Attack of the “Facebook Fraud” accounts with the BDG Network

Are you a Facebook Fraud?

Let’s face it, we are under attack by Facebook Fraud accounts in 2021. Especially the BDG Network Facebook page most recently. Thanks to a loyal follower my inbox had a warning about a Facebook Fraud imitating our brand and good name. Kind of like a lot of these Cowboys fans on social media. Doing anything for clout this offseason.

It began with my inbox alerts one recent morning. Tim Logan alerted me with the screenshot below. Pay attention to the spelling of names, and brands. This will be an automatic giveaway upfront. Most Cowboys fans are in a hurry to reach 5k friends, and in the process, they accumulate Facebook Fraud accounts into their network. See the below example.

Facebook Fraud accounts
Brand colors like BDG and even your own personal accounts are being duplicated by Facebook Fraud accounts in the name of money for 2021.

This is a personal profile also. The easiest way to infiltrate social media networks and go Phishing for Facebook users not up on the game. Thanks to Kalen Windham a loyal Patron supporter and an avid follower of the BDG page. A few minutes later this screenshot landed in my inbox from this Facebook Fraud account.

Facebook Fraud accounts
Once you added another random friend on Facebook to grow your numbers this lands in your inbox. Believe it or not, there are people falling for these tricks daily. It takes a special kind of con artist to do shit like this, but a smarter type Cowboys fan to WEED them out.

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Imitation is the HIGHEST form of flattery in 2021

A few weeks earlier West Coast Cowboy had multiple accounts created with his brand. Attempting to pick off low-hanging fruit with followers who are not up on the Facebook Fraud account game. With most people at home due to the pandemic, we are all sitting ducks. Hackers and users on Facebook with malicious intent are trained to find the easy marks.

Thanks to West Coast’s followers he was alerted in the same fashion. I even had the Facebook Fraud account in his name attempt to friend me. I immediately sent him a text with the screenshot. There is strength in numbers.  Working together here at the BDG Network is what it’s all about. From content creation to Facebook account protection.

Faceboom Fraud accounts
Pay attention to spelling. As a last resort for folks who lose their accounts and need to create another, I will DM them for confirmation. Just to avoid the Facebook Fraud accounts.

Even with the number of fraud accounts on the WIRE to date, we begin to see other NFL fan bases capitalize off the Dallas Cowboys fan base on social media. One site that is clickbait heavy on the Boys is Heavy.com If you have been living under a rock on Facebook you know that NFL Memes was the prototype for this type of activity. They built an audience of 4 Million Facebook users off Memes. Think about Dak.

Welcome to “Digital Dealers” a brand new BDG weekly show focusing on current events with the Cowboys, Cannabis, and music. The day that all this took place we got on the camera to alert our loyal followers. Be sure to follow us on the BDG Facebook page today and turn on your notifications.

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Facebook, Instagram, fraud accounts, etc……..

The same can go for most social media platforms. Especially Instagram. If you were not aware Facebook owns them. Ever wondered why you can share so much on Facebook? Especially to your story mode? Speaking of stories be sure to follow us on Instagram this season. Check out our new re-brand colors and posting strategy.

When you create haters on social media or another Facebook Fraud type of fan happens to bite your style of creativity like this know how to spot a fake.  The BDG is the original Facebook account sharing with our followers how to protect their ASSETS. Name another brand doing this?

Be sure to subscribe to my blog today. Feel free to learn more about my Patreon Gang Gang Network. We are in the process of building our 100 BDG supporters on Facebook currently. Thank you to the 7 early adopters who have signed up already. Will you get got by another Facebook Fraud account in 2021?


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