8 things that make you think on Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing”

In case you’ve not seen the Dallas Cowboys Amazon Prime Original docuseries, “All or Nothing” yet you’re only about a week late. It recently launched on Friday, April 27th so you’re still plenty early. Been hiding under a rock this off season? Say no more fam we have you covered. Just click here to purchase your Amazon Prime account now and watch immediately!

After watching it several times there were 8 things (1 from each episode) that actually stood out to me. They also may actually make you think. You be the judge however and leave a comment below with your thoughts. Check out the trailer on it here:

Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing” Amazon docuseries episode 1

Between The Star and AT&T Stadium Jerry Jones has poured millions of dollars into providing the best resources for his team to WIN. In addition his masterful business acumen has built a thriving business hub in Frisco, TX. One that will allow this region to stabilize an affluent economy around it. His strategy here is to build a winning team, and culture that you constantly see visually and expect from his players and organization.

Getting this behind the scenes look and understanding of the science behind these 2 facilities is absolutely mind blowing. One thing is for sure however. Jerry is now looking for a return on his investment (ROI) in the form of Championships to repay all those investments. In addition the surrounding communities have made for America*s Team. Essentially giving the sense it’s All or Nothing at the present time for this team.

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Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing” Amazon docuseries episode 2

Episode 2 mostly features the whole Ezekiel Elliott legal distractions. This would be low lying fruit to pick here however. So let’s examine how Rod Marinelli is an absolute genius when it comes to defensive game plans.

What stood out here was he conducts team meetings. How Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli drove home game plans effectively through video. His ability to string together videos from the internet that were hilarious, and couple that with their game plan was legendary. Despite his age he gets his players and how they learn. His strategy to keep meetings fun, focused, and on point is all done through hilarious internet videos of bulls running people over. Not to mention a Cheetah who catches his prey.

“Stay after their fucking ass tomorrow. All day long!” ~Rod Marinelli

Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing” Amazon docuseries episode 3

While watching this episode we witness how Jerry Jones softly yet effectively addresses his coaching staff after a loss to the Rams. The setting is at the coaching round table where the entire staff brief executive Cowboys brass individually. Special Teams Coach Rich Bisaccia has this to say about his unit’s in game production.

“You just cant, it’s 150 yards of field position between the fumble (Ryan Switzer punt return muff) and 66 yards on the kickoff return, its just hard to come up with.” ~ Rich

Rich is attempting to explain how his unit affected the game and defending his position. Jerry Jones tuned right into Rich in a fierce eye to eye look down the table says this:

“Well it has never changed. The biggest plays are on special teams, and the biggest mistakes. most glaring mistakes, are over there too. You’ve got the eyes of the fucking world on you. That’s where it is.” ~ JJ

Do you think it’s anyway related that now Rich has since been let go and signed with the Oakland Raiders, and Ryan Switzer was traded to the Raiders shortly after he signed with them? If we think Jerry is not serious about winning we are absolutely wrong. Running America*s Team is tough business and the standard is set very high.

Although we made minor coaching changes at position I clearly see why now Jason Garrett has been able to secure his job until this point. It’s a family business of those loyal to the Jones vision and culture to an extent. Let’s see if we underachieve in 2018 and what happens to the HC, OC, and DC positions.

Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing” Amazon docuseries episode 4

In this episode lets take a deep dive into the reach of Jerry and the Dallas Cowboys through the media. The Tony Romo media effect. You see there was a time when I honestly felt during the 2016 season he would play again.  Although I was wrong things couldn’t have worked out better for the Ace himself.

What stood out in this episode was the CBS production meeting with players before the game. This was interesting. Now it makes sense. All these little gems broadcasters share during games come from these meetings. Where they interview the players for story lines and tidbits about players to share with the audience as they watch.

Side note: If you think for one minute Jerry Jones doesn’t see the bigger picture we’re wrong. He is always business, all the time. So lets do the math here. Tony is with CBS, and Deon Sanders and Michael Irving are on the NFL Network. In addition Troy Aikman and Daryl “Moose” Johnston is with Fox. Lastly as Jason Witten has recently retired he will travel over to MNF. I think Jerry is doing a great job of placing key Cowboys players in the media to represent his football brand on every major network!

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Watch “All or Nothing” in it’s 3rd season as they follow the Dallas Cowboys 2017 tumultuous season. Click to start your Prime subscription now!

Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing” Amazon docuseries episode 5

During the 2017 season Dallas Cowboys fans had major beef with the NFL commissioner. Was it possible his beef with Jerry Jones spilled over not only from the Zeke case, but now to a referee conspiracy? In episode 5 there is a scene that absolutely supports this conspiracy. During the Eagles game in November in Dallas.

Dez was clearly interfered with on his Red Zone route after the initial 5 yards. If called correctly we end up near the goal line and score. During this scene however we see Jason Garrett plead his case to 2 referees immediately after the play. “What the fuck are we watching?” He asked them. During the course of this heated exchange the 2 referees acknowledge a 3rd who arrives to listen in. This ref was actually the one who had Dez in his line of sight during the play. It was clear they didn’t want any part of this exchange and shifted accountability to the 3rd referee.

After the 3rd ref arrives Coach Garrett is simply told by him that, “I didn’t see anything, or material effect on the play.” Clearly the tape tells a much different story. You be the judge. I do know however that the beef between Jerry and Goodell was, and may still be ongoing. I will forever hold onto this referee conspiracy, and so will Demarcus Lawrence in this video.

Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing” Amazon docuseries episode 6

The world is a very small place. During this episode I was fascinated by the connections between 3 of our current Stars. Especially our owner Jerry Jones as we get a glimpse into the Jaylon Smith draft call he receives from him Jerry in 2016. The fact that Jerry took a gamble by drafting him after being injured simply shows you the risk he is willing to take on guys that he truly believes can help us win.

Not to mention that Jaylon’s brother Rod plays on the team. How close they are speaks volumes. For instance Jaylon’s jersey # is 54, and Rod is #45. See what they did there? When you watch this video below, the young man holding Jaylon’s hand while on the phone with Jerry is his brother Rod.

Lastly, where on any other NFL team in the history of the game has 2 running backs from the same college wound up in the same backfield on an NFL team of this magnitude? I’ve searched Google for hours and cant find anything of the sort. Rod was the backup of Ezekiel Elliott at Ohio State! Small world eh?

What a blessing to be a COWBOY!!!

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Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing” Amazon docuseries episode 7

Jerry Jones once again shows his branding and marketing effectiveness. All throughout the docuseries Dez Bryant is a major focus. With many scenes that can be interpreted as an overview of things to come. Like his eventual release. How his aggressive passion and edge for the game is considered a form of cancer because of his lack or production and effectiveness on the season.

During this episode however a scene with WR Coach Derek Dooley takes a shot at explaining to Dez how much he understands him. In addition he ends with how others may not because of his edginess during a WR only meeting. In the next scene HC Jason Garrett leads a team meeting at The Star, and also draws an example for the players by referencing deceased, and former Raiders owner Al Davis.

Garrett goes into detail about how players who succeed in the NFL develop this edge like Davis had. Sort of Like the one Dez has. The way they attempted to tie this message into it all was confusing none the less. One thing is sure however. Many Cowboys fans who watch this will likely get over Dez faster as a result of how they slanted the view on Dez throughout this docuseries. Attempting to support the reasons why he was let go.

Since Dez was released by Jerry do you think the “Garret Guys” statement he mentioned has any truth to it? Was Jason Witten’s unexpected retirement a damage control move to get him out of the picture as a result? Where there is smoke there is usually fire. Only time will tell if so.

Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing” Amazon docuseries episode 8

Wrapping this docuseries up the Dallas Cowboys owner makes sure to include 2 of his most cherished investments. Ezekiel Elliott, and grandson John Stephen Jones and their future. Do you think he would end it on any other note? Owning an NFL team is big business apparently. The Dallas Cowboys, according to Forbes did not become the most lucrative, and #1 sports entities in the world by chance. Keeping it in the family makes it even sweeter.

The return of Zeke at the end of this means this upcoming 2018 season it’s back to business. The run game, making the playoffs, and getting a return on his investment with an eventual Super Bowl championship in Atlanta on February 3rd 2019.  As Zeke returns to the facility prior to the week 15 game against the Seahawks you can see his positive energy and affect on the entire organization.

He seems to give a sense of ease and confidence when he is an integral part of this team. Both on and off the field. As he satellites around The Star facility during this scene his last stop is a 1 on 1 meeting with Jerry in his office. A clear example that this too shall pass, and we can both be wiser as a result. He also makes sure Zeke knows he had his back. “You know I had your back right?” Therefore closing the chapter on this whole debacle.

Finally, we get a glimpse of what could eventually be another first in the NFL. An owners grandson who shines in High School, signs with his Alma Mater in Arkansas and eventually gets drafted in the NFL to play on America*s Team. Keeping in line with the family first business motto they currently live by.

“Yeah, that’s my school, for sure,” he said. “I’d like to end up there. If I ever get a chance to play at Arkansas, that’s for sure where I’d be going.” ~ John Stephen Jones

Can you guess what his jersey number is?

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Congratulations to Highland Park quarterback John Stephen Jones, The Landry Award 2017 honoree. Jones was selected from a field of finalists who demonstrated both positive character and leadership attributes over the season.

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In Conclusion

All or Nothing was a great docuseries overall in my opinion. For fans like you and I to get a glimpse into such a tumultuous season was eye opening. Let alone our team in general. I’ve currently finished my second viewing of it. After searching YouTube you can only find promos from Amazon on this. That’s mainly because Jerry does not play when it comes to his money.

I highly doubt we see very many bootleg versions that show up online. If so they will likely will be shut down like my channel was for sharing copy written content. I’ve had Prime for quite sometime and this is the first piece of content I have watched on it. Amazon is a business conglomerate, and it’s now partnership with the Jones family will likely spin off more Cowboys content in the future. Giving competitors like Netflix a run for their money.

I wanted to put this piece together not only to share with you my thoughts, but to give you a brief overview of what the docuseries entails. Besides, just like you I cant wait for the season to start. So I may just continue to watch this until training camp. So please be sure to subscribe to our weekly OAT newsletter for more great content like this. Also feel free to join our Legacy Group on Facebook.

What were your thoughts on the show? Leave us a comment below, and let’s keep the conversation going!


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