2 Cowboys Cousins experiences to watch for in ’22

Happy New Year’s NFL fans! We are back in the gym already. Here are 2 Cowboys Cousins experiences to add to your Google calendars for this upcoming ’22 season. Although ’22 is not the year of the GOAT, it does kinda have a ring to it if you ask me. After a disappointing ending to our “One & Done” post-season campaign again, it’s time to look to the future.

Facebook has become the primary platform where I engage over 30k followers since last February of ’21. Now the parent company, Meta, its platform allows creators like myself to build community. Just like we are currently doing for this upcoming season. Giving our combined audience here an opportunity to get Boots On Ground together.

Part of being a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan is developing a thick skin, and the ability to shake a season like this one-off. Then get right Dak to work. Because time waits for no NFL team. Here are 2 events I’m building for this season and hope to connect with more of my Cowboys Cousins extended family.

Cowboys Cousins experiences

What happens here only happens here in ’22

The NFL Draft will take place in “Sin City” during April 28-30th. The West Coast is packed with Dallas Cowboys fans and I’m certain that many from Las Vegas, and Los Angeles will be in attendance. Creating an opportunity for Cowboys Cousins to connect at experiences. In the weeks leading up to, there will be more information.

The Cowboys Cousins experiences event for Las Vegas is up as of today. Details will be following on how and where to connect with your extended family. Prior to the pandemic jumping off the NFL Draft was scheduled for “Sin City” in ’20. That created the opportunity for the first-ever virtual NFL draft.

In addition, this should compound the exposure by increasing the in-person experience while adding in the virtual piece this April. Finally creating a grand scale opportunity to connect the community at a potential global event in Las Vegas, NV. What happens here only happens here in ’22.

Cowboys Cousins experiences
During 2018 Fans Zone replicated their Las Vegas takeover where no strangers to OAT featured Ben Cook (Borrachos) Kevin Harris (Star Status Cowboys Connection President), and lastly West Coast Cowboy.

There is no place like our season home-opener

Since ’17 I have been very blessed to attend the Dallas Cowboys home openers. There is no place like home. Especially when it comes to the family at the Mothership. Where all my Cowboys Cousins put on their Sunday church clothes and come out to share the good word about America’s Team.

At the tip of tailgating located at LOT 10 on the corners of Randoll Mills and Collins Ave of the AT&T Stadium parking lot. The Hard Hittahz created the most extravagant tailgate experience last season as a result. Just next door at Lot 11 are Cowboys Life Family. You know about them because of BIG VAL my “Hat Plug.” I was very fortunate to have met CHEEF #7 of the DFW Hard Hittahz. Listen to my interview with him here at the NFL Draft in 2018.

CHEEF, Hard Hittahz, OAT, Dallas Cowboys, Barry Gipson, NFL Draft 2018

In addition to Las Vegas this April during the spring, the fall offers the opportunity to connect with family each year. No matter who the opponent is. The Cowboys Cousins experiences will be events I build towards this off-season. Are you planning to attend one, or maybe both events? If yes, then consider subscribing to my blog today. As details emerge for more events I will share them here with you.

Since’16 blogging about the Dallas Cowboys and building community around the globe here I learned about compound interest. Each season teaches me something new about our fan base. Including myself. This is my invitation to you this season to come out and become part of the Cowboys Cousins family.

Built Different Group, Hard Hittahz

Finally the way ahead for ’22

Thank you to the 700 subscribers who stay connected to our content here each year. What’s the best part about these 2 events in ’22? You might be a Cowboys fan who may never attend a game for whatever reason. This gives you the ability to vicariously experience these events through Facebook.

As we close in on our goal of 150 Facebook subscribers this first-ever network of its kind will bear big fruit in ’22.  Both of these events will provide all fans the opportunity to elevate their fan status this season through these 2 Cowboys Cousins experiences.  For all those Boots On Ground fans like you and me, however, our job is to plan and execute. Built by fans for fans, differently.

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