Top Golf Las Vegas links Cowboys Cousins Experience on the green

Top Golf Las Vegas featured the first-ever Cowboys Cousins Experience during the NFL Draft held in “Sin City.” Many Dallas Cowboys social media influencers all linked up to Tee Off for the NFL’s ’22 Season. Many people who golf understand how much business can get done while there. Top Golf Las Vegas provided a unique opportunity to unify social media fans with 2 very powerful NFL fathers on the green.

Earlier this year I shared with you my plan for both of these experiences. Looking back to 2016 when this all started I would have never thought I would be hosting events. I shared this with a few of my Cousins while we fellowshipped and networked during the NFL Draft weekend. This “Cowboys Glue” I often share with them as well continues to stick us altogether season by season.

Like many of those in attendance, this was my first Top Golf Las Vegas experience. The day before the event I visited the venue to gather intel for my supporters on Facebook. Sharing with them details that were important for them to arrive safely Boots On Ground to the event. After all these Cowboys Cousins Experiences are exclusive content for them in our secret supporter group on Facebook. Learn who’s who in my zoo when you watch the video below.

If you create it they will come

I shared with all my Cousins that things would change after this event. A large majority of the Dallas Cowboys fans are asleep right now. Eighty-five percent to be exact. After the Super bowl each year many NFL fans fall asleep on their teams. The NFL schedule is set to come out on May 12th however. A date many 15% ‘ers like you and I are PAYING attention to.

To live a Boots On Ground lifestyle we understand that everyone is not Built Differently. As a result, real leaders must stand up annually.  In addition, I shared with my Cousins about the next 2 NFL Draft locations. Next year will actually be in Kansas City, and the following year in Detroit. Currently where the Prototype for this content concept derives below.

Star Status Sarah The Prototype
Learn about Sarah Berryhill of Lansing, MI, and how she became the Built Different Group’s “Prototype” behind this blog’s content concept.

Each and every one of my Facebook supporters is 15%ers. The feedback I gathered from my Cousins after the fact was music to my ears. Since 2016 the healthy relationships I began to cultivate with my Cousins each Cowboys season were now beginning to bear fruit as a result. Although many of us were at a Top Golf Las Vegas event for the first time it felt like a family setting according to Terrence Parsons, father of Micah #11 of the Dallas Cowboys.

When I created the Cowboys Cousins Facebook Live show my intent was for you to get to know my extended family of Cousins. One of which is a Star Status Cowboys Connection honorary member since August of ’21. Learning that he was also a veteran who served in the Army strengthened our relationship after meeting him initially during the ’21 home opener tailgate at LOT 10.


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Empowering and unifying fathers through Top Golf Las Vegas example

As a father of 5 boys little did I know how this experience would impact my life beyond it. Many of the stories that Stacy Elliott shared about his son Ezekiel gave me a new perspective as a father. Beyond our event the following day at the Tropicana Casino I was fortunate to be a fly on the wall thanks to an assist from Terrence through Kim Francis, President 1911 Media Marketing.

Thanks to Instagram both Stacy and I have been in contact with one another since pre-pandemic. I follow both him and Zeke’s mother Dawn there. When I initially set this event up my goal was to have Micah Parsons attend. After learning he was booked until May I got a DM from Stacy a few days later. After learning he would be in Vegas participating in the draft the cards began to fall in place.

Las Vegas NFL fans
Now that the NFL has become their De facto Nucleus learn how to develop a great strategy for your first, or next visit to Las Vegas, NV.

There is strength in numbers. Over the last 2 years, I have followed Stacy on Instagram and admire his ability to unify NFL fathers as the Ambassador of Hope.  Thanks to Kevin Harris, President of Star Status Cowboys Connection he nicknamed me the “Cowboys Unifier” in Las Vegas in 2019. Connecting fans at live events off social media as a result. Now there is a new “Unifier” among fathers across the NFL.

Listening to both Terrence and Stacy talk about raising their sons and the challenges they faced and overcame was nothing short of inspirational. During their interviews at the Tropicana the following day their words impacted me far beyond the Top Golf Las Vegas event. Be on the lookout in the future here for more content with both fathers as a result.


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In Conclusion

The business of the NFL and its content has become a thing to follow annually. Much like the content here with Built Different Group. For many Dallas Cowboys fans, there is no sleep for the weary. Heavy is the helmet that wears the Star. A majority of NFL fans are nodding back off to sleep after the draft. Meanwhile, your Cowboys Cousins are leading by example. Getting on the course daily and developing their games collectively.

I would like to thank both Stacy and Terrence for their time and for attending the first-ever Cowboys Cousins Experience at Top Golf Las Vegas. It was a gamble for me initially that immediately paid off with projected compound interest. Two of the most powerful fathers from The Star in Frisco, TX were on hand!


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As we journey down the course to the second Cowboys Cousins Experience this September be sure to subscribe to my blog to stay in the know below. When the NFL schedule is released on May 12th I will be hosting a LIVE watch party on Built Different Group over on Facebook. Thanks to all my “Green Badge” supporters we were able to tee off a successful round! Help me reach my goal to help me travel to South Beach this June to join Fans-Zone and Micah Parsons. Gas is expensive!

Business is getting conducted both on the green and on social media thanks to all my Cowboys Cousins who attended this experience. I look forward to our next experience this fall. Thank you to the Patrons over on Patreon who keep the lights on here. It’s truly a team effort among supporters to continue creating content for you here.  Want to learn how you can impact my content this NFL season?

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