Defect Cowboys fan who quit the NFL but loves Tony Romo Forever

Rob is the current owner of the Facebook group Tony Romo Forever. It started out in the fall of 2016 a few months after OAT. It’s actually a mixed bag of NFL fans who absolutlely love the former Cowboys QB, and now GOAT booth color analyst. In the process I discovered a unicorn story about a fan who quit the entire NFL, and the Dallas Cowboys just a year earlier.

In my attempt of unifying Facebook groups I reached out to Rob of Tony Romo Forever to highlight his biggest Tony Romo Forever fan with a story. Since the 2016 season I watched the Dak / Tony racial divide among our fan base in OAT, and wanted to attempt to bridge the gap between them both as a result.

We have enough divison currently in our country. Do we not? While talking with Charles the plot thickened. Why do fans from the other 31 NFL teams support him there too? How can you even be a Romo fan without being a Cowboys fan? These were questions that began to rise during our discussion.

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How to become a Defect Cowboys fan

I figured initially I was going to write a story about a Romo homer who bought all of his jeresey’s, got his autograph, met him in person and took photos, and possibly named a son after him. Then The Clash finally hit me in the face. It’s actually spot on with how many fans currently feel about the NFL in general. Should I stay or should I go? Shot out to the UK Cowboys fans.

As we see names of teams begin to change as a result of the virus like Washington it’s very un-likely this year we even see an NFL game due to the global Tony Romo Contract Corona Virus currently rocking the casbah.

Many NFL fans on social media are expressing their concerns and feelings toward the NFL. Especially it’s owners and the treatment of people of color. Jerry Jones has yet to publicly speak out on the matter. Poor customer service was a exactly why Charles said he became a Defect Cowboys fan.

“Jerry Jones, poor coaching, bad rosters, and that fan base are why I no longer like that team. Just like any customer, poor customer service will lead me elsewhere.”

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Men Lie, Women Lie, but Numbers Don’t

Engagement is what drives social media discussion. Good or bad. When it comes to Charles in the Tony Romo Forever group however his post’s provide the most insight with supporting facts. Many Cowboys fans may not have research on. Even Sean Carter, AKA Jay-Z knows the power of numbers as a Cowboys fan himself.

I know plenty of Die Hard Romo fans, but after chatting with Charles it’s easy to understand why Rob chose him over the other eleven thousand members. Charles stated he would literally drive to Canton, OH to deliver a power point presentation to the HOF committee once he’s eligible in 2022. One phone call to his network would initiate this process.


One thing is for sure though. After watching the Tony Romo “A Football Life” documentary it’s safe to say had Romo had a little more coaching expertise around him he could have flourished even more. Especially like he has in the booth since his departure. His knowledge of the game itself is impressive on all levels.

Finally, I asked Charles that if he were to go to Canton to present for Tony would that be a form of supporting the Dallas Cowboys still? His response;

“No, because a big part of my argument is how worthless that garbage franchise is that held him back and how he was great despite playing for a worthless organization.” ~Charles Randolph 

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WATCH: Tony Romo “A Football Life” social media reaction from fans with full video 

In Conclusion

I’ve been sitting on this story almost a month. Since our joint discussion our country is currently in a medical and social crisis. Will there even be an NFL season? If I had to place a prop bet in Las Vegas I would say no. There are just to many moving parts like a football team itself that require constant communication.

Without the right leadership qualities, and the ability to perform effective social listening your message could fall upon deaf ears in many Facebook groups. Not for Charles however. Despite Romo’s unexpected absence from the Dallas Cowboys in 2016 season Charles support of the NFL disappeared with it as a result.

If championships are a team statistic then the Dallas Cowboys have failed it’s fan base for the last quarter of a cuentury. With a roster full of young talent this season it could literally become a wash. Potentially changing the whole shape of the NFL season altogether.

For the eleven thousand plus fans in the Tony Romo Forever Facebook group however they are in great hands when it comes to Charles. The fact our own fan base has to choose between Romo or Prescott in many Cowboys facebook groups it’s ridiculous. How can a bunch of NFL fans from the other 31 teams support him then, and even coexist peacefully online?

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