Why this Cowboys super fan goes by the name “Stacheman”

What is a Dallas Cowboys Super Fan, and who is Stacheman?

Last November while attending the Cowboys Vs Eagles game I learned about the Cowboys Experience. During each week the Cowboys play at home you can attend their event where you get a chance to meet Cowboys players. While attending this event there were many fans dressed up in their Cowboys gear engaging the audience.

During January through March 2018 the Cowboys Experience Facebook page held a “Super Fan” contest. Where many of these fans across the world could submit their entry, and then be voted upon by fans on social media until a winner was chosen. At this time I finally put 2 and 2 together. I noticed Stacheman at this event, and at the actual game later that November night.

While watching this contest take place on social media I began tracking these “Super Fans.” This is where the term actually came from, and has now stuck to many of those who participated. In addition along with other fans as they surface on social media. As a result of the contest many of the participants will be in attendance of their 2018 season events. Normally held at Lava Cantina The Colony.

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Building the “Super Fan” network thanks to Stacheman

In February I reached out to Kevin Baldwin AKA Stacheman upon discovering his personal profile in our OAT Facebook group. I wanted to get his feedback on the contest and actually share with you his story. This way when you see him this season you will feel among family. Stacheman resides in Little Elm, TX. The same town Cole Beasley grew up in and played HS football.

A few days before the NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium Kevin calls to share that there will be a handful of Super Fans getting together at the Concrete Cowboy in Frisco the night before it kicks off. Now originally I was scheduled to fly in on the 1st day of the draft. This immediately changed after his call. I was thankful Kevin considered reaching out to me for the event.

This is when he shared that Stacheman was birthed years ago as a result of his love for then Texas Rangers Pitcher Derrick Holland AKA “Dutch Oven.” Holland was first given the nickname the Dutch Oven by KTCK-1310 AM. The moniker is obviously derived from his last name and when his pitching is ‘on fire,’ he’s cooking like a Dutch Oven. Kevin says he remembers him always saying he had a “Killer Stache.”

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Holland was drafted in the 25th round in 2006 out of Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, Alabama, a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association.[3] He was the number two rated prospect in the Rangers organization according to Baseball America, behind Neftalí Feliz, for 2009.[4]

Stacheman selected as the 2018 NFL Draft Most Valuable Super Fan (MVSF)

Earlier this week I shared the Tyson “West Coast Cowboy” story, and how it was exciting to see how he made the cover of the Dallas Sports News. To connect the dots for you follow along on how Stacheman solidified his award.

Day 2 of the draft Stacheman comes up with 2 tickets to get into the actual draft, but down on the floor where there are a total of 50 Cowboys fans representing our team. At the time I was getting ready to travel to conduct an interview with CHEEF from the Hard Hittahz. Kevin was super excited and really wanted to share this moment with me.

Unfortunately I lied to him and said I had a flat. He was pressed for time to find another fan to join him. I then told him to reach out to Tyson. I knew he was covering the draft exclusively for his followers on Facebook. We both hung up and went about our day. Later that night as I begin to see all the “Live” Facebook streams from Tyson down on the floor I knew fate had its way.

Thanks to Kevin his generosity and hospitality was truly fitting for a Texan. His impact on both Tyson and I along with other fans who cane out to his event was historical. As a result in his selection as the OAT MVSF for the 2018 NFL Draft!

In conclusion

2 Years ago when OAT was founded this is what we had envisioned. Connecting fans through social media and building a network of fans who share our passion for the Dallas Cowboys in our own unique ways. Without Stacheman during this weekend who knows what would have happened. On the other hand his impact was felt not only by myself, but thousands of Cowboys fans through out our group.

As he shared video and pictures our members vicariously seen this event through his eyes. Exclusive footage I might add that you will not find anywhere but on social media. Finally the OAT network is expanding and it’s truly benefiting our group members as a result. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to read more stories just like this directly in your inbox.

Did you attend the draft? If so share in a comment your experience below. 

What are we going to do on day 2 #cowboysnation? #nfldraft #NFLDraft2018

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