans including Kai, Sherri, and I with Fans Zone took over Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. Yes, One Star One Family was there initially launching their brand as a result! Great way to put yourselves on the map might I add. Networking with NFL fans around the globe pays dividends. I remember Kai coming up to me giving me a T-shirt announcing his brand launch. I was honored to represent his brand concept. Pics below.

A husband and father first who is a sworn-in peace officer by the State of California by day, a side hustle as a DJ by night, and a full-time die-hard Cowboys fan around the clock. Clocked In! Even his wife runs a non-profit. Did I mention they even host foreign exchange students at their house? A loveable couple touching Cowboys fans around the state of CA.

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Learn how a bunch of delusional Cowboys fans took over South Beach in 2018. Then a year later we were all together in Sin City!

His One Star One Family brand is catching even more momentum currently. Thanks to a call from Fans Zone they created a live DJ set streaming “Live” on Facebook for Cowboys fans in their respective group. An outlet to reach new Cowboys fans, and provide a great way to escape the uncertainty we currently face with the NFL. And our own world.

He even mentions hosting more of these DJ Live streams to help keep his needle on the records sharp. With the intention of helping clubs and organizations raise money through charity to help those in need during the pandemic.

Options are always a good thing

If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan in CA and are looking to connect with some genuine fans who move around and create events then One Star One Family is your ultimate connection. After speaking with Kai and Sherri in detail they have some big plans in the works for this season once the uncertainty of things begins to clear up.

Building relationships with fans across the country has been the number one benefit of this blog. As a result, it has allowed me to bring you concepts and ideas in our fan base you might not have heard otherwise. In addition, strengthen our fan base communications as a whole most importantly.

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Please be sure to follow their social media on Facebook above embed, and Instgram to stay tuned to which record DJ Kai throws on the set next for One Star One Family this season. I’m proud to share his concept with you because I support it, and am also a part of it. There is strength in numbers this season Cowboys fans. Help us create here with OAT.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog today, and learn about the OAT story and all of the players in the GAME. Networking and supporting other Cowboys fans is how I do business. Do business where you do business. Until then Unifiers keep connecting with the die-hards here around the globe. #builtbyfansforfans 

PS: One Star One Brand is also an SBG (State Board of Governors) Patron through Patreon. Be on the lookout for more details about how this works. Let’s all work together through Patreon. Clock in on the “Orange” button below to learn more about the SBG tier, and how you can win exclusive Cowboys and Lakers Merchandise this season!

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