Proceeds will financially help 2 OAT hurricane affected fans

Hurricane Florence and Michael have wrecked shop up and down the east coast. OAT was hit close to home in the process. We are asking for Cowboys Nation to assist on their behalf. Finding the silver lining in a Dallas Cowboys much needed WIN is the goal here. Especially after that dominating performance by America*s Team over the top defensive ranked Jags.

Calling all members in OAT to help their fellow fans in desperate time of need

Please take a few minutes to understand the human element of our Cowboys family within OAT, and how we can all absolutely help them. Right now, today. #BuiltByFansForFans

For Bob Reilly who is a native Floridian now residing in Denver Colorado, he knows the hurricane experience all too well. Growing up years along the eastern seaboard he has experienced things like this first hand. Now, it hits close to home again.

His aunt Agnus Vicari (Aggie) residing in Mexico Beach however it’s a differnet story. She is still missing as FEMA, and the likes of The Cajun Navy exhaust around the clock hours on research efforts. Since the hurricane Bob and his family have been on the phone in search of her.

Bob fears the worse, as it has been days without her being found. Please kep him and his family in your prayers.

Huricane, OAT, Agnus Vicari, Bob Reilly
Agnes (Aggie) Vicari of Mexico Beach. Aunt of OAT Admin and Dallas Cowboys die hard Bob Reilly from Denver, CO.

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East coast hurricane hit this OAT member hard twice in a month, and 3 times in two years

Hurricane “Mathew” 2 years ago hit Jessie Casue and her family the hardest. Her uncle actually lost everything. Near Fayetteville, NC. Fur miles from her family’s house. It took 2 years to recover, and now hit a 3rd time by both Hurricane “Michael” and “Florence.”

Jessie and her 2 kids however, Savannah who is 16, and Austin 15 are fighting it all alone this time around.

From downed trees that luckily missed their house, to a leaky roof that required all new installation, and finally losing 2 packed freezers worth of food, it’s time we all pitch in and help these fans. Our Cowboys family. Jessie has done everything on her own from fixing the axle on her truck, to hauling off trees for her and her neighbors.

Despite her situation she shared infornmation with Bob about the Cajun Navy that actually helped his search efforts.

“What gets you when things like this happen and really break your heart is how it affects your kids. My daughter asked me to take her to Walmart to get some things for a school project. I told her I would take her in a bit and she said dont worry about it. No Mom, I will take care of it, and pay for it. I know you’ve spent way too much money already.” ~Jessie

Jessie Casue, OAT, Hurricane
Jessie Casue wih her two kids Savannah and Austin from Fayetteville, NC touring AT&T Stadium.

How you can help these hurricane affected Cowboys fans from OAT

All proceeds collected from the below OAT T-shirt campaign will be split down the middle in an effort to help both Cowboys fans recover finacially from the hurricane hardships they’ve experienced.

Your purchase of this merchandise will directly impact these 2 familes where it matters most. Proudly wear it in their honor. In addition provide financial relief for their families, and peice of mind during these challenging times for these 2 Cowboys fans.

Most of all, our extended Cowboys family in OAT.

Click on the image below, or here now to purchase your OAT branded T-shirt!

Buy now before midnight, and recive 30% off before October 15, 2018. All proceeds collected before WK7 against the Redskins will be split between our hirricane affected OAT members! 

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