First ever OAT 2018 Admin of The Year award recognition

What does the OAT 2018 Admin of The Year have to with a voltron holacracy?

Finally, I’m glad to announce the OAT 2018 Admin Of The Year now. A transforming online holacracy currently being built into a Voltron on Facebook. Since creating the OAT community/ blog back in 2016 I never thought among my wildest dreams this would elevate into this. Until one #3 type of Cowboys fan brought it up. Saturday night before the home opener great minds were at work

This Admin is no stranger to controversy and applause within our holacracy. Catch up with his back stories about how he created a family out of his passion for Madden. Essentially building another subculture among our fan base, and group. One that I am sure many fans partake in on a daily basis globally. I know both my sons Bryce and Bryant do.  Even Fortnite seen the opportunity with the NFL and jumped on it. Remember 2 years ago this month when he proposed to his wife at AT&T Stadium for the home opener in 2017? This Cowboys fan bleeds blue.

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In addition from his personal initiative with his own holacracy he too contirbutes to the whole of OAT. A real #3 type of Cowboys fan out here in the streets and our stadium each season. An Austin Texas native who also happens to be the half brother of an old high school buddy of mine named Edgar. The world is really not the big yall. So if you you are trying to ball on a budget like me this season check out his strategy he shared with me last year. Have comfortable shoes though.

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Announcing the OAT 2018 Admin of The Year

I felt it was only fitting to get into some details about what Terrence has brought to the the OAT holacracy. Because of members like Terence our network of Cowboys fans continues to grow. Incase you wondering what a “holacracy” is check out this content below I created to help us understand. My theory is that enventually a type of community like OAT will become the very fabric of how we live online. Allowing niche influencers with reach on platforms like this to broadcast our brand messaging more effectively to the masses.

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As you can see on the photo cover above, there are many members of this holacracy who I consider to be what I call the 20% ers. Terrence, from day 1 has always dedicated his efforts to the OAT vision of things. The Stars would align this season as all these major Cowboys fan personalities gather together into an undisclosed AirBNB blocks away from the Mothership; AT&T Stadium. As we 3 gathered in the backyard before the main party arrival it was actually just Terrence, Casey, and myself. Casey Redden is actually a member of Terrence’s OAT Madden family that has him currently ranked in the top 200 players in the world!

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The back story between these 2 members is not pretty. Essentially they had a falling out, but the game brought them back together. Placing talent and opportunity ahead first for the ascension of the holacracy brand of OAT. Now that’s what I call team players. Learning about Casey’s story that night in the backyard I felt it was fitting that everything he had to go through to get there.  I acually took off my OAT chain and gave it to him on the spot. Essentially knighting him to go forth and conquer the Madden platform in the name of OAT.

If you look close in the cover photo I blessed Terrence with a unique OAT Madden chain with just him and Casey in the backyard. This was his OAT Admin of The Year award from the Admin team to him. Thanks bro, you a real one. It wouldn’t have been right if the “Boss Cowboy” was not there to witness, and account for the ceremony afterward. He too is pictured on the top photo of the cover along with Casey and myself. Four creators in our own space running our marathons.  Energized members of a holocratic voltron in the making.

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In conclusion

The Pareto Theory states that about 80% of your production will come from about 20% of it’s members. This is evident. Because when we ran the vote numbers from our group poll he had a clear lead of about 20 or so votes out of 250 members who voted. So this was not a Barry taking care of his boy type of deal. This Cowboys fan is in the fan base making shit happen for others. A True Blue #3 type of Cowboys fan.

Incase you missed us previously, here we are together during the NFL draft last year in Dallas. Where we both made history with this OAT shit. As my boy “Boss Cowboy” would say. We are creating a “Voltron” over here in OAT. May the best content win. Y’all know the play. Currently Madden in OAT is clocked in all the way up! Thank you Terrence for being the guy behind the scenes. He was the one who took the group photo of us all. Why he was actually missing. On the backside however, this was the only picture he and I took together this night.

When Stars like these fans hang out together, we stay doing fly shit when the camera is off. Matter of fact the camera’s were mostly off the whole night. You see there are two types of fans that can help ocnitnue to build this Voltron. The creative #3 types of Cowboys fans, and those who actually love to support them through Patreon. Which one are you?

Learn how to help create this Voltron defender of the fan base

Become a Patron!

We are just a group of 20%ers out here in the fan base making shit happen for other fans like you. “Built By Fans For Fans” is actually our motto and #. We are currently living by that. We are in search of those like you reading this who want to contribute to this first ever Cowboys fan base holacracy,  and feel it’s impact. Cowboys fans working together for the culture of our lifestyles, and informing you with more accurate reporting, and news from the Voltron’s infulencers like you see in the cover photo. Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you this season!

Side note: When Boss Cowboys brought up the Voltron comparison I initially thought about the “Transofrmers” movie. Upon further research I discover a Netflix series which remixed the orignal 80’s version of the actual movie. Thank you for the lesson Boss Cowboy. I love hanging around smarter Cowboys fans than I. That Voltron is actually right here though.



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