How to actually build an empire one fan club at a time

To build an empire, or fan club it actually takes time, sacrifice, and hard work. This couldnt be more true for Eric Boyer, President of NNJDCF. His Empire Family recently extended into the motherland of Arlington, TX. Lead by 3 women who absolutely know football.

Prior to the 2018 NFL Draft in Dallas, Eric was actually prospecting for a club leader going on 2 seasons in the metroplex. Completely unaware at the time I was. But it was at the 1st Fans Takeover draft event when I met Cowboys Nikki, Kandi Cowboys, and the infamous JoJo’s Replay personalities from Facebook.

A couple months after the draft I discover that these 3 women took the initiative to not only launch Empire Star Family Dallas Cowboys Fan Club, they recently had a meet and greet with Eric Boyer presiding. All in preparation for their WK2 extravaganza to be held at Bar Louie’s in Arlington, TX.

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The Empire Family backstory with club leadership

As I alluded, Eric was long range prospecting via Facebook when he discovered President Cowboys Nikki almost 2 years ago. According to Nikki he really liked her knowledge of America*s Team and how she represents herself. In addition Nikki shared that initally all 3 women wanted to start the 1st and only all women fan club in Arlington.

As they began to do their due dilliengence however it became a “No brainer” to lean on a distinguished HOF club like NNJDCFC for their resources and support. Finally the continuing follow up by Eric paid off. Nikki actualy called to get some advice and then the deal was closed. Now it’s time to build the utlimate fan club for Cowboys fans in the metroplex.

JoJo’s Replay gives Empire Star Family absolute social proof, and is a big supporter of our OAT mission. Here she is on the floor of the NFL draft back in April. She shares her thoughts on our Official America*s Team Facebook group. Follow OAT on Instagram today!

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How to join and help build the Empire Family Dallas Cowboys Fan Club

Our home opener in Dallas against the Giants is going to be epic. Especially from a fans perspective. Stay tuned as we release details of the “Round Up” schedule of events. Many clubs and fans from accross the country will be descending upon the mother ship. A star studded packed weekedn you do not want to miss!

For the Empire Family they will be hosting their very own event with some local star power. Eric is planning on brininging about half of NNJDCFC to support their weekend long event. Right in line with my motto of #strengthinnumbers. Yours truly will also be in attendance to bring you the story of how it all goes down.

Empire Star Family Dallas leadership at their recent meet and greet from left to right. Kandi Cowboys (VP) Cowboys Nikki (President), JoJo (Saergent at Arms), Barbara (Secretary), Sally (event Coordinator), and Eric Boyer (President NNJDCFC), at their host location Bar Louie’s in Arlington, TX for their initial meet and greet club launch!

While speaking on the phone with Eric about this jam packed weekend he had this to say.

“Its going to be a weekend long team building event. We plan to tour The Star, AT&T Stadium and just spend time with our newest club members. I really enjoy building smaller clubs with dedicated fans rather than making it all about numbers. It’s much easier to manage this way.” ~Eric Boyer

Here is the actual flier for their upcoming event. Be sure to subscribe to my blog today for more details as they emerge. Dress code is come as you are in your Stars! Are you planning to attend and come help build and Empire? If so be sure to invite all the die hards you know to come out and support Empire Family!

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Here is the official flier for the event be sure to save the date! Come out and support and also meet other key players within our fan base for a star studded weekend of events!

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