Game between Plano, El Paso high schools create unified Star in Frisco

This season I will dedicate my time and passion here between two tragically linked high school teams who recently unified under The Star In Frisco before the start of the 2019 Cowbboys season.

A game that was almost not played altogether. Enter the Jones family.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his wife, Gene, are donated $50,000 to the El Paso Community Foundation Victims’ Fund Jerry Jones actually greets every member of the high school football team from El Paso during their trip. The game moved to the Star in Frisco due security concerns following a mass shooting in El Paso in August. The suspected shooter graduated from Plano High School.

“We want to be in any way we can supporting El Paso. We can’t think of a better way than to have your youth, have your team come up here and compete right here at our home in our Star. ~Jerry Jones

Football is family when it comes to the Cowboys

The storyline behind this game is so unique. The shooter behind the mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart graduated from Plano Senior High. In the locker room where the players prepare for battle, the focus was not on who they were fighting but who they’re fighting for. See video below for more.

“Tonight, you might wear Eastwood on your jersey. You might be a trooper. We are troopers, but tonight you represent a city and a town. I felt like the game needed to be played. Like you can’t not play the game. ~Eastwood Coach Julio Lopez

It was bigger than football, but the game was relatively close for 3 1/2 quarters. Earlier this month I actually teamed up with Cowboys Travel Club, also linked with 915 Tours. Located In El Paso, TX. My travel provider of choice for the 2019 season. In the name of family, if you plan to visit the Star in Frisco, and want to attend a game click the image below. Use code: “OAT2019” and save $20 on your next package this season.

Leading 23-20 in the third quarter, Plano scored 20 unanswered points to defeat Eastwood 43-28.

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In conclusion

This heavenly gesture by the Jones family has provided a sense of home, and family away from home for these young men on their journies through football life. These two high schools will forever be tragically linked together. Moving forward this season I will be reaching out to fans in El Paso for more exclusive stories. Be sure to subscribe! Word on the street there is a mini Cowboys fan base out there in West Texas. As they get ready to watch America*s Team this weekend, let’s all say a prayer for them and their families please, and thank you.

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