The Boss Cowboy book on how to SCOUT NFL talent

The virtual Boss Cowboy SCOUT story

When I met Boss Cowboy last fall I knew West Coast had literally struck SCOUT gold in Dallas. Similar to how Will McClay did in the NFL’s first ever virtual draft with Cee Dee Lamb recently.

But what’s unique about this second generation Cowboys fan, and SCOUT story however is not only has he walked the walk, he can talk the talk when it comes to creating thoughtful and engaging content around Dem Boys.

Many have heard me call Will McClay the “Draft Whisperer.” Why exactly you ask? Behind every successfull business owner there is a tactical, and operational Boss executing the strategical plays. Many fans have hinted that Jerrah should actually promote McClay to GM based on his resume.

Always remember this Cowboys nation. There are those in charge, and those in control. Often times there are not the same person. For Boss Cowboy however his lockdown body of work alone speaks volumes. From his Dallas Carter HS days all the way down into the University of Houston.

Recently however as co-host of the single most dominate Cowboys fan base media show along with West Coast on Facebook they featured NFL Network’s Jane Slater Live! The ultimate SCOUT.

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West Coast has came along way since 2016. Going live in has driver seat in Oxnard, CA to now a fully fledged streaming show with hundreds of daily viewers. Co-host Boss Cowboy, and NFL Network’s Jane Slater all on screen at the same damn time!

‘He made a comment on one of my post’s and next thing you know he was in my inbox. Once he shared some of his content with me I could clearly see his potential.” ~West Coast

How did Boss Cowboy actually get discovered and become a key voice among our fan base?

For those of you not familiar with West Coast, and his SCOUT (Serious Cowboys Out to Uncover the Truth) ism, Boss Cowboy actually manifested as a result of this. A little over a year ago West Coast was scouting talent to draft, and develop for his own operation.

Together all 3 of us, and a couple other folks did a pilot show on Facebook. The rest has been history.

As a Dallas Carter high school defensive back he was ranked ranked in the top 10 of the nation during his prime. Then he took his talents down to the University of Houston from Dallas. In addition, he watched his all time favorite Cowboy Deion Sanders, and America*s Team actually win rings during the 90’s.

Boss Cowboy, OAT, University of Houston, SCOUT

All while under the tutelage of parents who were first generation die hard Dallas Cowboys fans.

Many industry personalities often face critisiscm for not actually playing the sports they cover.  Like a Skip Bayless. Boss Cowboy however was born into it this lifestyle, and now creates thought and books around it as a result.

What you don’t know about Boss is that his entrepreneurship degree from Houston directly contributes to his unique value proposition as a creator. Coupled with his drive to build his own legacy to leave behind 4 his son, Dallas who is currently 10.

Every great Boss has there own unique vision. He litrerally does numbers.

Boss Cowboy, SCOUT

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If you want to hide a secret put it in a book

After my initial conversation with Boss Cowboy last fall we have motivated each other creatively ever since. An effective boss keeps an open ear and eye for opportunities to build their brands. In addition good counsel.

All 3 of us creatively share ideas and bounce them off one another from time to time.

As content creators in this 4 the long game we understand the value of unique value propositions. After he discovered the Amazon content game during one of our calls he immediately published his 2020 off season guide.

Primarily to get operational on the platform and test it out. Elevating his Boss game to a new level in the process. Support his new SCOUT guide book for 2020 below today.

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Click image to download!

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Boss Cowboy will take us all inside the minds and dealings of the Jones’ family to critically think about how they do business with their players. Espcially with main stream media. In his yet to be released Dak Prescott blockbuster I’m very excited to read when he will releases it.

Many books will be written about the pandemic and virus this year. In addition, the NFL’s book itself stands to be changed indefinitely as a result on this new chapter. From how we originally knew the game anyway to what it will eventually become.

Because you have read this far here is a FREE gift! From me to you, thank you. Boss Cowboy and I actually had a very unique conversation during the home opener last fall about our global fan base. Learn more about what that was specifically when you download my FREE E-book on Amazon below.

You don’t need a Kindle to read either of our books. Just download the app and get your SCOUT on!

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The Boss Cowboy conclusion

During our call we both reflected on a conversation we had that day of the 2019 home opener When you hear the term “Defenders of the fan base” it’s a real thing. When it comes to SCOUTing talent it’s safe to say that both Boss Cowboy and West Coast are changing the game on social media.

For Cowboys fans who refuse to read, you’re missing out on alot when it comes to Boss Cowboys Sports. One thing is for sure. We will always be Cowboys fans here for life. When you combine that with a desire to hustle what you know it’s the perfect storm for creators.

At the home opener OAT AIR BNB recognizing our 2018 Admin of The Year (L) Terrence Collins, Boss Cowboy, Casey Redden and myself September 2019 in Arlington near the stadium.

Be sure to follow him on Facebook, and subscribe to his blog. Many members in OAT share his content because of the value it holds. Connect with Boss Cowboy and other well known creators and personalities when you subscribe to my blog here today.

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