Why Cowboys HATE is actually reaching an all time high


Cowboys HATE;

“Any fan of another NFL team, media network, reporter, writer, blogger, vlogger, and or social media profile who generates Cowboys HATE content. To both circulate and benefit from their follower’s, subscribers, or viewers.” ~ Comcast Cowboy

Hating on the Dallas Cowboys has become very profitable. For both Jerry Jones, the NFL, and all the major media. In addition, 31 other teams fan bases fuel this money media train when it comes to our nationally televised games.

This off season however it appeared to be surfacing more rapidly. But does the Cowboys HATE we are currently receiving from the likes of ESPN, NFL Network, and other larger outlets have a common denominator?

Let’s listen to the Jobu Sports Report with Mark Holmes as he addresses this almost 2 weeks ago. Jump to the 2:10 mark to be specific. I mean, Saquon Barkley is already better than Ezekiel Elliott? C’mon mannnnnn!

They know what makes us fight on social media; Cowboys HATE

If there is one thing I cannot stand, it’s this very strategy they employ to trigger our fan base into a frenzy on social media. These producers and networks get paid handsomely to go against the grain and publish Cowboys HATE content. America*s Team is ALWAYS trending!

This touches on the very core of our mission here at OAT. To “Inform” our fan base to stay woke from big media tactics and not play into their silly little games. Why else do you think we have 3 pre-season games out of 4 that will be nationally televised? The opening preseason game on Thursday Night Football to boot against the 49ers August 9th!

We, along with those that hate us will be watching at the edge of their seats and typing away in the process. Especially the hater pages like NFL Memes.

My theory I would like to share with you is that time is running out. They know it too. Depending on which fans in our base you ask. Answers can be varied because of this strategy. They employ and drive false narratives that create dissention in our base. Lastly, triggered Cowboys HATE content they know we will fumigate over.

At least some Cowboys fans right?

It’s all driven by fear of the unthinkable. America’s Team winning their 6th ring!

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3 years in a row Forbes names Cowboys most lucrative sports team in part to Cowboys HATE

Forbes recently released their annual rankings on which sports team are most valuable. No surprise the Cowboys are #1 for the third year in a row. This is mainly in part of the business acumen of Jerry Jones and his family.

Jerrah and his marketers understand this tactic used by the NFL media and how they benfit from it. According to Sports Media Watch, 6 of the top 10 most 2017 viewed games actually had the Cowboys featured. #views

For many fans like us, we could care less, because a team’s legacy is truly measured by their collective success in terms of championships. Just ask the Patriots. They along with the Niners and Cowboys, remain just below the Steelers with 5 rings a piece. The Steelers are the only NFL team with 6 Super Bowl rings.

But running a Facebook group like OAT with close to 12,ooo fans for over 2 years now, Cowboys fans have taught me a lot about our fan base. Especially our emotions towards our team. It’s been an education you can only pay with time to digest and learn from. I’m truly thankful as a result.

In the mean time we as fans literally hang our hats on anything positive for our team, players, and it’s ownership. Well maybe not Jerry with his recent anthem protest comments however. Many fans as I said before could care less about the Forbes list though. The media outlets will also report on it because of its factual nature, and they know we Cowboy’s fans will share, comment, and like the hell out of this kind of positive content.

They (big media) understand that Cowboys fans have the largest following on Facebook, and the second largest on both Instagram and Twitter. One of the biggest offenders is a site called 12up.com. Steady pumping out Cowboys HATE content. Becuase you either hate us, or love us. No in between.

Even a reporter from the Fort Worth Star Telegram is using this tactic to save his career. Just yesterday he was begging Dez on Twitter for an interview after his Twiitter rant.

In 2018 however, time is running out. They all know it and as a result this content will become louder and more widespread among those who generate NFL content.

Of course big media continues even with former Cowboys player Dez Bryant where I sent him a message personally on Instagram.

Here is an example of Sirius XM, and why the reporter was malicious in “click baiting” @ Dez on Twitter with the Stephen Jones interview which left out Jason Witten portion. FInally someone is paying the price for Cowboys HATE!

One thing about those tables though they always seem to turn

Look at our division rival the Eagles. Winning their 1st ring when nobody predicted them to. Now they appear to be a lock to repeat for some reporters and networks.  It’s only a matter of time before the tables turn for the Dallas Cowboys. Primarily in the post season.

There are some who are contrarian to the Cowboys HATE however. Outliers who step out on a limb to predict in the next 3 years we will win a Super Bowl. Even within these same networks to mask the Cowboys HATE.

With the release of Dez, and the retirement of Witten there appears to be a new culture developing at The Star in Frisco, TX. Primarily as this youth movement is ushered in. A movement not well received from the 90’s dynasty fans who oppose change.

Many fans still doubt Jason Garret’s ability to lead this team. After watching “All or Nothing” though I’ve changed my stance on that. With the addition of Kris Richard however, there has been speculation he is the chief change agent through mini camp, and now training camp.

In addition, many fans confuse the Jones’ family with their business growth as the Cowboys’ sole organization priority over winning rings. It’s easy to draw that conclusion. Mr Jones has tasted winning it all before as a dynasty. You can’t tell me he is doing everything to sabotage his family from experiencing that ever again.

It’s as if time is beginning to swing back in our favor. Learning how to do all the wrong things first, only to execute them more efficiently as a result. With the right people in place. Who are young! Like the draft discipline Will McClay has exhibited. Did I mention the release of Dez Bryant already?

Time is running out, and in our favor barring any unforeseen tragedy this season. And big media networks and their minions also know it! As you see here, NFL Memes on Instagram uses over 60% of it’s post’s on the Cowboys misfortunes over the last 20 years.

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How the Cowboys HATE could diminish in 2018 by doing this

The perfect storm is brewing in Dallas this season to change historical course. Thanks to the leadership of the Jones family, and over 22 years of allowing America’s Team to be the laughing stock of the NFL could be over.

Or will it become even more out of control once we secure our 6th ring?

For the record, I’m glad the Packers crushed our love affair with Dak Prescott in 2016. It was needed to accelerate his growing curve as both a leader, and tactical technician in the pocket. Think about it. Had Dak and Zeke won the SB their rookie years, what more would they need to motivate them moving forward?

Essentially giving your kid the world on their 1st Christmas Day. Any Christmas after that would be boring.

One shining example however is that Cole Beasley led the team in receptions in 2016. Even with Dez as the WR1. Now with Dez gone, and other options at Dak’s disposal we could potentially see the maturation of Dak in 2018.

The narrative of not having a clear cut WR1 should be dead among our fan base. Big media however has made a killing off it. Real fans who study our team closely know this. Dak is simply Dak. He is not Tony Romo, or Troy Aikman. The “Dak Friendly” offense was witnessed in 2016 behind our century old blueprint.

Run the ball heavy, and control the game at the line of scrimmage. This keeps our defense fresh, and ball out of opposing QB’s hands while controlling the clock. Jason Garret will only be on the hot seat after this season if Dak does not become more efficient in his passing game. Even if by some fat chance we miss the playoffs in 2018.

Besides, once we hoist the Lombardi over the course of the next 3 years the narrative will change again. Because that’s what, and how they continue to thrive off the media train of America’s Team.

In Conclusion

Time is of the essence. The timing our Dallas Cowboys are currently in are the best we have seen on many fronts. On the other hand, big media and those who utilize our team to profit from their audiences. In one form or another will continue to do so more increasingly as the regular season approaches. A streatgey that Jerry Jones has truly benefitted from.

On the other hand you’re likely saying, well not every media outlet is generating Cowboys HATE content. True. Many networks and peroanalities are banking the Cowboys could win it all in 2018. The same persoanlities in the past have made their living off their content with help from their producers.

At this point time is in our favor. It’s also running out for our haters. Once we win another Super Bowl, our fan base will absolutely double in size, and especially on social media. Then we will see our fan base become completely savage. Letting our haters hear about it for all the years of the Cowboys HATE we lived through.

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