How “Star Status Sarah” became the original Built Different prototype

The Star Status Sarah back story

While promoting the OAT Patreon last year I had no idea that a supporter would soon become the prototype BDG fan. Allow me to introduce you to Star Status Sarah. Originally from Michigan where believe it or not many Cowboys fans reside.  What’s so unique about this story is everything.

There’s a saying that total strangers will support you before those closest to you. Family is the worst, right? This story couldn’t be more true. Getting to know OAT supporters over the last year here has been so rewarding. When you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up. For Star Status Sarah 5 years ago her whole body shut down from Psoriatic Arthritis. Temporarily that is.

Since then however thanks to cannabis providers in Michigan she has managed her pain back to a recovery status. So much so she recently took a road trip to Dallas to finally walk AT&T Stadium for a tour. One she thought a few years ago would never be possible. She also shared she threw the pill bottle in the trash 3 years ago.

NFL off-season, Boots On Ground, Fan Base Creator
WTF is an NFL off-season anyway?

The Motor City drive to Ohio

At the age of 3, she remembers her father sitting her down in front of the TV to watch America’s Team. A third-generation Dallas Cowboys fan in Lansing Michigan. As for her new handle “Star Status Sarah,” we leave that up to a budding fan club in Star Status Cowboys Connection Ohio.

Back in March of this year, we introduced you to LadyVice Lyrics from SSCCO. The first-ever female Fan Base Creator with music on all major streaming platforms behind her passion for her team. Sarah however eventually hung around long enough to become the BDG prototype.

Sarah has a thriving gym membership with BDG where she is HIGHLY accountable. She shows up daily to get GAINS with BDG. Her first-ever “Built Different” tattoo should say enough. A “Gang Gang” supporter since last year that followed our events page on Facebook and hooked up first-hand with SSCCO.

Star Status Sarah recently took another trip behind her team to Ohio where she linked up with LadyVice personally. Their 5th annual “Feed The Need” fish fry fed over 250 homeless people on the streets. She even went LIVE on BDG with LadyVice momentarily to show some love and report with BDG in Boots On Ground fashion.

“The whole experience was bonding with a community for real! I really needed this. The best part was seeing kids who danced, ate, and played happily as a result of SSCCO efforts this day. A simple desert brought a smile so big to these kids faces. I loved it.”

Built Different Prototype, Star Status Sarah, Star Status Cowboys Connetction Ohio, Ms Price
Why do these women love the Dallas Cowboys so much? Learn more when you tap the image above.

The BDG Prototype

Why is Star Status Sarah the BDG prototype fan you ask? Our mission at BDG is to connect fans off Facebook at live events. Not because of her “Built Different” tattoo either. She is a fighter in life and a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. She is faced with adversity daily but continues to persevere. She is definitely built differently. I’m glad she is on OUR team!

Thanks to fans like her, and SSCCO’s President Mark Lockett’s ability to have a Clear Eye View with our goals this season her example should be followed by all others as a joint road map for our growing network. Tune in every day LIVE with BDG. Get plugged into our events. Meet Cowboys fans you would have never known otherwise this season as Sarah did through our first-of-its-kind Cowboys Club Directory.

NFL Boots On Ground


Without supporters like Sarah, this NETWORK does not work. All 35 Patrons are very critical to the mission. Without your monetary donations each month the BDG lights would shut off. We have been UP since 2017 because of each of YOU. Thank you Sarah for your loyal support.

During this off-season, there are Cowboys fans around the nation serving communities, and fans alike with their passion for this team. Are you this kind of fan who gets off the couch and into the game like Star Status Sarah each summer? Please consider becoming a supporter through Patreon when you click the orange button below.

Lastly, be sure to join our email list here. So when a story like Star Status Sarah’s gets published you get them in your inbox directly.  Want to take it a step further? Come connect with both Sarah and me in Canton this August with Star Status Cowboys Connection’s President himself Cowboy Kev of Los Angeles, CA. Don’t meet us there, beat us there.

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