ESPN features Sehons love for Cowboys, each other on “We The Fans”

Sehons make debut on ESPN for world to see their love of team

In case you missed it, ESPN is airing “We The Fans.” A short series featuring Cowboys fans who absolutely love their team. Our very own members, Tim Sehon and Justin Sehon of Official America*s Team (OAT) were featured. Let’s meet the Sehons shall we?

I meet both of them back in November while in Dallas for the Eagles game. Man do they know how to have a good time. True die hard’s in every sense! I recently caught up with them over the phone to discuss this experience with ESPN and their new found fame. Her is a sample of their ESPN debut while traveling back to Justin’s hometown to introduce Tim to his mother. In addition inform here of their engagement.

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The Sehons story is an interesting one

Justin is originally from Indianola, MS. The home of the late great blues singer B.B. King. Tim on the other hand grew up not to far from myself in Bruceville Eddy, TX. After they initially met they kept in touch long distance. Eventually seeing each other throughout the course of their relationship.

What really fuels their love for one another initially started out on the domino table at a friends party where they initially met in 2015. After discovering each other online through a mutual friend. They both shared with me they are very competitive in nature. This strengthened their bond. Especially after discovering they both loved the Dallas Cowboys.

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It was in October of 2015 when they both made it official. Then after a year of dating on Justin’s birthday December 21, 2016 Tim actually proposed to him. As their love for one another grew, so did it for America’s Team, The Dallas Cowboys.

We watched our first game together in a sports bar in Arlington. The first game of the 2015 season. It was when I seen how Tim displayed his passion for the team and the game that I knew we had something special. We both repped our team even harder from that day forward. ~ Justin


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Soundcloud interview on ESPN Sehons journey

In addition to this write up I had conducted a phone interview with both of them to capture some of their passion. Unfortunately Soundcloud changed their recording settings and it was an epic fail. I wanted to have them share their story of being discovered and featured on ESPN.

Tim shared in the summer of 2017 they were contacted by Disney. In case you didn’t know they actually own ESPN. Thanks to social media they were discovered and selected for “We The Fans.” A representative flew out and followed them both around to capture parts of their lives.

They were both very excited to share their story with OAT, and for the world to see. How their love for one another and their team is an unbreakable bond. Later that summer in 2017 they were married in Rivera Maya Mexico at a resort. It was actually via their Facebook accounts I learned of their spot on the show. From there I knew we needed to expand their story for others to follow.

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In conclusion

I thanked both Tim and Justin for sharing their story with OAT. Learning more about who they are, and what they represent was truly special. Despite what society may say or view of them is irrelevant once this show is viewed on ESPN April 12 at 4PM PST, 7PM EST. This couple represents the diverse fan base we have.

In addition to the Sehons many other fans were featured. From the likes of our very own Ms Carolyn Price, to a Cowboys fan devastated by the hurricane in Houston that wiped out their home. On any level I know many fans like you and I will be watching this. Simply because our fan base is the most loyal in the NFL!

Have yourself a laugh at my expense today. Here is my failed attempt at their phone interview via Soundcloud.



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