The untold story of Lebron James signing with Dallas Cowboys in 2011

The last 24 hours are trending both LeBron James & the Dallas Cowboys majorly. Many of you may have watched it Live last night, but for those of my readers who have not, here is a story for you. Back in 2011 Jerry Jones turned up the heat and offered LeBron James a contract during the NBA lock out.

Many Cowboys fans in the DFW are familair with who Mike Fisher is. A media personality who knows all about Dem Boys on and off the field. Last night however while on the West Coast & Boss Cowboy show he spilled the beans about the story he just published over at Sports Illustrated beforehand.

Their show was aired Live on Facebook last night. Many Cowboys fans are actually Lakers fans too. So this story is a hidden gem for a certain niche of sports fans around the globe. Imagine what it would have felt like seeing LBJ with a Star on his helmet?

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Hear Mike Fisher in his own words on LeBron James almost becoming a Dallas Cowboys Star

I’m a firm believer in giving credit where it’s due. My recent post about Jane Slater on their show is literally being upstaged now. The entire show is about an hour long, but thanks to West Coast and Bosss Cowboy here is where the real root of the story takes place.

Be sure to follow West Coast on his Instragram. He goes live daily with news about the Dallas Cowboys there. Take less than 5 minutes and hear it from Mike Fisher himself on how Lebron James almost became a Dallas Cowboys Star. Oh, he is also a lakers fan like many other Cowboys fans in OAT. Including yours truly, see below.


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In conclusion

Imagine what Dez Bryant on one side of the ball, and LeBron James on the other could have actually done 4 Tony Romo in 2011? What could have been, never was. It was simply Jerry Jones making a Cavalier move for a another marketing King outside of his own league.

In addition, Jerry jones is very known as the king of leverage. In 2011 however when it came to Lebron James almost becoming a Dallas Cowboys player it would have shocked the sports world majorly! I wonder what the Las Vegas odds would have looked like that year to win it all had it happened.

For any measure we are glad that Mike Fisher shared this untold story about the King via the Uniterupted YouTube’s channel. Knowing the root of the story helps fans also. As many writers, bloggers, and media outlets pick this story up I wanted to make sure the credit gets put where it’s due.

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Here is a bonus video 4 those of you who are fans of both the Dallas Cowboys, and the Los Angeles Lakers. This was made prior to the tragic deaths of Kobe and his daughter. Hear my story as I recount what it was like to reside in LA during that historic timeframe.

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