BDG Network invites “Other 31” NFL teams fan base creatives

Back to the NFL drawing board 421

This NFL offseason the BDG Network would like to officially extend an invitation to network and collaborate with other fan base creatives on social media. Predominately Facebook and Instagram. For many of you, this may be your first time here. Welcome. What WE have done here since 2016 has now become the blueprint for the “Other 31” NFL teams to follow. Peep game.

To create the largest Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) network among NFL fans. Thanks to 2020 many NFL fans have become “Built Different” in many areas of how WE do things in our lives. Working from home, children at school online, and others simply trying to survive.

Connecting real NFL fans from social media at real live events and games year-round.  I know that the “Other 31” has fan base creatives. The hard part is uniting them all in one location. A similar conversation I had previously with Star Status Cowboys Connection President Kevin Harris from Los Angeles, CA over the last 4 years. He personally gave me the moniker “Cowboys Unifier.”

BDG Network, NFL fan base creatives, Facebook Fraud
Our BDG Network approach includes making sure our followers are up on Fraud Scams as well as their favorite NFL team’s latest content from fan base creatives.

The BDG Network Blueprint

What WE as Cowboys fans have done to unify all other die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans is create the world’s first-ever NFL Fan Club Directory. One in which I would love to have for every “Other 31” NFL team’s fans too. Expansion is always on the agenda at the BDG.

Our mission here at the BDG now is to create a family of loyal and informed NFL fans through social media. Connecting those fans to real-life events, tailgates, and player meet and greets. From Seattle to South Beach yours truly has been boots on the ground with this network.

Do you or someone you know like to create NFL Memes? Pun intended. Do you blog, create videos, or like to get all dressed up and show your passion as a result for your favorite NFL team? These are a few examples of the type of fan base creatives the BDG Network looks to connect with here today.

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Huddle Up NFL Fans

How can you become apart of the BDG Network in 2021? For starters jump over to our Facebook and Instagram pages we use to promo our blog here. My vision here would be to have an Admin on the BDG Facebook page from each NFL fan base. Pushing their own team’s content exclusively around the clock. The beautiful part is it will be truly “Built By Fans For Fans.”

This article essentially breaks the ice to now feature those “Other 31” NFL team fan base creatives. Town examples for you to check out would be West Coast Cowboy, Stacheman, and Boss Cowboy Sports. These are a few examples of our fan base creatives in our BDG Network. In addition, each year I like to aggregate which Dallas Cowboys fan base creatives to follow on Facebook.

Dallas Cowboys Facebook pages 2020, Instagram handles, Official America's Team, Built By Fans For Fans
2019 BDG NFL fan base creatives to follow to keep you informed and educated about all things America’s Team.

Furthermore, as we wrap up how many meme dealers do you know getting money? Did you know that NFL Memes on Facebook actually makes money from its 4 million followers? Did you know that a Patriots fan has created a Cowboys Facebook group and is making money off of those members? Let’s keep our money in the BDG Network that invests into its own in 2021.

We have all kinds of contributors in our BDG Network. From content to cash we are becoming self-sufficient NFL fans who can take our passion and make it go to work for you. Are you a content creative altogether? Have you considered making NFL content for social media? It’s a billion-dollar business. If WE don’t someone else will. Like NFL Memes.

Learn more by watching the BDG Network’s latest show below. Lastly, Be sure to subscribe my growing email community here to stay informed for this upcoming NFL season. PS If you like medical cannabis this is the network for you.

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