HBO HARD KNOCKS Top 9 Dallas Cowboys storylines to watch 4

At the beginning of June, the BDG Network informed our audience about the 5 teams eligible for HBO HARD KNOCKS. In addition, how the Jacksonville Jaguars were also a sleeper team. Essentially the NFL used for HYPE.

Shortly after my return from Canton, OH to the Pacific Northwest in August both the NFL and HBO are gonna capitalize as a result. Why do you even need to know?

As we approach the 21 NFL season America’s Team remains in the primetime broadcasting windows. Five games total to be exact which are slated this upcoming season thanks to the new Amazon deal.

Kicking off the season against THE GOAT and the Dallas Cowboys on TNF. Before we arrive there however there are 9 storylines fans need to watch 4.

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WTF is an NFL off-season anyway?

Want to really know why the Dallas Cowboys were selected? From my point of view with you here today it’s easy. If you do the math it’s actually pretty simple. All Streams Matter. To the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys, and their streaming partners Like ESPN, ABC, and Amazon Prime.

Do you think the NFL would miss an opportunity like this to TRIGGER STREAMS with their newly approved TV deal when it comes to a 48% revenue kicker for both owners and players as a result?

In the name of entertainment, I will share with you 9 things every Cowboys fan needs to watch 4 with HBO HARD KNOCKS. Especially those “Built Different” NFL fans who take zero days off. Remaining awake year-round and never falling into off-season hibernation. Follow BDG on Facebook 4 daily NEWS.


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For many Dallas Cowboys fans who have not been around since the dynasty days may not even know them, Boys were on HBO HARD KNOCKS twice previously. A quick YouTube search can help you catch up to speed.

Many are excited to get a sneak peek inside The Star. Similar to their 2016 Amazon special “All Or Nothing.” On the contrary, however many fans are afraid of giving the haters additional ammunition like NFL MEMES. Plus the inevitable curse out there somewhere.

Without further or due here are my top 9 things Dallas Cowboys fans need to WATCH the hook for this season on HBO MAX.


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1. The 20th anniversary of HBO HARD KNOCKS

This will mark the 16th iteration of “Hard Knocks” with the Cowboys making their third appearance. The most in the series’ history. Not that there was really any other choice. The Dallas Cowboys were previously featured on the show during the 2002 & 2008 years respectively.


2. Most Least Popular HARD KNOCKS vote

Based on social media commentary (listening) currently, if there were a vote taken it’s my firm belief it’s a split decision. Half the fan base is excited while the other half is swearing it could possibly become a MADDEN CURSE. We both know that the media will recount these votes to help pay their bills this season. STOP THE DEAL!

3. America’s Team Third HBO HARD KNOCKS appearance

HBO HARD KNOCKS HISTORY. The finale of this 5 series slated show airs on September 7th just two days before the regular-season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Amazon. Kicking off August 10th shortly after the NFL HOF also game helps build streaming momentum for the NFL. Right off the ankle of Dak Prescott. Third time a charm.


4. The Return Of The Dak

Easily the biggest storyline. Dak Prescott is returning to lead the offense after missing 10 games with a grisly ankle injury, and his newly-signed $160 million contract extension raises the expectations higher than they already were. Can he Build Back Better America’s Team? What more must this man sacrifice to become a champion? Everyone will be watching. Especially the FRAUD Skip.

5. The 88 Legacy Lineage

During Black History Month BDG published The 88 Legacy Lineage of the Dallas Cowboys. As Drew Pearson enters the HOF along with Jimmy Johnson AKA “3 Rings” the timing couldn’t be more perfectly aligned for HBO Films and the NFL.

Not to mention the HOF game between the 6 ring Steelers which features the first-ever NFL action post-pandemic with America’s Team.

88 legacy lineage Dallas Cowboys Drew Pearson Original 88, HBO HARD KNOCKS
There are a total of 12 number 88’s to wear the uniform for the Dallas Cowboys. Did you know that one was murdered and it remains unsolved?

6. NFL Films 30 for 30

As we come out of the pandemic closet fully this season one thing is for sure. All 30 members of the NFL Films crew will be vaccinated. Did you notice the recent player divide behind the status of those FULLY VACCINATED, and not? Will the Cole Beasley TWIST arrive as a result?

How can you watch HBO HARD KNOCKS on your phone when it kicks off? Sprint over to HBO MAX and get your streaming account set up. Plugging you in as we cover it from a fan’s perspective each day with updates on the Built Different Facebook page. Saddle up with BDG.

“Most of our fans enjoy NFL football on TV or on their phone, but don’t get to go to the stadium. So having long-term really good partners who can bring football at a high-production value into your household or onto your phone or on your digital device is really important to us,” NFL chief media and business officer Brian Rolapp via NFL.

7. The showing off of THE STAR

In 2017 shortly after The Star opened for business I was there to capture an experience to share with NFL fans who may not ever be able to witness this football palace. Check out the feedback I share after my tour there in this video below. Every Dallas Cowboys fan will be amazed.

8. “This shit’s Chess. It ain’t Checkers” ~Denzel Washington

During the movie, Training Day, Denzel Washington, a well-known Dallas Cowboys fan seen in Oxnard, CA shares an emphatic expression on how to approach this season. Sort of like Amari Cooper’s deception strategy when it comes to CHESS. Many Cowboys fans think COOP deceptively check-mated THE STAR after his King’s ransom payday.

9. A 911 Defensive Strategy

Then there was a new number #9 with the addition of a terrorizing #11 through the NFL draft in Cleveland this year. When you combine the two how you view these 3 numbers may be dependent upon your perspective. I know a lot of dynasty Cowboys fans that are not with Jaylon wearing the coveted number rich in Tony Romo history.

Furthermore, when you throw in these 3 numbers made by Micah Parsons in an Instagram story earlier this year it could lead to fireworks. It was in reference to the Cowboys becoming a “terrorist attack” type of defense according to the media. We may need not look any further than the optics on these numbers surface. Could this be the zinger storyline used by the media most? I guess we have to do the math.

Having the second worse defense last season only provides a surefire defensive plan for Dan Quinn to elevate the towering explosiveness and impact of this “Built Different” defense as we enter into the first-ever 17 game NFL season. Will they be able to execute the mission? Will HBO HARD KNOCKS leak the real #9 thoughts about how Jerry Jones truly feels about both Jaylon and Tony unintentionally as a result?


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Only time will tell if HBO HARD KNOCKS actually repeats itself much like history. Are the “Built Different” glory days upon us Cowboys fans? Be sure to subscribe to our blog today when you join our email list below. Together we can both watch it infold here. Lastly please help elevate the level of OAT content when you click the orange button below to learn more about Patreon today. All NFL fans welcome.

No matter which storylines this season there are many to choose from when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. Considering the NFL is heavy on entertainment these days could it all be a blueprint for America’s Team fireworks at Sofi Stadium next February? There are many questions we need answers to. How and where do you plan to watch this?

Finally, Stay plugged in with us here this season as we cover a multitude of diverse content creation strategies for Fan Base Creators. Chances are I know a few that might even make the final cut of the series. Subscribe today and stay tuned. It’s a HARD KNOCK life 4 us!

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