The major links between Hip-Hop, Miami, and it’s Cowboys fans

Going back to 1972 just before I was born the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI. Played down in New Orleans at Tuane Stadium.  Roger Staubach was the MVP. His ring is the one I wear in all my videos on social media. Simply on the strength of our Naval connection.

Later on however in the 80’s and 90’s Cowboys fans like you and I would eventually link up with Hip-Hop through some major back links in the game behind it’s Miami music culture. Anchored in Liberty City just south of Hard Rock Stadium. Exactly where Super Bowl 54 will take place.  How awesome would it be for the Cowboys to make a run for Miami in 2020? The Saga Continues!

The NFL, Hip-Hop, and Cowboys fans have much to reflect upon historically. Heading into WK3 we battle the Miami Dolphins. Let’s actually connect the cornerstone links through this Netfilx documentary. Shall we? As the Cowboys host the Dolphins on Sunday to potentially go 3-0. The following week we head into to New Orleans. Also rich in Hip-Hop history. Linked with yet another Miami native who is also a familiar face among NFL fans.

If you you’re a die hard Hip-Hop lover then you definitely want to watch this if you have not already.

Hip-Hop: The Evolution.

Season 2 Episode #1, The Southern Way.


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This week also witnessed Taco Charlton (HotBoyz Founder) go to the Miami Dolphins. Most importantly however Bob Reilly, a Miami native from Dade County happens to be an Admin in my OAT Facebook group. According to him in the 70’s and 80’s Miami NFL fans were split 50/50 between the Phins and Dem Boyz. Heavily influenced by the Star Power. He recently linked up with a long-time friend of his from Miami named Eric as a result. This show in Denver featured one of the Co-founders of 2 Live Crew in Denver.  The final link in creating this story.


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So what does Luther Campbell and Amari Cooper have in common?

Amari attended Miami Northwestern High School, in Liberty City. The football program there is renowned for the championships and NFL talent that it’s produced in a city known for taking football seriously. Growing up in the west Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami, he was the youngest of five.

Luther “Luke” Campbell is known for being a part of the rap group 2 Live Crew. What Cowboys fans might not know is that Uncle Luke played a big role in Cooper’s climb to the top. Uncle Luke was the defensive coordinator for Miami Central High School when Amari was at Northwestern. In addition a major key in progressing Hip-Hop culture from it’s soil.

Uncle Luke studied film from Amari’s sophomore year since he missed most of his junior campaign with a hip injury. In addition, he remembers watching the film and hoping that they would not throw the ball to him.

He was eventually hired as the head coach at Northwestern. During his time with Cooper, Unlce Luke did all he could to make sure his talents were noticed. When Cooper dominated a football camp run by Alabama, Campbell was there acting as his hype man. The rest is history.

This just goes to show you never know who is watching.

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Look at the bottom right corner. White shoes. That’s me at the 2018 Cowboys Takeover Miami event with Fans Zone. Click the image for my full recap story.

How Cowboys fans dominated Miami at this world renowned hotel

Just last year hundreds of Cowboys fans descended upon Miami in South Beach. It was the opening scene of The Southern Way that triggered this all for me. As Shad was strolling down the South Beach strip he passes the world renowned Clevelander Hotel. The exact hotel all of these Cowboys fans stayed including myself to take over the city in 2018!

I was like, Hey! I know that hotel watching Shad stroll by it. You know what I’m thinking right? Reservations for FEB 2020? Let me stop. Furthermore, I have recently proclaimed the Illuminati have planned a Patriots Vs Cowboys Super Bowl. It was during our walk into the home opener in Arlington WK1. Because yet another WR opposite Amari would have been Antonio Brown. The now social media scapegoat for the NFL this season. He was actually cut on Friday however. Too much liablity for the Patriot Way even among their visible greed. AB was as also from Miami and grew up playing in Liberty City.

Little did I know what this trip would mean this season to me last year.  I even lucked up and met Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan over this breakfast at Puerto Sagua’s. Funny story. My table was by the front door. He and Ghostface Killah we at a table in the back corner. As he departs he see’s my Cowboys hat and says, “What’s up Champ!” Extending his hand on his way out. I stood, and we gave each other dap, and he kept it moving. I was unable to get any picture evidence! I talk about it briefly in my Vlog below. I wish I would have gotten that pic!

Other noteable links between Miami, Cowboys fans, and Hip-Hop

That same year in 1989 that The 2 Live Crew released it’s 3rd album, “Nasty As They Wanna Be” Jimmy Johnson was in his first year as the head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Prior to that he coached at the University of Miami. That season with Jimmy we went 1-15. Then, the Great Trade Robbery happend! Just the year before however the Cowboys drafted Michael Irvin with the 11th pick in the first round. Originally from Ft Lauderdale also mind you. The “Play Maker” played under both Jimmy in college, and in Dallas.  Johnson also coached for the Miami Dolphins from 1996-1999 oddly enough.

Is it just me or is the writing on the wall Cowbiys fans? All the big networks seem to think so. Even Vegas has us at 12/1 odds at #4. The Patriots of course at #1 with 3/1 odds.

Miami native and Uncle Luke inspired Hip-Hop mogul Rick Ross has been publicly seen, and also linked to Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He recently released his POM2 album, and is promoting his new book titled Hurricanes. Imagine this. Jay-Z , now in charge of hiring the DJ’s in the NFL slotting the biggest Bawse of them all at halftime. Your network is your networth. He would actaully perform “Big Tyme.” Just remember this image when they announce it in the coming months.  Lastly, I wonder how Taco Charlton felt signing off wiavers immediately with Miami the same week he would face his old team. Not to mention his brand Hotboyz he founded. Awkward!

Hip-Hop, Miami, Cowboys fans, Rick Ross, Robert Kraft, Big Tyme, Jay-Z
Rick Ross taking advantage of this Big Tyme opportunity to meet New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft after winning another Lombardi Trophy in 2015.

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In conclusion

Now granted, this all has nothing to do with the actual Netfilx episode. These are all relevant facts to look at on the surface. Especially with how deep the ties run between Hip-Hop, Miami, and Cowboys fans. Now as we head into WK4 we face a New Orleans team that has a QB named Teddy Bridgewater. Did you know he and Amari Cooper played High School Football together in Miami? Yeah, the world really is not that big. Damn, how could I forget. Robert Kraft also got caught with his pants down in Florida according to the Miami Herald.

Lastly, this could mean we could POTENTIALLY go 4-0 now. Feeding this conspiracy theory like Zeke needs to be even more!  Let’s be sure to watch all the drama on the Patriots side this season, and the lack of league interference. This will give us clues to if they will finally carry Tom Brady and company yet one mo gin for a South Beach un-happy ending. The changing of the guard. Super Bowl #54 like Jaylon Smith’s jersey #. Clear Eye View. 2020 Vision. One of many defensive players who will now succeed Taco Charlton (Hot Boyz founder) as it’s brand ambassador. Under leadership of course via Tank.

It’s beginning to look like the next Super Bowl could put a bandaid on alot of things between Miami, Hip-Hop, and Cowboys fans. Wouldn’t you agree? At any measure it’s at least entertaining for most die hards who really follow these things like I do. Music is the key in all of this however. Thank you Uncle Luke for pioneering your culture from it’s soil and influencing a white trailer park kid like myself.

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PS: Here is my Vlog from the Miami trip in 2018, enjoy!


Fans Zone 2018 Miami Takeover OAT Vlog with Comcast Cowboy from Barry Gipson on Vimeo.


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