How to get your favorite NFL BIG VAL Custom Hats

Valentin Robles AKA BIG VAL the “Hat Plug” is the most down-to-earth Fan Base Creator I’ve ever met. Chances are you’ve seen my Cowboys Primo’s custom hats at an NFL stadium this season. If not, today you’re in for a treat. He was most recently featured on Telemundo, and NBC shows for his custom hats. Let’s be clear, he intended this to only be a hobby, but it in fact is turning into something more.

Earlier this year in the spring I reached out to him after following him on Facebook. Prior to that, I had taken notice of his custom hats. While creating the only Cowboys Club Directory on the internet. I wanted to share this with my Patrons over on Patreon. Mainly to support a fellow fan base creator and provide fresh new content for my subscribers.

Shortly after ordering my BIG VAL “Cowboys Joe” custom hat he quickly became a subscriber on Facebook. Then he donated one of his custom hats to giveaway to one of my over 100 subscribers. I love smart fan base creators who get it right off the bat. Bryan Lewis was the lucky subscriber to win it, and he absolutely loved it! Here I am below with a familiar Cowboys Cousin of mine SUITMAN in Canton, OH. We both have the same “Hat Plug.”

Cowboys Cousins

“What I like about the hats is that we get to express the love that we have for our Cowboys. And it is easy, we can put our favorite players, we can put our name, and every time I put one of these hats on it’s a different feeling. So when I put it on it’s like ‘OK, now I’m complete’ — outfit, everything, let’s go.” Raymond Ortiz

The ultimate Cowboys Cousin

I recently featured Valentin Robles on my all-new Cowboys Cousins show. Allowing our extended family of Cousins to get to know him more. As usual, he was Boots On Ground in the BIG Apple. He was attending the Cowboys Vs Giants game at MetLife Stadium.

Initially, I met him while attending the NFL Hall Of Fame this fall (cover photo).  In addition, we were able to both witness Jimmy and Drew get inducted. Then the following month in September we tailgated together at LOT 11 with his 123 Cowboys Life Family Car Club members for the home opener.

His club is actually featured first in our Cowboys Club Directory. In addition, he kindly chauffeured me around to the Texas State Fair where I shared an exclusive video in my subscriber-only Facebook group. It was the highlight of my trip because I had never been before. Getting my photo taken by BIG VAL with BIG TEX was a plus. Oh, and of course the W against those filthy Eagles.

BIG VAL CUSTOM HATS, BG, Valentin Robles

How to get your favorite NFL BIG VAL custom hats

Learn how to get your NFL BIG VAL custom hats today when you watch my recent show on YouTube here. Let me be clear. Valentin Robles and I are in no way affiliated with the NFL, yet. He specializes in NFL hats and other sports like MLB, NBA too. Add him as a Friend on Facebook, and be sure to follow him on Instagram.  Check out our show below. Be sure to tell’em BG sent ya.

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